Marty Kiar’s Fund Raiser Draws More Than 400




In what was surely the biggest local political event so far this year, Marty Kiar’s kickoff fundraiser in his race for Broward County Property Appraiser drew more than 400 supporters.

The affair was held Sunday amid dangling orchids and sweating politicians in the steamy backyard of current Property Appraiser Lori Parrish’s Davie home.

Parrish is retiring next year. She is backing Kiar as her replacement.

Much of the Broward political world attended.  Cars were parked for blocks around Parrish’s house and the campaign had golf carts to deliver donors to the event, one driven by former undercover cop and now Parrish’s head of Homestead fraud investigations Ron Cacciatore.

Although it is highly possible that Kiar will get no (credible) opposition, he pledged to the group he would be campaigning “1000 percent.”

Here are the pix (some photos will enlarge with a click):



Lori Parish introduces Marty Kiar, who is holding one of his two daughters.


Marty Kiar, accompanied by his children and wife, speaks to the crowd.


Lori Parrish and Scott Wyman, formerly part of the Sun-Sentinel’s political coverage and now an assistant to Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Dean Trantalis.


Sunrise Commissioner Joey Scuotto (looking at camera on right) handled the food.  Here he prepares a meal for lobbyist/lawyer George Platt (in green shirt).


Cars Were Parked for blocks

Cars were parked for blocks.


Former State Rep. Jim Waldman (on right), who is running for state Senate, talks to County Commissioner Mark Bogen (center) and Broward Sheriff’s Office official Wally Eccleston (on left). 



Democratic Party Chair Mitch Ceasar quaffs a cold one (H2O) while he campaigns for Broward Clerk of the Court.


AFL-CIO Leader

AFL-CIO Leader Dan Reynolds (in hat) schmoozes with a guest at the event.



30 Responses to “Marty Kiar’s Fund Raiser Draws More Than 400”

  1. Sto says:

    Buddy it was good seeing you today

  2. Ron C says:

    Buddy it was nice seeing you and your wife and thank you for coming. It was a pleasure being your Über golf cart driver.
    I figured you can teach these young bucks something about politics.

  3. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    Marty, you will be a great Property Appraiser just like the one we have now. Well done and Godspeed.


  4. Lori Parrish says:

    Thanks to all who came out to support Marty today. Sorry for the humidity after the rain. If anyone lost a gold ring please let me know. We found one.

    Buddy it was good to see you.


  5. Talks like a politician says:

    It looks like Marty is a cinch to win. Rumor mongers thought Walter Duke, former Mayor of Dania Beach, might slide into the Property Appraiser position. Looks like that idea is down the tubes. Go, Marty! You should keep integrity in the office.


    I believe I saw Walter Duke at the event.

  6. Frodo Baggins says:

    I thought Marty had the golden ring. Sorry I couldn’t make the event Marty, you are the best. Glad to see such a great showing for your campaign.

  7. Makes an Appearance says:

    Buddy, if you saw Walter Duke you were there very early. He and the Dutchess left at 3:10 (the event started at 3:00). They do that a lot. Show up, shake a few hands, get their photo op, and get out.

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow, look at the photo of Comm.Dean Trantalis comm. ast. Scott “scooter” Wyman. Lookin good Scooter makin that 80 g a year as Trantalis’ ast. Make no mistake Comm.Trantalis didn’t give him that salary Dean’ predessor Charlotte Rodstrom did. In fact when Dean won(19votes-you cheated the boy -toy Richard G.Smith did not live w/ him ,even though he voted from Dean’ home(where was the mother-did she vote to). Also fact- when your running to that “atm” TO IMPRESS these local elected officals remember who gave you that fat money. Oh I know Scooter “who butters your bread”. One would ask who gave you the bread($) to begin with?? So I’m sooo happy Marty here had such a turn out on our dime… Incidently, Trantalis wanted to fire Mr.Wyman for fear “he knew to much” and would run back to Mrs.Rodstrom(she already had that covered-thank you moles)…


    Oh, pleeeze. Give me a break. From everything I hear, Scott is one of the best and hardest working commission assistants ever to work in Fort Lauderdale City Hall. Lay off of him.

  9. Hand On Campaign says:

    Warning!!!!! Women should not get in a room alone with Mitch Ceasar.

  10. Hollywood Veteran says:

    Robert Walsh might as well tattoo I am a dick on his forehead.

  11. s only says:

    Lori—GREAT plants and flowers. Thanks for hosting. I especially liked the plant behind and to the left of Mitch—the bloom looks like a pufferfish! I’m thinking its Asian….is it?

  12. Watcher says:

    George Platt doesn’t look like he needs to eat anything

  13. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    It seems that mostly everything that is wrong with Broward politics was at one place for this event.

