Marty Kiar’s First Work Day Pix


Broward County Commissioner Elect Marty Kiar has finished his first work day.

Kiar spent the time learning about the functions of Port Everglades.

Before he takes office in November, Kiar plans to work at several areas of county government to learn more about his upcoming job.

Below is his e-mail and a photo he supplied.



Hello friends,

Today I did my first County Commission “Work Day”. I did my “Work Day” at the Port, which is one of our County’s biggest economic engines. The Port is responsible for thousands of local jobs and generates billions of dollars for are local economy. Here are some pictures of my “Work Day”. Have a great weekend.


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11 Responses to “Marty Kiar’s First Work Day Pix”

  1. Christine says:

    So did Marty do any actual work, or just pose for “photo ops”?

  2. Truth Be Told! says:

    This Scott Israel is such a compulsive liar about everything. He was caught shoplifting cologne in his Fort Lauderdale Police uniform at the Galleria Mall and threatened the witness to have amnesia, but HE”S BACK NOW!!!

    O yea!!! News flash about Scott Israel’s ARREST in Key West for Trespassing…. Do we really need another arrested Sheriff, not in my life time… Okay okay you want proof, no problem. Key West and North Bay Village COPs who can’t stand dirty and sneaky Israel are happy to help. Plus, the COPS said he was a total ass when handcuffed, what a surprise. No different than when him and his brother were ARRESTED at Shooters years ago, then LET GO!!!

    FDLE File #MI-73-1114
    The three civil suits!!
    CACE 84-013758
    CACE 90-02811
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    Yes he is listed as the DEFENDANT!!!!
    This is the tip of the iceberg with this Israel.

    Marty, you are fantastic!!! I would never want you associated with an arrested person.

  3. Pamela Kelner says:

    Everything that Martin Kiar does, he does for the people. He worked tirelessly as a State Representative. Now, as a Broward County Commissioner elect, he is already working (and I mean WORKING) to get to know the folks he is going to be representing. He is an inspiration to all public servants. Bringing with him to the job, is his incredible energy, enthusiasm, and experience. Broward County can now look forward to seeing positive change and economic growth, with Martin Kiar on board.

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    I’m impressed…

    You normally don’t see a grown man wearing gardening gloves with strawberries printed on them.

    How very urban metrosexual…

  5. Michael Lockwood says:

    Marty has the energy, intelligence and vision to be a Commissioner Broward County needs. His work days give him excellent insight to the operations of Broward County and are preparing him to make our government work better and more efficient.

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  7. Real Deal says:

    When you first meet him you wonder if his nice guy routine is sincere or a very well practiced front. Now that he’s under a microscope he will be interesting to watch. I will judge him on what he does as a county commissioner and not on his publicity efforts. Broward has serious problems like lack of credibility and trust, we need jobs and economic development, tourism needs help. There is a long list of unfinished business. Cities distrust the county and it has no influence at the state or national levels. What does Kiar has to offer? Let’s see. Lots of hope was expressed for the newer county commissioners. So far I don’t see much difference between them and the older ones. They have fallen into that same pattern of do nothing.

  8. No Nonsense says:

    Pamela and Michael, did he walk on the Intracoastal to get to the port?

  9. Bernie Parness says:

    Pick pick pick. The fact that Mr Kiar is around town learning about how the county operates is a good sign that he is serious about his new elected post. He deserves credit for his efforts not the crap that is being printed as comments. He hasn’t taken office yet snd the oposition has started their garbage.

  10. Ghost of McLovin says:

    I’m unimpressed. Do the work without cameras, press releases yada yada yada and I may be swayed

  11. We the People says:

    Martin Kiar is the genuine article. Even though he does not have to campaign or be elected to the Broward County Commission, he still is doing the things (workdays) that a “candidate” would be doing to try and get the job. This is far and away most admirable. Mr. Kiar could simply sit back and wait until his swearing in come January, but he’s already doing the job learning the job. This is a man who will work for the people.

    I’ve known Martin Kiar for quite a long time and like previous poster Real Deal wondered aloud (or here in comment print) “When you first meet him you wonder if his nice guy routine is sincere or a very well practiced front”. It’s as real as it gets. Not only does this man believe in the work that he does, he aspires to do the work that he believes should be done; and fortunately for “we the people“, he does it for us.

    No matter how trivial my questions, no matter how small my request, Martin Kiar always took the time to answer me personally.

    Recently, I questioned his decision regarding his desire to become a Broward County Commissioner instead of pursuing the State Senate and he simply said he felt that he could do more for the people of Broward County in the capacity of a county commissioner at this point in time and he shared his enthusiasm and commitment to the people of Broward County in this brief conversation with me.

    “We the People” are damn lucky to have him.