Marty Kiar To Do “Work Days” Like Graham, Scott



Broward County Commissioner-Elect Marty Kiar is stealing a page from Bob Graham’s playbook.

The former governor originated the first “work days” in 1974 to soften his image as a Harvard-trained millionaire. He was a state senator at the time and continued working while in the governor’s office.  He eventually did 386 work days.

Now Kiar will be working alongside county employees to learn something about the men and women who run Broward’s government services. Port Everglades and the bus system are first on the list.

Kiar isn’t the first pol who used Graham’s work days idea. Gov. Rick Scott, another multi-millionaire in need of a new image, has been working average jobs for the cameras in recent months.

Kiar’s hands-on learning sessions are a good idea.  Who can fault him for trying to educate himself from the inside about his new job?

He is sworn-in in November, replacing Ilene Lieberman.

Below is his news release:

County Commissioner-Elect Martin “Marty” David Kiar announces “Work Days”
“I am so thrilled to have been elected to the Broward County Commission. Since I have more than five months until I will officially be sworn in, I am excited to utilize this opportunity to learn each and every issue affecting Broward County. It is my belief that a Commissioner who has first hand knowledge as to how our county runs will be most effective at making decisions for our county. As a result, over the next five months, I will be performing “Work Days”, where I will work without pay with our hardworking county employees to get a full understanding of how our county runs from top to bottom. My first “Work Day” will be this Friday where I will work at one of Broward County’s biggest economic engines, the Port. Next Friday I will be working in mass transit. If you would like to further discuss my “Work Days” with me, then please email me or call me on my cell at 954-???-???? at anytime.  Below is the initial email that I sent to County Administrative Bertha Henry who is assisting me in setting up my “Work Days”.

On Jun 13, 2012, at 10:42 PM, Kair wrote:
Ms. Henry:Thank you for meeting with me.  I am excited to work with you and the employees of Broward County.  In the next five months I would like to spend some time doing “work days”  to learn more about Broward County government and its various departments and divisions.  I would prefer to work with the rank and file doing the work of the county.  Such as, streets and highways, code enforcement, revenue collection, libraries, parks and rec(including Naturescape Broward program), water and sewer, transportation, maintenance, airport, seaport, historical preservation, animal care, mosquito control, cultural arts, elderly services, veterans affairs, homeless prevention, children’s services, emergency management, environmental protection, alcohol and drug treatment, tourist development, medical examiner, economic development, employee assistance, emergency preparedness(hurricanes), etc.

My concept is over the next five months I would schedule a “work day”  in each of the ones above and others I may have forgot to include.  I want to actually work along side of the county’s employees and get a feel for how each agency, department or division works.  I would work one day a week.  Closer to the time of my swearing in I would like to be briefed by the directors of each and receive a status report of the major issues including capital projects.

Additionally, I am respectfully requesting a budget book for 2012-2013 in the manner it is presented to the commission.  I would also like a Board Book  with the function of each Board and a list of Commissioner Lieberman’s appointments. I need the requirements for each Board member I will appoint as well.

I am naturally excited to begin as soon as possible.  It is my intention to ask each of the constitutional officers funded by the county to spend a day with them.  Sheriff, Property Appraiser and the Supervisor of Elections.  I will schedule those on my own.

Thanks for your assistance.

Marty Kiar

7 Responses to “Marty Kiar To Do “Work Days” Like Graham, Scott”

  1. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow Betha Henry maybe i should call you to help me w/ my “work days”….

  2. Richard J. Kaplan says:

    That’s terrific. All elected officials should do these type of things to help them learn about what they are governing.

    Hope he gets a chance to ride in an EMS, Police car and do some maintenance work to see what they go through on a daily basis like I have done.

  3. Dear ac says:

    Hey city activist, kiar’s work days are not part of a community service sentence

  4. Broward News Junkie says:

    Richard, we all know how much you love promoting yourself…. But if it was legal, would you marry yourself? And then you could post about how well you did it!

  5. Dorothy Tee says:

    Saw Marty Kiar tonight at a gathering of the “Davie Dems” and he was so excited about being a Broward County Commissioner and so excited about what he wants to do! Go Marty!!!!

  6. Ghost of McLovin says:

    Maybe Kiar should spend a day meeting with all the registered republican constituents and taxpayers of his illegally drawn district and inform them as to whether or not he represents them or just those that agree with his personal views

  7. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh listen to “Ac” -no Community Service here-“roll the dice” and lets see what your made of. No instead you take your cheap shots behind your computer desk. Some of you that is all you got is these cheap shots. What do I always say”bring it on”.