Marty Rubinstein, Buddy Nevins Trade Opinions On Sunrise Election

This is an exchange of e-mails former School Board member Marty Rubinstein and Buddy Nevins about Commissioner Don Rosen and the upcoming Sunrise election.

Since they were stored in the comments of a post that wasn’t about Sunrise, I thought I would elevate them to their own posting.

I edited them so that they are understandable as their own post.

Dear Buddy:



Take a good look at the candidate disclaimer at the bottom of the advertisements.

According to election law:

FS106.143(1)(a) Any political advertisement that is paid for by a candidate and that is published, displayed, or circulated prior to, or on the day of, any election must prominently state: “Political advertisement paid for and approved by (name of candidate) , (party affiliation) , for (office sought) .

In municipal races, party affiliation must say “Non-Partisan only.

If a disclaimer says “Pd. Pol. Adv. or “Paid Political Advertisement or any wording other than what’s in the law, the advertisement is in violation.

This has been rampant in Sunrise.

The candidate James DePelisi who is President of the Broward County Crime Commission (an unlicensed business operating in Sunrise) has yet to print a legal campaign ad.

Marty Rubinstein


Dear Marty:


The voters choice in Sunrise is James DePelisi, who baggage includes violations of the election law.

Or Don Rosen, who filed bankruptcy, got fired from a police department for kissing a driver he pulled over and fudged his resume.

I have a copy of the elections law complaint you, Marty, filed against DePelisi on Jan. 30. DePelisi agreed to pay a $250 fine for using the abbreviation “pol. pd. adv. 

Marty, shouldn’t politics in Sunrise — a deeply troubled city in the clutches of various special interests — be about issues rather than abbreviations on a sign?

By the way, I remember you had a similarly foolish election law violation filed against you several years ago. How did you feel about that?

This negative campaigning was all started by Rosen supporters taking shots in ads at DePelisi about his security law violation.  I thought it was outrageous that a guy with so much baggage, Rosen, should have supporters running negative ads against his challenger.

What about the issues?

Buddy Nevins


Dear Buddy,

You are correct about my election law violation years ago. I took my lesson from it. That’s why I’ve become the “go-to-guy when it comes to the election law. If I don’t know it, I keep a current copy to look it up.

But my, aren’t we a little light on printing DePelisi’s past? You and I both know that you have your own copy of the Missouri cease and desist order against DePelisi and the kidZtime investment scam.

kidZtime was selling unlicensed securities in many states including Pennsylvania (mentioned in the C&D order) and Missouri. Missouri goes on to state that DePelisi was unlicensed at the time.

Here are some quotes from that order: which names JAMES DEPELISI at PO Box 450531 Sunrise, Florida 33345 as a respondent:

“Transacting business as an unregistered broker-dealer constitutes a
fraudulent or illegal practice under the statute

Transacting business as an unregistered agent constitutes a
fraudulent or illegal practice under the statute.

Selling or offering to sell unregistered securities constitutes an illegal
practice under the statute.

“Sufficient evidence exists to conclude that Respondents have
engaged in willful violations of Sections 409.101, RSMo 1994,
and 409.201 and 409.301, RSMo Cumulative Supp. 1997.

Sufficient evidence exists to conclude that Respondents will
continue such fraudulent and illegal practices.

Anybody who want to read the full complaint can do so at

As far as Rosen is concerned, the biggest issue in Sunrise was his lack of the college degree, of “fudging his resume as you put it. Rosen apologized for that and by the way, it carries exactly the same penalty as the election law violation.

In the Hacienda village incident, I know what Rosen’s counter is, but he needs to issue the public statement, not me.

But let’s remember what Hacienda village truly was; a speed trap. Nothing more. I think the reputation of the complainant needs to be taken into consideration.

What you don’t know that while you print about Miramar candidates claiming to be the incumbent, DePelisihas printed at least three different ads in the same misleading direction according to the law quoted above.

I have copies of the complaints.

There’s much more, but I think you need to do some of the research on your own.

Printing “factiods about Rosen and ignoring and minimizing DePelisi totally bemoans the concept that the media is slanted.

Marty Rubinstein


Dear Marty,

The voters of Sunrise will get who they deserve.

First, there is absolutely no evidence that Rosen publicly apologized for faking his resume. 

Your comment that “the reputation of the complainant needs to be taken into consideration is beneath contempt. You are blaming a woman stopped by Officer Don Rosen for his misconduct — leaning in the car and kissing her.

The police didn’t blame her. They fired Rosen.

Buddy Nevins


Dear Buddy,

As far as the Hacienda Village (police) issue is concerned, all that’s been printed is an “investigatory report by a corrupt police agency from a corrupt town run by a corrupt Mayor.

