Martin Kiar: I’m Running For Commission


Martin Kiar is making it official.

Martin Kiar in the Florida House


Kiar told he would file the papers this month beginning his campaign for Broward County Commission.

“I won’t be officially filed for a few weeks due to the paperwork which needs to be filed. However, I am truly excited to run for the Commission seat and especially excited to hopefully have the opportunity to continue to make a difference for the people of our community,” Kiar said.

The Davie attorney, who has been in the Florida House since 2006, is dropping his almost yearlong quest for the Florida Senate.  He made his decision after the Senate District 34 he was running for, now held by state Sen. Nan Rich, was recut by the Reapportionment Committee to include less of Broward.

A dedicated Democrat who has won awards from the AFL-CIO and many other Democratic-oriented organizations, Kiar’s political philosophy obviously had some encouragement from his father, Monroe Kiar. Monroe is a long-time Democratic activist who was a Davie commission and mayor from 1987-98.  He was later Davie Town Attorney.

Married with one child, Kiar is 34 and lists his hobbies in the Florida House Clerk’s Manual as ping pong and softball.   But I would count campaigning among those skills, since I have rarely seen a more ferocious and dedicated candidate on the stump.

He will by vying for the county commission seat now held by Commissioner Ilene Lieberman, who is term limited out.  The two other office holders running for the heavily-Democratic district are Lauderhill Mayor Richard Kaplan and Lauderhill Commissioner Howard Berger, who has already sent campaign literature to voters in the district.


20 Responses to “Martin Kiar: I’m Running For Commission”

  1. Git R Done says:

    Thank Heaven he is, he’s an HONEST ONE!!!
    Hopefully he will be elected too!

  2. Funny how that worked out says:

    Funny how that worked out.
    Did anyone catch the negotiating between Lieberman and Kiar when he signed in to speak to her about “REDISCTRICTING”?

    Funny how that area of Davie was never in any of the commission maps from the staff or the public.

    Funny how the Broward Legislative Delegation were meeting with the commission earlier that day and Ilene was seen in the hallways with Martin.

    Funny how Lieberman and Ritter met during the Commission Redistricting Hearing (out of the Sunshine). Did you catch that?


    No, it’s not funny at all. The nerve of these people!

    The Governor may have the last word with this one.

  3. Shameless in Plantation: The Awake Broward Chronicles says:

    Shameless State Representative Hazelle Rogers of money-on-the-take-without-reporting-it-from-Former-Dolphin-Dwight-Stephenson (Democrat – Lauderhill) while voting for issues is at Awake Broward in the same room with Ari Porth, Martin Kiar, Louis Granteed, and Franklin Sands.

    Four sitting Florida House of Representatives and man running for Sheriff in Broward all together in a room with only 6 people besides them.

    Come on Broward! We can do better than this!

  4. Jane says:

    Funny, this has been out there for 2 months now, and still he says he won’t be filing for another couple of weeks, in the middle of a legislative session? I have never seen anyone drag this out so long on a local election. Paperwork can be done in a day or two.

    On top of that his supporters say he is going to raise $500,000 when John Rodstrom can only raise under less than half of that. I don’t know of any Commissioner that has raised more than $250,000 and they are far better known then him

    If he is really serious, then drop out from Senate race and file for Commission now. You don’t need to wait anymore.

    So what is the real reason. I think he is just trying to keep his name out there while trying to figure out if he can stay in a Senate race. Buying time.

    Typical politics.

  5. Woody72 says:

    The actions of this young man are typical of what’s wrong with government today. His preferred place to feed at the government trough looks to be unobtainable with redistricting. So now he’s going to run for Lieberman’s old seat.

  6. Resident says:

    It’s not official until it is official. When he drops out of the State Senate race and files for Commission.

    Otherwise it’s just more talk.

    How many more times are we going to keep hearing this? In the end, I bet he doesn’t even run cause a senate seat will open up for him. That’s why he is waiting. His heart really isn’t in the Commission.

  7. Bob says:

    I am a big fan of Marty Kiar. He is gonna win.

  8. Good for Kiar! says:

    Shameless in Plantation, of course these people are all in the same place at the same time, it is called an EVENT!
    Jane, nobody “has” to file prior to the deadline. I would think it is a difficult decision to make. He has a family, staff, and constituents to think about.
    Funny how that worked out- The governor is what is funny! Martin Kiar is the most honest person in the state legislature.

  9. He's Honest? says:

    You keep saying he is so honest. “The most honest person in the state legislature.”

    First that doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot. Look at who he is competing against.

    Second, he struck a deal with the devil to get this district changed so he could be included and run. It is clear his heart isn’t even it it. He wants to be a State Senator.

    That just shows he is no different from the rest of them.

    Honest? NO!!! A Politician? YES.

    It proves he will sell his soul for what he wants, and we don’t need that anymore.

