Maymon Drops Quest For Hospital District


David Maymon has withdrawn his application for a seat on the North Broward Hospital District and is running full blast for House District 91.

His announcement comes one day after reported Maymon was on the governor’s list of applicants for the district seat while he was campaigning for the House.

Here is the e-mail I received just minutes ago:

Hi Buddy,
I just got off the phone with Mavis Knight in the governor’s appointments office, her number is (removed).  I advised Mavis that I did not know my name would be submitted for this latest go around to be a candidate on the north broward district, and that would she please withdraw my application as I have no interest in that seat.  She said she would do so immediately. 

“I have no interest in running for both seats, and I am certainly not trying to hedge my bets.  I feel that given my background, education and experience in business, I can be much more effective in Tallahassee than in the north broward district. It really just comes down to how I can better use my time and skill set for the residents of Broward and South Palm Beach.

Thank you,


One Response to “Maymon Drops Quest For Hospital District”

  1. Fort Lauderdale Joe says:

    This guy can’t make up his mind.