Corrupt enough to be dissolved by the State Legislature in 1984.

There is no complaint filed by the aggrieved parties at all.

Sexual harassment? This was a prosecutable offense, certainly in 1984 (shades of Clarence Thomas.)

A showcase event with a an officer of the law involved. Any overzealous prosecutor would have foamed at the mouth to get their hands on something like this.

Where is the sworn testimony? Where are the notarized documents?

Certainly Sergeant Manak or even Chief Garnett took evidence to corroborate the stories. Or did they? Failure to substantiate this kind of complaint would certainly be considered as dereliction of duty.

For that matter, where is Rosen’s signature on any document related to either the complaint or the suspension? Every employer I’ve known has required employee signatures on disciplinary documents.

And God knows the volume of paperwork required by the County and state when such complaints and actions are taken in municipalities.

There should be a mountain of evidence, not one single, and I might add, questionable document.

Where is it?

If such evidence cannot be produced then we’re looking at pure slander.

That single piece of paper would not stand up in court. But it sure is fodder for a slanderous attempt to ruin a man’s reputation.

What I said was not beneath contempt at all.

It was and is in complete and udder contempt considering both the sources of the information and the other side of the story.

Marty Rubinstein


Dear Marty:

Don Rosen was a probationary officer at the time and recommended for dismissal. This was based on at least three cases of “unprofessionalism. All three cases involved citizens who came into the police department to complain about Rosen.

Who knows how many others there were?

In a note to Rosen, the police chief wrote that the dismissal was “based upon the numerous complaints received by this office regarding your unprofessional conduct both on and off duty, as well as your apparent psychological instability.

Are you telling me that he was the victim of some great plot to fire him? They didn’t need a reason to fire him. He was a probationary officer.

Couple this with his well-publicized lying on his resume and the recent news that he filed bankrupcy.

Marty, your candidate is a real piece of work!

You can spin this any way you want.

Blame the police department. Blame the city. Blame the chief.

But where there is smoke, there is fire. And boy, there is a lot of smoke.

Rosen’s opponent, James DePelisi, is not perfect. He has problems with a violation of securities laws in the Midwest.

That’s the problem with Sunrise. Two candidates, both flawed.

I would argue that Don Rosen is the one with repeated character flaws and who has done little while in office.

It might be time for a change.

Buddy Nevins

13 Responses to “Marty Rubinstein, Buddy Nevins Trade Opinions On Sunrise Election”

  1. Weston Dreams says:

    “In the Hacienda village incident, I know what Rosen’s counter is, but he needs to issue the public statement, not me.” stated by Marty Rubinstein.

    How does somebody who once represented our children, sitting on the School Board, even try to justify these issues concerning his client Don Rosen. I must say that i’m ashamed that i supported Marty.

  2. Brandi says:

    Marty, Marty, Marty–Do you really think the citizens of Sunrise give a damn about whether De Pelisi spelled out or abbreviated Paid Pol. Adv.—etc. They are more concerned with the fact that they are dealing with what I perceive to be a sexual predator. Why doesn’t Don release his personnel records from Wackenhut? Because HE HAD THE SAME PROBLEM THERE. Hacienda Village was known as a speed trap….same as Golden Beach is today….but that does not mean that women should have been subjected to a disgusting pig. If this was your wife or daughters, how would you vote? And you are in no way the go to man on violations….look at your own candidates and your own bank account. Brandi, Sunrise Lakes Phase IV

  3. Special K says:

    Marty is a failed School Board member who now fancies himself an election law expert?!?!?!
    Anybody Marty is working for, I’m against.

  4. Hey Buddy says:

    There’s a soon-to-be out of work Circuit City salesman who’d like some time on the blog to debate you too.

    Why Give Marty “Brandsmart Janitor” Rubinstein one second’s thought?

  5. Commissioner Alu says:

    Marty, shouldn’t politics in Sunrise — a deeply troubled city in the clutches of various special interests — be about issues rather than abbreviations on a sign?

    I’m not going to weigh in on the Rosen/DePelisi debate b/w you and Rubenstein. However, what I do take issue with is your statement that the “City of Sunrise
    is a deeply troubled City in the clutches of various special interests.” I’d like you to explain that one to me. How is the City of Sunrise a deeply troubled City and what/who are these various special interests you are talking about? We have one of the strictest codes relating to lobbyists, and I don’t know of any special interests running this City. Can you be more specific because I’d really like to know what facts you have to back up such an accusation.

