Update: Marty Kiar Pledges To Visit Every Demo Primary Voter’s Home






Broward County Commissioner Marty Kiar made it official on Monday.


Marty KiarMarty Kiar, trying out fire fighting equipment 


Kiar confirmed to a lunch time fundraiser what was probably the worst kept secret in Broward politics: He was running for Broward County Property Appaiser in two years.

“I am excited about this campaign and I am truly looking forward to filing on April 1st,” Kiar told Browardbeat.com.

Kiar also set a daunting campaign goal, even for this relentless door-to-door campaigner.

“From April 1, 2015 to the election in 2016, I am going to walk to every primary voting household in the county so I will see you at your door in a few months,” he vowed.

More than 113,000 voted in the August primary, but some of these were Republicans or independents. Many primary voters live in the same house as another voter.

Still, Kiar is pledging to visit tens of thousands of homes spread out from Parkland and Deerfield Beach to Miramar and Hallandale Beach.

Kiar wants to replace Property Appraiser Lori Parrish, who previously announced she was not running for another term in 2016.

The fund raiser was for Miramar Commission candidate Maxwell Barrington Chambers, husband of Broward Commissioner Barbara Sharief.

When asked by a guest at the event who would run to replace him in his Southwest Broward commission seat, Kiar mentioned Democratic Chair Mitch Ceasar, School Board member Robin Bartleman and Weston Commissioner Jim Norton, according to several sources at the event.

Kiar said he would formally announce his candidacy around April 1.



22 Responses to “Update: Marty Kiar Pledges To Visit Every Demo Primary Voter’s Home”

  1. Tamarac Talk says:

    What a coincidence! I was going to run for prop appraiser! Who else wants in?

  2. FTL Voter says:

    Bartleman is thinking of running for County Commissioner, but for Wexler’s open seat. Not for Kiar’s seat. I believe Norton lives in Wexler’s district too. I think Ceasar does live in Kiar’s district so perhaps he is running for it.


    I’m just reporting what was said at the fundraiser.

    District 1, which is Marty Kiar’s district, includes Weston east of Bonaventure Boulevard. I don’t know where Bartleman and Norton live in Weston. Ceasar definitely lives in Kiar’s district, which include pieces of Plantation, Weston, western Lauderhill and eastern Tamarac.

  3. Alice McGill says:

    Walter/Lisa Duke want in!

  4. Norm Price says:

    I really enjoyed reading about Martin desire to run for Properety Appraiser since Lori has desired to retire. I have known Lori for alost 35 years and I am also friends with Marty and he would be an excellent candidate who besides being friends I find him to be a true professionalas a County Commissioner ( now the Vice Mayor) and he definitely would have my vote

  5. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Jim Norton and Mitch Ceasar both live in Marty Kiar’s district (#1). Robin Bartleman lives in Lois Wexler’s district (#5).

  6. Mike Tyson says:

    As I say, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. Let see smiling Marty get called out and kicked around a little in a campaign and see what he is really made of.

    Marty you have no idea who I am so feel free to get out of the fetal position trying to figure out who I may be.

    I know it is inconceivable to you that there are people in this world who think you are a big phony and not afraid to run against you.

  7. Steve says:

    Does this mean we can get Lori to run for Supervisor of Elections and fix the mess there???

  8. The Guess Who says:

    Alice, the Dukes live in Dania Beach and they’re not getting a County Commission seat ever. Thank you for playing.

    Marty is going to walk into this seat.

    Jim Norton is a Republican and will not win either of those County Commission seats.

    Steve Geller is strongly considering running for the Wexler seat.

    I don’t thin Mitch could afford giving up his lobbying practice to be on the County Commission, but I’m sure he wouldn’t be opposed to lobbying down to Cities.

    Bartleman lives on the east side of Weston, right near Griffin.


    Lobbying any government entity in Broward by Broward County Commissioners is prohibited by the county’s ethics law. So Ceasar couldn’t lobby cities in this county if elected to the County Commission.

  9. Carlos Grande says:

    Oh you mean Marty Kiar who’s brother Marc who is now in the BSO hired by Israel? You know the one who’s way thru the Police Academy was paid for by the BSO?

  10. Mike Tyson = David Brown says:

    Watch your back Marty.

  11. Truth Still Matters says:

    1. Robin Bartleman can hardly muster up the ability to be a school board member. Three county commission meetings is all it might take for her head to explode.

    2. Steve Geller’s best chance to get back into elected office is to run for the Senate again. Nobody wants to elect him or any lobbyist to the county commission.

    3. Jim Norton? Please.

    4. Mike Ryan are you going to run for the county commission or not?

    5. If Marty Kiar wants to be property appraiser let him. Besides who cares.

    6. Mitch Ceasar should run for Clerk of the Court. He’d probably be good at it while avoiding ethics problems.

    7. Is Brenda going to retire or not?

    8. Even if she does Stacy Ritter has no management experience so we need an SOE candidate.

    9. I predict that Lauren Book will be the highest funded loser in 2016.

    10. I seriously doubt that Lori Parrish and Lois Wexler just plan to fade away.

  12. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Ok, I’ll sat it. Why is Marty Kiar going to a fundraiser for a guy shaked up with a woman not his wife? Why are all these politicians there? As I understand it this guy is a self employed carpenter? REALLY? The list of White Democrats, and yes, I mean my fellow Jewish Liberal Democrats, crowded into a fundraiser for someone they would call the police on if he talked to THEIR DAUGHTERS really shows the low, low, low level of people in politics in Broward County! The whole idea of running someone with NO EDUCATION, NO PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS, for office really makes ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS in BROWARD COUNTY look like one step above drug dealers and several steps BELOW STREET WALKERS! Apparently Democratic public officials in Broward County have no respect for themselves, no respect for the voters, and no respect for even the most minimal moral or cultural standards!

