Update: Mark Bogen’s $151-Per-Vote Win





It cost Mark Bogen about $151-per-vote to win his seat on the Broward County Commission on Thursday.

A lawyer with an extensive practice representing sports figures and condominium associations, Bogen won office with the less-than-spectacular mandate of 2,815 votes.

He spent $425,610 to win those 2,815 votes.

That’s 2,815 votes in a county of almost 2 million residents. That’s 2,815 votes in a North Broward district that has 112,526 voters.

It took Bogen more than a year and $386,500 of his own money to rack up that impressive victory. He raised another $60,615 from others.

He spent a total of $425,610.

Second place Lisa Aronson, former Coconut Creek commissioner, was squealing to the Sun-Sentinel on Thursday about Bogen buying the race.

But me, I take my hat off to Bogen. He played by the rules.

He didn’t buy the race.  He worked amazingly hard. While you were home watching TV or eating dinner, Bogen was at an endless parade of condo, home owner, business and Democratic club meetings.  Month after month for roughly a year.


Mark Bogen at Margate Democratic ClubMark Bogen campaigned hard.  Here he is waiting to speak at a lightly attended Democratic meeting during the summer. 


He could have very well personally met almost every one of the 2,815 voters who cast ballots for him.  He was such a relentless campaigner, I don’t think the results would have been different even if he spent much less money.

It was Bogen’s race right from the start. He led the absentees by such a big margin that it was impossible for any of the other four candidates to catch up before they even started counting the votes from Thursday’s election.


Mark Bogen and Amy RoseMark Bogen and his campaign manager Amy Rose


When will candidates learn that today, when so many vote early or by absentee, that the campaign is won or lost before Election Day?

And this race starkly illustrated that endorsements are often worthless.

Newspaper endorsements?   A waste of time….at least in this race.  The Sun-Sentinel endorsed Aronson, while the Miami Herald endorsed Charlotte Rodstrom. 

Aronson was also endorsed by most political leaders, the AFL-CIO, police and fire fighter unions, Hispanic Vote, Dolphin Democrats and the National Women’s Political Caucus.

That Bogen got almost no endorsements is a good thing.  He is beholding to none of the political elites that control endorsements.

Instead, he kept plugging away tirelessly and worked around the insiders. His money surely helped. In the end, he got the endorsement of the people who counted — the voters.

Here’s what I’m hoping:

Bogen’s self-funded campaign means he owes nobody but the voters.

He told me early in the campaign he would accept no money from lobbyists or those doing business with the county. He kept that promise.

All the lobbyists were with Aronson.

Bogen is independently wealthy.  He’s a successful lawyer.  He doesn’t need Bernie Friedman, George Platt, Mike Moskowitz or  the rest of the lobbyists.

So I’m hoping that Bogen will bring a fresh, new point of view to the commission.  A point of view not driven by political friendships or campaign contributions.

Maybe for once we’ll have a commissioner who takes a call from a North Broward constituent before he answers one from the Friedmans and Platts of Broward.

I’m hopeful.




 The turnout among Democrats in the primary was about double what political consultants were predicting.

They predicted a 5 percent turnout.  It was nearer to 10 percent.

But that’s still a pitiful turnout for a vital county commission race.



Lisa Aronson’s e-mail to supporters on Thursday night, 10:30 p.m. after the results of the special election:





Dear Friends,

While tonight’s results were not what we had hoped for, I am eternally grateful for the support and friendship you have provided me over the past year.

Your tireless work was an inspiration. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Over the next few years, our county leadership will be tasked with tackling major traffic, environmental, and economic issues that will impact the next generation of Broward residents. I hope that you will remain engaged in this process and maintain a voice in the important dialogue to come.

I would also like to congratulate Mark Bogen on his victory tonight. This was a hard fought campaign, and I wish him the best of luck in the coming months.

Thank you, once again.

