Mayor Jack Seiler’s Vote Agt Same Sex Marriage Still Haunts Him




Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler’s vote against a ceremonial resolution supporting same sex marriage has come back to haunt him.

Check this out in front of City Hall:

photo 2


Seiler voted “no” in June on a resolution supporting same sex marriage. His vote, in one of the most LGBT friendly cities in the United States, shocked many of his supporters.

He wrote an exclusive explanation of his vote for

The mobile sign appears to be the work of Earl Rynerson, a Fort Lauderdale gadfly and critic of Seiler.


20 Responses to “Mayor Jack Seiler’s Vote Agt Same Sex Marriage Still Haunts Him”

  1. smell test says:

    Smells, like Dean, Rajner and Judy Stern. Cmon Dean just announce already you are running for Mayor and Judy is pretending not to run your campaign manager…

  2. The Earl of Fort Lauderdale says:

    Earl should not attack the Mayor based on his faith, and that is what this is about. Shame on you Earl. 30 lashes to you.

  3. Oscar says:

    Faith? I say discrimination….keep your “faith” at home with you.

  4. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Rynerson was Seiler’s opponent in the January 2012 election, getting only 20% of the vote (vs. Seiler’s 75%). This is a good campaign issue for Rynerson, but he’ll need more than just this issue to gain 30+ percentage points.

  5. Keepin' the Faith says:

    Why is Jack’s vote based on faith when fellow catholic Bruce Roberts voted YES and so did Comms Ryan, Lamarca and Kiar-all catholic-vote YES at BroCo?
    Jack is about JACK and no one else.

  6. Homophobic Jack says:

    Jack Seiler was taught as a little choir boy that gays are evil. He hasn’t lived down that education. I wonder what the priests did to him in the confessional that made him so hateful today.

  7. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    As someone who spoke in favor of the reso as i did on similiar resos in new york city when this florida native lived there i thought mayor seilers vote no was based on sincere beliefs. And mr ryersons political problems r not caused by his lack of fundraising but no vision for the city no ideas just attacks on successful people or winners of elections. Sour old men with failed lives r not a pleasant sight

  8. The Earl of Fort Lauderdale says:

    @ Keepin the faith,

    Lets be clear, some Catholic’s have strayed under political pressure, but the position of the Church is clear….

    Tuesday, August 19, 2014
    Archbishop Thomas Wenski – The Archdiocese of Miami
    Judges in Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward and now Palm Beach county have ruled that the Florida state amendment passed in 2008 defending traditional marriage is “unconstitutional.”

    These exercises of raw judicial activism have been stayed pending appeal. Yet, in light of these rulings, self-appointed “progressive” elites — including the presumptive Democratic candidate for Florida governor — are telling the majority of Florida citizens, along with millions of Americans who still support marriage as it has been understood for millennia, as a union of one man and one woman, “to get with the program.” Those who characterize themselves as proponents of tolerance will not tolerate their fellow citizens who oppose both the erosion of democratic self-government by aggressively activist judges legislating from the bench, and the further erosion of their freedoms of conscience and religion.

    Those who promote same sex “marriage” in effect wish to consolidate the hollow victories of the “sexual revolution.” To promote what they deem “marriage equality,” the understanding of marriage as a conjugal union of a male and a female, in a permanent and exclusive commitment, conducive to welcoming and raising the children born from such a union, must be “deconstructed” and “redefined.” In much the same way that abortion and “safe sex” are promoted to protect one from the inevitable consequences of sexual activity, seen now as merely a “recreational activity” without any moral significance, the advocacy of same sex “marriage” renders the idea of all marriages meaningless.

    Indeed, the argument that allowing same sex partners to marry is about “marriage equality” is fallacious: Enacting same sex marriage does not expand the institution of marriage to a once “excluded” class, rather it reduces marriage to being just about the emotional gratification of two — and why just two? — persons. Such a redefinition defies the true nature of marriage as a comprehensive “two-in-one-flesh” union capable of uniting children with their mothers and fathers, a union which only a man and a woman are biologically capable of forming.

    Common sense — increasingly uncommon today — understands traditional marriage between one man and one woman as a natural fact rooted in procreation and sexual difference. As Abraham Lincoln famously said: “If you call a tail a leg, then how many legs does a cow have? Four, because calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it one.” He understood better than many people today the relationship between truth and reality.

    “Marriage equality” today is the “poster child” of those who hold for a radical autonomy that believes that anyone can essentially create his or her reality by one’s individual will without reference to the truth of things. An individual who would believe that he could, by the force of his will, defy gravity is setting himself up for a disastrous fall. Likewise, society invites disaster if it pursues the folly of “calling a tail a leg” by redefining marriage.

