Mayor Hersh Moves Work From Weston to Plantation


Weston Mayor Eric Hersh has moved. 


Not his house.  His office.

After 12 years as manager of Raymond James’ branch in Weston, Hersh is now just a broker again.  He’s working for Morgan Stanley in Plantation.

Will giving up being manager give him more time to plan a race for county commission against Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin?

Hersh ducked the question.

“It gives me more time to devote to my clients, Hersh said. “I’ve been trying to get out of management for three years.

In addition to watching the Dow Jones, Hersh is keeping an eye on the final weeks of the Florida Legislature very carefully. 

He suspects that lobbyists for The Davie Commons will try to sneak an amendment through to make it easier to build the proposed shopping and office complex.  The amendment would probably take away some of the powers of local government to review big developments.

Hersh and the Weston city commission have been fighting The Commons for several years.  Ed Pozzuoli of the Tripp Scott law firm is working with the city to block the project.

“(County Commissioner) Lois Wexler is also keeping us informed of anything she hears from Tallahassee. So is Lori (Parrish, another opponent of the project), Hersh said.




2 Responses to “Mayor Hersh Moves Work From Weston to Plantation”

  1. Hates Being Double Crossed says:

    Eric Hersh is a very easy guy to work with. Until you double cross him. And then watch out because he can be a very formidable foe.

  2. ALERT says:

    is he going to rent the office BSO uses,so he could be with his pal Lamberti