  14. tell the truth says:

    off topic but need to comment – Scott Wyman is a very competent FLLCC staffer/assistant. He knows the score in broward, atcity(he covered both when forced to swap ‘beat’ with Brittany as she rocked the FLL CC boat. Rodstrom was most astute to hire Scott and although lots of posturing from Trantalis on ‘his’ hiring a new assistant, he showed wisdom and prudence in asking to keep Scott on. And Scott showed the same by accepting.
    Buddy thanks for letting me digress.

  15. Sam The Sham says:

    That Mitch Ceasar sure sounds like a dirt bag. I wonder how he gets away with it? Oh! I forgot. He is a Democrat.

  16. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    I read buddy begins then I think Scott Wyman then Brittany wsllman n now Larry barszrwski as a relief from the gutter garbage n developer puffs n racial wars of the Miami press since 1994. All are professionals whether or mot I agree with them

    Mr Wyman went into government service instead of the lucrative public relations or lobby field. He should be commended.

  17. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #10 Hollywood Veteran “say it to my face” But no you hide ,maybe because you know I would punch you right in your face. ‘Pleeze” nothing. Everything I stated was accurate. Comm.Trantalis did want to fire Scott for the exact reason I mentioned. I also did tell Charlotte Rodstrom his pay compensation was to high. Comm.Trantalis did go to the city manager to “find Scott another postion. Mr.Wyman was going to go to the PIO Office who had concerns his salary would compromise their budget. After a lot of pressure from us residents(myself inc.) Scooter retained his postion. Again Mr.wyman was toast. If it wasn’t again for handful of us (inc. Mayor Seiler Scott would be kickin rocks.) Bottom line Mr.Wyman is very good at his job(he should be since he is one of the highest paid ast. on the 8th floor, which a lot of my moles can’t stand..)…………

  18. Lori Parrish says:

    The plant behind Mitch is a balloon plant it is a Jamaican milkweed. Host plant for Monarchs, soldiers and queen butterflies. It was covered with caterpillars. 🙂

  19. Aletheia says:

    Marty Kiar’s father, Monroe, should give up his highly paid position as attorney with the VAB if his son is elected Property Appraiser. There would be a clear conflict of interest and potential problems for taxpayers who feel they were wrongly assessed or classified by the PAO and then sought out help and assistance from the VAB where daddy works. Collusion would be a real possibility.


    I believe Monroe Kiar has said he would resign that job.

  20. Chaz Stevens, I am Festivus says:


    You’re kinda a short dwarf-like fellow…

    How many thick NYC yellowpages should I bring, so you’ll be tall enough to “try” to punch me in the face?


    I would never resort to criticism of someone’s height, Chaz. Of course, I’m a towering 5 foot 4 inches.

  21. Maybe! says:

    If all these democrats did not hate one another Broward would be boring. These are future opponents of each other.

  22. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Sorry to digress from politics, but thank you property assessor parish I have wanted to plant something to attract butterflies for the back corners of my backyard. If anyone knows what flower, tree, or plant attracts fireflies I hope someone will name it. Now back to the pointless muddling.

  23. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Sorry Count, butterflies don’t fly into south Middle Terr(#22). I will tell you one thing I can say what I want Lori Parrish had over 400 people @ this event. Impressive…

  24. Hey Buddy says:

    Ask around 5’4 until you hit enter on a story then its 6’7

  25. tell the truth says:

    @Aletheia says
    @Buddy says

    Then Mr. Kiar senior can represent those coming before the VAB that need Counsel. Meanwhile, until the Aug 2016 primary he can bill us taxpayers the $275,000.00 a year he makes.
    How incestuous some are in Broward. But it is business as usual so I do not complain.

  26. Walter Duke says:

    Buddy, Lisa and I stopped by Lori’s house to support Marty for Broward County Property Appraiser. Couldn’t stay long because we had to get to another event but we were so pleased to hear that the event went well for Marty. As far as I know I am the only elected official in Broward County that is also a full time commercial property appraiser. My firm has been here 40 years and me for 30 of them. Right here in Broward County. Therefore I offer a unique perspective on the Broward County Property Appraiser position. Based on what I know, I believe that Marty will do an excellent job as property appraiser and I told him awhile ago that he could count on my full support.

  27. Chaz Stevens, I am Festivus says:


    I thought you traded frozen concentrated orange-juice futures contracts.

    Who knew.

  28. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Count unpronounceable, you should plant milkweed for the Monarchs and lantana and salvia for the other butterflies.

  29. Maybe! says:

    There where so many elected officials there I hope they posted the meeting. Could be a violation. LOL

  30. From the sidelines says:


    And the score is:
    Kiar 1
    Duke 0