    You should know since largely you have been on the right side of this issue.
    Two come to mind:

    (1) A contract with a garbage company which I’m told allows it exclusivity on all commercial pickups including lucrative construction waste. In other cities, businesses can hire a hauler that gives them the best price.
    (2) Runaway over-development, including projects literally bumping up against the Everglades and unnecessary highrises out of character with the neighborhood.
    Of course, I could add an inside deal to hire a city attorney. I believe the city commission can be a special interest, too, when they vote primarily to benefit their friends and not the public.
    Most of all, I want to thank you for participating in the debate.


  6. Weston Dreams says:

    Sheila, being the only female commissioner in Sunrise, i would hope that you would investigate some of Rosen’s issues of misconduct. These are serious issues and i would think they would greatly concern someone in your position of authority, whose number one purpose is to protect the citizens of Sunrise.

  7. Commissioner Alu says:

    Dear Buddy:

    All Service has an exclusive contract w/ the City of Sunrise and our code is clear. This issue has been litigated, and what I have been told by legal is that the City of Sunrise continues to prevail on this issue. All Service is hardly a special interest! You and I both know how I feel about how this company. My issue with this company (like you told me yourself)is “water under the bridge.” Putting their contract out to bid gave customers a reduction in price, while increasing their level of service. While I, now, hold no animosity toward Republic/ All Service executives, I will never forget that John Ferguson and Howard Kusnick (no longer with the company) were the key people responsible for the attacks against me. I will never forgive Mr. Ferguson or Howard Kusnick for their cowardly attacks against me; however, in retrospect, it has made me a better commissioner, and a much wiser woman. Just to inform you, this is the same John Ferguson who just recently held a fund-raiser at Hooters for James DePelisi.

    On the issue you raised relating to the Everglades Corporate Park, I cannot speak for the Commission, but as you stated, I am adamantly opposed to giving the developers any more rights to build (on the western part of the Sawgrass Expressway) than they have already have vested.
    On the High Rise (I assume we are talking about TAO). This project was in the works for years. I never heard from the City of Plantation regarding any of their concerns/objections until this project was already in the ground. Over the last five years, we have been discussing our vision to finish our build-out by going vertical. We have had workshops, and there were numerous articles written about our vision for a downtown Sunrise. Our sole reason for going vertical was due to the fact that we couldn’t get any schools built in Sunrise. Data that I was given concluded that there is less of an impact on schools with this type of construction.
    In a recent joint meeting between Plantation and Sunrise officials, we gave our word to the City of Plantation that there will be no more high-rises built along our boarders that would encroach on Plantation Acres without us first sitting down with the Plantation officials.
    Now, as to your accusation of “an inside deal” to hire a city attorney. Stuart has been representing the City of Sunrise long before he married County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman. He was the obvious choice. To date, he has saved the City of Sunrise hundreds of thousands of dollars and has proven to be the best choice.
    You are entitled to your opinion Buddy and my respect for your opinion remains the same as it was the first day we met, but I don’t believe that the examples that you have given me substantiates your accusation that the City of Sunrise is “a deeply troubled city in the clutches of various special interests.”

    FROM BUDDY: Special interests: Developers, vendors and –unique to Sunrise — a political machine that controls city hall with an extremely heavy hand.

  8. Sheila Shut Up says:

    Sheila is part of the problem. She was there when everything happened and voted for every bad contract. She is in Roger Wishner’s pocket.

  9. Commissioner Alu says:

    DePelisi: now I’m in “Roger’s pocket.” Now that’s a new one! Thanks for the great laugh.

  10. brandi says:

    no it aint shelia your in everyones hip pocket,thats not new now there is a laugh

  11. Weston Dreams says:

    Sheila needs to earn her respect, not sleep or step on people to get what she wants. She’s starting to realize that her games don’t work in the real world, outside of Sunrise. She could be one of the first people to get nailed by the feds under these new investigations.

  12. marty who? says:

    Marty Rubenstein wasted $150K in camapaign dollars 4 years ago and lost to Phyllis Hope! Got 46% in a 4 way primary and still managed to lose in the general. Now, he works for the same people he paid to lose his campaign for him. Just to clarify, he works with the consultants, not the sushi restaurants where they went out to eat every other day using campaign money!!!

  13. Marty Rubinstein says:

    I intentionally waited six months before reading the inane comments of Weston Dreams and Marty who? Their opinions simply mean nothing. Maybe even less.

    The only reason I’m posting here in July is that this blog is linked to my name on a google search. Period.

    However, Buddy, after the election I went to examine the evidence against Rosen. I called it phony when we traded opinions and my research supports that allegation.

    I have uncovered more than enough evidence to bring every document into question. Conclusive? Not yet, but any decent attorney will have a field day with what I’ve uncovered. You can read the results of the search at

    No need to answer, I won’t be back to read it.