Sincerely yours,


38 Responses to “Update: Mark Bogen’s $151-Per-Vote Win”

  1. Soo tempting says:

    lets see if mark continues to resist lobbyist money, with the write in still in the race he can do a “tim ryan” and get money from the special interests to pay back the $$$$ he put in. Wouldn’t be the first guy to reneg on a pledge and after putting in 4 years salary to win, I wouldn’t hold it against him if he reneged

  2. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    Commissioner Elect Bogen:

    Warm Congratulations, well done, you earned a right to serve on the county commission and I hope you do great things with the opportunity the people have given you.


    You don’t have to be independently wealthy to have backbone. You just have to have backbone.


  3. John Henry says:


    “Earned a right to serve on the county commission”

    Are you serious????

  4. Floridan says:

    Turnout, turnout, turnout.

    Bogen won precinct F004 by a little better than a three-to-one margin. Aronson won the adjacent F001 precinct by just over a three-to-one margin.

    The difference was that in F004 (Wynmoor) over 900 residents voted, while in F001 (single-family neighborhood)only 71 people bothered to cast a ballot.

  5. Just Do Right says:

    We have seen this before. Shareef had big money then took thousands from the lobbyists this past election. Hope Bogen doesn’t become another one of them!

  6. Amy Rose says:

    Thanks for the always interesting analysis Buddy.

    A few more points I want to make about Mark Bogen, and our campaign.

    After the August 26th Primary was held, and ultimately not counted, our campaign (as well as Lisa Aronson and Charlotte Rodstrom’s campaigns) took the time and money to review the results of that race.

    Clearly, Charlotte Rodstrom used those results as an indication that there was no clear path to victory, and other than appearing at a few meetings to attack Bogen, she did very little campaigning from that point forward.

    Our campaign used the precinct by precinct results as part of a complex data analysis, as if it were the scientific data from a poll. We could see where our strengths and weaknesses were, and we were determined to get OUR VOTERS out to vote, and to do so as soon as possible. The flawed logic that Aronson’s campaign used (waiting until the last possible second to attack Bogen, denying there was any validity to the August primary results, whining about limited financial resources and then buying bus bench ads throughout the district, planning a big victory party, etc…) largely contributed to her sizable loss.

    If you were to compare the results of yesterday’s election to the results of the August primary, you would see that Mark Bogen’s two strongest areas (Wynmoor and Century Village) came out in higher numbers then they had even in the August primary, an election with numerous contested races on the ballot! While turnout in the district was about 9%, turnout in Wynmoor was over 30%! It was no accident that the results turned out that way, and I agree with your analysis that Mark Bogen could have won and spent less money. In fact, looking at Wynmoor alone, a community that had previously served as Lisa Aronson’s own base in her city commission races, Bogen’s overwhelming win came from voters who had previously voted for Aronson! Again, while some criticized Bogen for moving back to Broward in the last two years, they were clearly underestimating the deep ties, friendships, trust and support he had developed over more than a decade of working with community leaders in Wynmoor and in Century Village, and further underestimating how much time and effort was spent communicating with those voters and offering a clear alternative to the politics as usual they’ve been hearing forever. Additionally, he spent an inordinate amount of time cultivating new relationships in NW Pompano, even after two African American candidates were in the race.

    Additionally, I find all the talk about the amount spent per vote to be very interesting. One interpretation would be to start from the day after the August 26th primary and look at how much the candidates spent per vote after that. However, even more interesting, is to look at how much ALL of the candidates spent per vote. In doing this, I’m going to assume that whatever funds remain in their accounts have already been allocated and they will not be dispersing that money as if it’s excess, but using it to cover remaining campaign expenditures.

    – Lisa Aronson spent $92 per vote (not including an outside political committee, run by her own campaign staff and supporters, that paid for several attack pieces against Bogen. That committee has different reporting requirements and therefore it won’t be known publicly how much they spent until next week)
    – Carmen Jones spent $62 per vote
    – Charlotte Rodstrom spent $338 per vote!!!
    – Terry Williams-Edden spent $17 per vote

    Yes, elections cost a lot of money. This isn’t news. It costs money to target voters and effectively communicate with them. It’s what you do with that money that wins elections.