    To impose same sex “marriage” would open up a Pandora’s Box of unintended consequences that bode ill for the advancement of the common good and human flourishing in all of society. Families need to be built upon more solid foundations than emotional and or sexual gratification. Children deserve to be raised by the mom and dad who procreated them and who, with disinterested and sacrificial love, commit themselves as man and woman to a mutual and exclusive relationship that will provide them with stable and nurturing homes.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    First the packet in the mail,now big,bad, Earl”Bo-Bo Jusice” Rynerson. another “oppurtunist”. Oh yes plenty of them ,even @ the poduim(that podium has been so good to me-I think I’ll be domestics partners w/ that dusty, piece of wood). This mobile sign calls have allready been placed w/ “code” to make sure Mr.Rynerson has followed the law(need your help Bruce). Then Mr.Rynerson calls Channel 6 to inform them of his mobile sign. Did you mention Earl (100x) you were running for mayor dude(how many times Bo-Bo). Here he spent almost 100g on his campaign to lose every time. W/ the exception of Com.Trantalis what have you done for the LBG.T community Earl. Civic activist my ass. Just calling Cahnel 6 you can see he is trying to exploit you LBGT. Then Dean is going to run for me. Really, since you only won by 19 votes you really think you can beat the mayor. Ho wabout you concentrating on your district since you took over it ha sbeen nothing but chaos. Bring it on. To Earl’s lover I hope you are clean as a whistle cause what your Sugar Daddy(Earl) is trying to harass the mayor same is going to occur w/ you. City manager Lee Feldman call in Code, follow that damn truck(mobile sign)and make sure they have all required permits. Former county comm. John Rodstrom run John, run for city comm(dean seat). We need you. Call the President Earl(what I mean come on -you are all sharp people I am sure you can see right through it…

  10. just the facts says:

    “Rynerson was Seiler’s opponent in the January 2012 election, getting only 20% of the vote (vs. Seiler’s 75%). This is a good campaign issue for Rynerson, but he’ll need more than just this issue to gain 30+ percentage points.”

    Put the vote in context –

    Less than 12% (twelve percent) of registered (eligible) voters voted in the March 2009 and 2012 FLL election
    In a city of 160,000 people 10% of the population determined who is on the dais

  11. FYI says:

    Congrats to Michael Rajner, he looked fit as a fiddle recently at the County Commission meeting on the Gay Marriage Resolution and last night at the mixer and screening hosted by the Dolphin Dems. Michael looked so healthy and energetic peacocking around and bragging about what a hit Seiler is taking due to this banner.

    While I am certainly not a physician so as to give a medical opinion, this guy sure runs around town looking very healthy while sticking his nose in everything. It it has been rumored that he is on ssi disability, I have no idea.

    Not saying there is any fraud being committed here…

    If anyone does think there may be is ssi fraud, regarding anyone, it is should be the responsibility of hard working taxpayers to call upon the Feds to make sure everything is on the up an up.

    To learn more about how to report a SSI fraud go here.

  12. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    When I think of the Catholics, I think of this:

    In the United States the 2004 John Jay Report commissioned and funded by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) was based on volunteer surveys completed by the Roman Catholic dioceses in the United States. The 2004 John Jay Report was based on a study of 10,667 allegations against 4,392 priests accused of engaging in sexual abuse of a minor between 1950 and 2002.[94]

    The surveys filtered provided information from diocesan files on each priest accused of sexual abuse and on each of the priest’s victims to the research team, in a format which did not disclose the names of the accused priests or the dioceses where they worked. The dioceses were encouraged to issue reports of their own based on the surveys that they had completed.

    The report stated there were approximately 10,667 reported victims (younger than 18 years) of clergy sexual abuse between 1950 and 2002.

  13. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    The LBGT is gaining traction. Who cares what local elected officals feel on marriage equality it will pass nationaly soon. You don’t need Earl Rynerson and his antics just to exploit this whole issue for his own gain. All of a sudden Earl comes out of the wood work. Where have you been Earl is what you should be asking him. Then again, he calls Channel 6 news to inform them of his mobile sign. See right through you Earl. Don’t fall for his tactics. Mr.Rynerson will push you back where you started LGBT. He is only pulling this to get back in the game. I don’t see people sending you packets big boy. No you just jump on th ebus after the real LBGT did the work. He is poison Dean Trantalis. You’ll see.

  14. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @7 – Rynerson does indeed have a clearly stated vision for the city, and you can easily see all the details here (look for the “Categories” links along the right side of the web page):

  15. I Was There says:

    Jack Seiler has never been comfortable with LGBT issues and that is just a fact.

  16. Mikey Fails says:

    Mikey Ahearn could not keep his dog on a rope. Ahern is such a political genius he allowed Jack to vote his real feelings.

  17. Sam Fields says:

    While his Catholic beliefs are a good guess to explain his anti-gay marriage position, he still has said nothing as to his reasons.

    Simply saying I have been consistent is not satisfactory.

  18. Wally says:

    #8- the Catholics who voted for marriage equality haven’t “strayed under political pressure”. They just know their constituents aren’t only Catholics and they’re not there to express their own personal beliefs but to be the voice of the people they represent. Also, they aren’t stupid.

  19. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Federal judge strikes down Florida’s law(s) against same-sex marriage as unconstitutional, ruling that a) the right to marry is a fundamental constitutional right that the state of Florida cannot interfere with without satisfying “strict scrutiny” and b) that Florida’s law(s) against same-sex marriage simply cannot survive “strict scrutiny” and are therefore unconstitutional.

  20. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    What is this that some of you are reporting another person claiming disablity,doesn’t work, can’t work(Mike Rajner),but is at county comm. meetings etc. Sits on that diveristy bd. w/ the school bd. I mean I look at disablity meaning you are in such condition that you can’t work. If you can go to comm.meetings etc, sit on bds. etc then you can work, should work, and have no business collecting disablity benefits. Then I’ll here but Robert i’m HIV postive ,my Tcell count is below 300, I am so sick. BS. So many HIV people should work, can work, and this is a perfect example of fraud w/ out disablity programs(Federal). Come on. Get a job. I hate seeing reports like this. This sets a bad example for people who truly need to be on disablity etc. I think The Social Security disablity program needs to revamp its benetis policy. Thnak Earl Rynerson when you get ivestigated by the SSI dept. Inspector Kennedy are you seeing all this. Come on……