  13. tell the truth says:

    nothing against Marty but didn’t his dad just get another renewed No Bid contract as attorney for the Appraisers Valuation board ? like $250K a year.

    sure beats ‘practicing law’, beating the bushes for clients who will pay their bills.

    much easier to rack up years of “Public Service” and get those nice pensions.

    As to comments above on who lives in what district, NEWS FLASH to all as re-districting will (maybe) get done by BCC in 2021so make sure you don’t put YOURSELF out of office if elected before then.

  14. Señor Censor M D says:

    The following diagnosis is made without violating HIPPO guidelines as mandated by unaffordable WE DON’T CARE ACT

    Well little Marty did the big fireman let you play with his siren?

    Impulsivity signs and symptoms of ADD/ADHD. The most obvious sign of ADD/ADHD is hyperactivity. While many politicians and children are naturally quite active, politicians with hyperactive symptoms of attention deficit disorder are always moving. They may try to do several things at once, bouncing around from one activity to the next.

    What Causes Adult ADHD?

    While experts don’t know for sure what causes ADHD, they think genes may play an important part. Environmental issues, such as exposure to cigarettes, alcohol, or other toxins while in the womb, may also play a role.

    Unlike other psychiatric disorders, including anxiety and depression, ADHD doesn’t begin in adulthood. Symptoms must have been present since childhood for a diagnosis of adult ADHD to be made.

    This is the best and brightest in Broward County?

  15. MyOpinion says:

    Dear Truth Still Matters: Like and agree with some of your comments. Robin, sweet girl, can hardly hold her own at school board and would get eaten alive on commission. Wondering if Lois will really retire or look elsewhere. She was a wonderful school board member and very capable commissioner. Mayor Ryan should run for Senate. His talents and intellect confirm that. Political timing was unlucky for Marty – left House and now looks to leave commission after such a short time. Not sure if that is fair to the people who worked to get him elected or those who voted for him expecting him to represent them. I can’t see Mitch Cesar running for Clerk of Court. He would have huge ethics problems with his his law clients and his
    lobbying. Besides no experience running such a large agency. I heard Iris Siple, current clerk chief administrator, is running for Clerk and Forman and many in legal community are supporting her. We need a SOE who can run issue-free elections. I have heard several names bantered around but let’s see. Lauren Book will be well funded and is a smart hardworking young lady. Don’t know if she has an opponent yet.

  16. And my opinion says:

    Only lawyers who do real estate closings or do not deal with the Clerk of Court’s support Iris Siple. The 17th Circuit Clerk’s office is one of the, if not the worst run in the State.

    We have to be one of the only Circuits that you cant access pleadings online. The office is old, slow and behind the times. Siple is the #2 to Forman, how can we not expect more of the same.

    I hear Dan Lewis is running the sister of Judge McHugh, I hear she is a lifer administrator in the PD’s office. Someone else with no practical business experience. The Clerk’s office is a business, big business, it is time to get someone in there who has experience instead of FRS lifer looking for a bigger pension to go into DROP with.

  17. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @16 – “The 17th Circuit Clerk’s office is one of the, if not the worst run in the State. We have to be one of the only Circuits that you cant access pleadings online.” – Exactly right!!! We need a Clerk who will, on day one, declare the existing 17th Circuit website 100% obsolete and start over. Bring in the bulldozers and then build a new system in its place. Somebody please give Forman a gold watch or something and get him out of there ASAP!!!

  18. Joseph Miller says:

    Count Chocula should go back to Sesame Street.

  19. Well Said says:

    I would love to see Siple and Bartleman in a live debate on ANY issue….these two individuals (whom I have had conversations with)are not very bright….nice enough people, but are lacking in the brains dept.

  20. MyOpinion says:

    And my opinion: of all issues discussed you only mentioned the clerks office. No interest in the other issues or too close to clerks office?

  21. FTL Voter says:

    @Count LF, you wrote “Why is Marty Kiar going to a fundraiser for a guy shaked up with a woman not his wife?” Really? Does anyone care if they (or anyone else) is actually married to the person they live with? What does that have to do with anything? I could care less if my elected officials are married to the person they live with, have kids with, etc. I care if he or she can do a good job in office.

    As to him being a carpenter, I see nothing wrong with blue collar people also serving in elective office … especially at the local level. They pay taxes like everyone else and should play a role in governing like everyone else.

  22. Well Qualified says:


    You should do a little research about Elizabeth “Liz” McHugh, an accomplished business woman, Executive MBA, handles a 20 million dollar plus yearly budget for Public Defenders office. This is a woman that would make a difference in the 17th Circuit Clerk of Court by bringing it up to date.