    Mark Bogen is a hard working, very bright, successful, generous and caring person with a big heart. He understands the district he will be representing, and he’s going to make a great county commissioner.


    Thanks for sharing this, Amy.

    I am also told that Coconut Creek Commissioner Mikki Belvedere had a role in rounding up Wynmoor votes. Belvedere and Aronson had a falling out sometime in the past, I am told.

  7. Just Saying says:

    Newspaper endorsements? A waste of time….at least in this race. The Sun-Sentinel endorsed Aronson, while the Miami Herald endorsed Charlotte Rodstrom.

    Aronson was also endorsed by most political leaders, the AFL-CIO, police and fire fighter unions, Hispanic Vote, Dolphin Democrats and the National Women’s Political Caucus.

    Sounds like the Scott Israel 2012 campaign. Common link between Israel and Bogen: Amy Rose.

  8. Señor Censor says:


    Does mikki still collect the unsealed absentee ballots and deliver them to SOE’s office save postage fees for the elderly at wynmoor?

  9. dear amy says:

    I agree with all you said, but I think it is unfortunate to not mention how Walter Hunter secured black Pompano for Mark. The reason Terry and Carmen were lured into the race, if you believe the rumors, is becase lisa was desperate to pull away black voters from Hunters base. Walt was just as important as Miki or Parness.

  10. Watch Your Back says:

    You think Mr. Bogen is not beholden to anyone? Think Amy Rose! Anyone who thinks she does not expect payback from her candidates is living in another world. I hope he has the backbone to stand up to her. As for pulling a “Tim Ryan” – hopefully Bogen will not. That was the first of many disappointments from Ryan who tests the political waters every day and goes with the flow.

  11. Sean Phillippi says:

    Floridians for Ethics will report one $5,000 contribution next week that was made within the past two weeks. I know that many were expecting a very low turnout, but based on the over 10k absentee ballots that were mailed out the overall turnout was exactly what I expected it to be.

  12. Sean Phillippi says:

    Mayor Ryan was always very upfront about raising money to pay back the loans to himself. He is one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in politics and is an amazing County Commissioner. We need more elected officials like Tim Ryan.

  13. Congrats Amy says:


    You did agreat job with Mark’s camapign. This time the campaign and the victory are your own. Unlike Israel where you did all the heavy lifting to get him past out of the primary only to have Gunzberger and Stone come in and steal all the credit from you.

  14. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    Angelo, you are one funny “public servant”. What does backbone mean to you?

  15. Real Deal says:

    @14. Pretty obvious that you’re out of your depth.

  16. To the Contrary says:

    As a NE Pompano resident, I was most impressed with Mr. Bogen’s out reach to NW Pompano. I have never seen actually real life African Americans (not the token photo) in campaign literature from a white candidate.

    Independent and universal…only time will tell what he actually does.

  17. Fake Commissioner Abrams says:


    Another great campaign you have run for a loss. Maybe next time you will not pull public record requests against incumbents who have ties your then employer. Good luck finding work in 2015.

  18. Another loss says:

    Another Judy Stern backed candidate loses. Is that a “ding dong” I hear?

  19. Sean Phillippi says:

    Dear person who is too scared to post under their own name:

    I won some elections this year and lost some elections. The one constant was that the winner of every election I was involved with this cycle, without exception, is the candidate who had the most money. That is not unique to me and is not a good thing for the process.

    I will never apologize for doing everything I can on behalf of my clients. My leaving now Mayor Ryan’s office was something that was in the works for two months before I made that request. I am disappointed, but not surprised, that a lot of Democrats put their own self-interest before supporting their candidate against a GOP incumbent.

    Ask any candidate who has ever worked with me and they will tell you that their campaign was better for having me involved in it. I will let my work speak for itself as I have never had a client complain about overall the quality of the work I did for them.

