Marty Rubinstein Likes Garbage


Former School Board member Marty Rubinstein has become a pathetic shill for the people who want to dump garbage in Sunrise.

Thrown out of office by voters in 2006 after one questionable term, Rubinstein has been blathering on the Internet about how the garbage dump would benefit the city.

Let’s hope he is not at Sunrise City Hall, west of Nob Hill Road on Oakland Park Boulevard on Tuesday, February 23, at 7 p.m. to talk about it.

Marty ends one of his plodding polemics with the news that “the principals of the project are exploring the idea of setting up an education fund to directly benefit Sunrise schools.

What schools?   Surely not the new high school you promised Sunrise but never delivered.

Unlike you Marty, I don’t think the citizens of Sunrise are foolish enough to be bought off for what amounts to 30 pieces of silver.

17 Responses to “Marty Rubinstein Likes Garbage”

  1. Promises, Like the Lottery? says:

    Where does MR get this information? Is he getting fed that information from Rosen or Sofield? “Exploring”? What’s to explore, other than whether or not the fund will be big enough to buy off the opposition? Or, explore whether that same lame promise (like the lottery) can be used to hypnotize the electorate?

    What is most offensive about this is that has not been reported anywhere — which means either it is wholly made up, or they are just trying to think how to blunt the overwhelming response to this ridiculous project. Rosen, Feeley and the lawyer wont return calls from the Sun-Sentinel, but MR has a direct in with them to get this information?


  2. Shill For Sure says:

    Not only does rubinstein ignore how people around that place may feel about it, he actually attacks a place of worship. How can a city in good conscience put such a thing next to a place of worship? I just dont understand his motivation. is he protecting rosen from looking like a complete buffoon for even pushing this thing? Not even close to objective which is why all his stuff is basically written to support rosen and sofield. It is a shame to give him any attention here, but it does show the depths to which these garbage kings will go, by using him to float this stuff but refusing to sit down with reporters to answer pointed questions. Betcha Rosen doesnt even show up for the meeting.

  3. Weak Government says:

    Marty propped up Sofield despite the fact there were independent strong minded candidates. Now the whole city is paying for it.

  4. What benefit says:

    He actually puts on the website that one of the advantages is that the garbage business will use lots of water. What? I thought we were trying to conserve water. Are they serious? that’s the big benefit? will use lots of electricity and water. You know, you cant make this stuff up. If it was on TV, you would turn the channel because not believable.

    oh yea, from the city website, says, “Deputy Mayor Rosen was recently selected for and appointed to the South Florida Water Management District Water Task Force, whose goal is to create an environment to conserve water, as well as reduce the cost to the communities that are being served in South Florida.” Now they can add “and promotes high electricity and water usage by garbage industry in the city.”

  5. TicketMaster says:

    I hear its gonna be packed. ticketmaster is gonna have to sell tickets on line for seats. I am getting a tent and sleeping out there starting monday morning so I can get front row for this theater. Watch the politicians that were promoting this now try to turn this to their advantage and give flowery speeches how they support the public. Lame.

  6. CuriousO says:

    is Marty being paid to be a shill? Marty, come clean (or dirty, it is garbage, correct?).

  7. Ace says:

    I have several questions or observations:

    First, why was Rosen saying that he wanted the commission to hear from the Green Now representative about the project, in order to learn more about the project. Clearly, he wanted to confirm that he could vote for it last year. Sounds like he already made his mind up at that venture.

    Why didn’t Stuart let the commission know that he was trying to get the ok from the State to allow Rosen to vote on this project. Very shaddy on Stuart’s part.

    The whole commission should answer the question regarding the relationship they have with Feeley and any meetings that they have had individually or as a group with him.

    Feeley was very confident at Rosen’s party that he has his contract. Seems set in stone to me.

    Bring on the rats and vermin, they are the only ones to benefit from this facility, including the rat pact that will vote yes.

  8. Conflict says:

    I suspect it was not until Buddy published his piece on the voting conflict issue that anyone other than Rosen, feeley and the lawyers knew anything about the potential voting conflict. Strange considering that the issue was penned in November. I guess when you can lose your job with 3 votes you gotta be careful.

  9. Watching Broward is Blind says:

    Set up to look like he is an objective blogger, he is shill for Rosen. He has never critized Rosen for anything. Thinks it is ok for not coming clean on the degree, thinks this stench is ok, thinks that there is nothing to any criticims of these guys. His longwinded diatribe and attack on the mosque just shows he is losing grip and is desparate to try to find some lame unsupportable grounds for a patently stupid project. Yea, sometimes he sides with Alu on narrow stuff, but this is an issue that ANYONE who is objective would say just stinks. So busy trying to be the puppetmaster has finally adopted the absurd position that shows his true colors. My prediction, he will be (further) marginalized from here as his puppets Rosen and Sofield are on the way out. Candidates line up, cuz your time has come!

  10. sunrise resident says:

    Marty Rubinstein hopes that Wishner will support him to run against Sheila Alu. Wishner can’t stand her because she is calling attention to his little arrangements.
    Marty will be about as successful as he was winning reelection.
    It is time to say goodbye, Marty.

  11. Sal Parente says:

    My son was in elementary school when Marty Rubinstein promised us a new high school. It was suppose to be at Hiatus and NW 44th.
    My son is now in college and there is no new high school.
    How dare you tell us what we should do when you did nothing for 4 years on the School Board.

  12. Watching Broward is Blind says:

    Sal: but he writes so proudly of his time on the school board? are you sure we are talking about the same Marty Rubinstein? He is promising us a big hefty education fund paid for by garbage. Do you not believe him? Why would he not tell us the truth?

  13. Sunrise Resident Too says:

    Ding Dong, the “w[a]tch” is done! rubinstein stepped in it this time. He set out to help his friends don and larry and got himself overextended. The benefits stated on that site are horse@#$%! The fact that he even went that far without stating the factual basis just proves his views can not be trusted and that only values protecting his clique. In a way, I am glad that Green Now brought this up because it has exposed the 3 who voted to give this the time of day and rubinstein for what they are really about. Will someone please run against these guys who has some credibility and direction?

  14. Ace says:

    The amazing point of MR rants are that the guy Feeley actually ran All Service during the time perior that MR is claiming this stuff happened and that All Service was his major contributor, even sponsoring a fund raiser for him.

  15. Payton Place says:

    Rosen was paying Rubinstein during campaign:

    And MMR Group:

  16. Big D says:

    Thanks Payton Place.
    They show two other people that the Rosen campaign was paying, Beverly Stracher and Barry Harris.

    Stracher must have been the overall campaign manager from the amount of money she received. She doesn’t do a thing without consulting with Ilene Lieberman. Lieberman is the wife of City Attorney Stuart Michelson. Interesting.

    Also, Barry Harris, a loser. This time Harris had a loser for a candidatae, too.

  17. Ace is an idiot says:

    Marty says it right:

    Especially since from the beginning I’ve posted the fact that I neither supported or opposed the facility, and that my only goal was to post the truth, which appears to have been finally acknowledged on Broward Beat.

    Slanting the argument by intentionally hiding the truth smells worse than the “garbage dump” ever could.

    Since I published the truth and the evidence from the start, exactly which of us was the “shill?”

    I ask once again, which of us “lost credibility?”