  10. Yes he is Honest says:

    I live in the city of Weston and I can tell you that he and my neighbors love him. He is constantly calling us to ask if he can help us and constantly advocating for our community. I am just glad he will be on the county commission because now he will be able to help Broward year round. GO MARTY – WE ARE BEHIND YOU ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

  11. Real Deal says:

    I really tire of reading the self-endulging emotional garbage people write.

    Kiar preferred to run for Senator but redistricting now prevents him from winning. His choices are to run for a county seat or bow out of politics. He’s made that choice. Now we must study ours.

    What would he do at the county if he won? How would he succeed in getting those things done in an environment as toxic as Broward County? What makes him the better choice? That’s what I want to hear.

  12. Lady Blah-Blah says:

    Going from the Dragon Lady to one of the nicest guys in Broward politics is going to be a welcome change.

  13. Stan says:

    Jane you seem to forget that Keechl raised $600,000 in his failed re-election effort.

  14. To Real Deal says:

    Real Deal,

    You make a good point. And in full disclosure, I will admit that I have voted for him in every election. But here is what I know. Kiar has served in the legislature for 6 years and has served in the minority party. However, he still has passed a number of bills and has been able to get things done in Tallahassee. The way I see it, is if he has been successful in Tallahassee when he is outnumbered by Republicans 2 to 1, I believe he will be able to get things done on the county level when the odds are much more in his favor. Also, I much prefer a legislator to run for the commission then a local official because much of the job of a county commissioner is getting grants from the legislature or advocating against bad bills and advocating for good bills. Who better to do that then someone that has a relatinship with the people in Tallahassee who control things. I think Kiar running is very good for Broward. That is my opinion.

  15. Real Deal says:

    Commissioners don’t write or lobby for grants. Grants are earned through good staff work. Commissioners are elected to create policy and make it happen. My vote goes to candidates with the best plans who can convince me they have ways to get them done.

    My vote is not a gift to them and their decision to run is no gift to me. I want return on investment on my vote. People who don’t vote that way are mindless.

    I will consider what all the candidates have to say and vote for the one that has the best chance to succeed. Nothing else about candidates for office really interests me. We have made too many mistakes before electing people that don’t perform for us.

  16. To Real Deal says:

    Grants are given as a result of relationships. Yes a staff member may work on a grant, but a Republican Tallahassee legislator is not going to care and will not listen if a Broward County staff member has asked for a grant. However, the powers in Tallahassee will listen if one of their own, i.e. a former legislator who served with them, is advocating for a grant. Also, a commissioner does lobby Tallahassee and wihout strong connections, Broward would lose out. For example, if the legislature is considering a bill with a large unfunded mandate, then a former legislator who has built relationships with the people in Tallahassee is the best to argue against the passage of the bill. You talk about creating policy, well good policy usually costs money. If an unfunded mandate is passed by the legislature that costs the county millions of dollars, then that will be less money that can be utilized to create substantive policy to help people. A former legislator that has served with the House and Senate leadership is so much better positioned to help the county than local elected officials who don’t have those relationships and just bring more of the same.

  17. Marty Kiar says:

    Thank you Buddy for posting this article. As I stated before, I am thrilled to run for the Commission seat and I am truly looking forward to hopefully having the opportunity to serve the the people of our community on the County Commission. I just read the Sun-Sentinel article that Mayor Kaplan will not continue with his candidacy for the County Commission. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish Mayor Kaplan the best of luck in his future endeavors. I have always had a great deal of respect for Mayor Kaplan and I know that he will continue to honorably serve the residents of Lauderhill.

  18. Awake The State!!!!!!!!! says:

    Join the Middle Class Champions, the Democrat Rep’s of the Broward Delegation to let Rep George Moritias and his fellow women hating celebrants form Coral Ridge Pres its time for a big wake up call on January 11 from 4-7pm in front of Rep Moritias office at Oakland and Federal. We will show those tea party losers that hang out across the street how to stage a protest. The rumor is that soon to be newest member of the Middle Class Champions, future State Rep Barbara Stern is going to announce at the event she will run against Rep George Moritias and this time she WILL beat him. Thank you to Sean Phillippi for all your hard work putting this together. Its going to be huge, the people were fooled once, never again.

    AWAKE THE STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    I wish Mr. Kiar all the success in his election. He is one of the most humble electedc officials I have ever met and truly works on behalf of the citizen.

  20. He's Honest? says:

    He is as honest and humble as any politician who has struck a political deal with Lieberman (the Devil). He will fit in with the County Commission perfectly.

    I wonder in the end, what it will cost all of us? What did Lieberman get from Kiar to do the deal? A job, and position, what? The Devil always wants something for your soul. Nothing is for free.

    Unfortunately he is no different and nothing will change. And you wonder why people have such a low viewpoint of their representatives?