  20. Spectator says:

    The important think is that Judy Stern lost again. It looks like its time for Judy to cash in her chips and move on. The days of hiring Judy to win are gone; welcome to the Amy Rose era! Congrats Amy!!!

  21. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I will say it again and again! The two political parties have become lobbyists’ tools in South Florida, and, to be frank, in too much of the county. I am NOT saying the US is more corrupt that Italy (where I am now) or Germany or Poland or the Czech Republic, I am saying UNLIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD, AMERICA is a 200 plus year old DEMOCRACY where the PEOPLE ARE SOVEREIGN unlike the rest of the world. Mr. Bogan seems to have played by the rules, like millionaires Philip Levine on Miami Beach or Michael bloomberg in New York City and gotten elected because people, even long time political activists like myself since the Adlai Stevenson Campaign are disgusted how self-dealing has replaced Republican conservative and Democratic liberal principles. All elected officials care about is getting money from special interests at the expense of the general population, especially those earning less than 100,000 or 150,000 dollars a year.
    In Broward County we have poverty, educational, social problems, yet apartments on the Beach in Fort Lauderdale are going for nearly 5 Million Dollars. There is something wrong here! I have great sympathy for the Fort Lauderdale City commission which has to deal with us, the residents, who can’t sit on bus benches, walk in parks, or use the County Library or Art Serve because of alcholic or mentally ill, or just plan lazy and nasty White young and middle aged men who live on the homeless feeding programs. The County has the money from taxes collected in Fort Lauderdale to renovate apartments for the homeless but the rich Western Suburbs that control the county wouldn’t give up a dime without a fight over every penny! I hopw Mr. Bogan will be a real statesman and start devoting County funds to help the Coastal communities, lead by Fort Lauderdale that are baring any unfair burden of society’s social problems. And, to all, a HAPPY HANNUKAH and a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS NEW YORK 2015 to everyone but Randy Hilliard and his fake names on this blog, from Rome, Italy.

  22. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @17 & @19 – Public records requests can be made anonymously. This has been very well established in Florida law. Many cities have received the judicial boot way up their rear ends for unlawfully trying to require public records requestors to identify themselves. And in public records cases, when the government loses, it has to pay the bill for your attorney’s fee. See http://floridafaf.org/resources/faqs/

  23. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Real story here is that Tyrone Francois backed out the very next day. This race should have been open to both Demo’s and Rep. Totally not right. I say Ast.State Att. Catherine Maus(who’s name I heard all year)-question Mr.Francois and find out who put him up to running. Also if you weren’t to busy defending the homeless att.Scherer(Grand Wizard )maybe things would be different. What happening w/ your Supreme Court petion , or are you to busy w/ Jr. w/ these train tracks(all aboard Fla)and the homeless to get up to Tallahasse? Again are you to busy Grand Wizard( They put you on the map Bill, and you know it(sorry John, Char-maybe to much bubblely going on at the Harry Potter school(law office)…

  24. Floridan says:

    I don’t believe that why you run for office, as a regular candidate or a write-in, is any business of a state attorney’s office.

    I’m not a big fan of open primaries — if the Republicans can’t make the effort to find someone to run for office then the party is not representing its constituents responsibly.

  25. Well Said says:

    @#2 / Castillo…………..let the fellatio begin

  26. Observer says:

    Spoken like a true political consultant… “Money wins elections.”

    This cycle showed that good campaigning by a good candidate is more valuable than money.

    Look at the Claudia Robinson v Ian Richards and George Moraitis v Scott Herman.

    Claudia had no money and Scott had unlimited money. How’d that work out for them?


    Scott Herman only spent less than a third — $95,000 — of the $340,000 he put into the race. Of the $95,000, Herman paid himself back $47,000 in October before the election, so he really spent a lot less (I thank a Browardbeat.com reader for pointing this out. The reader’s comment, with more information on this race, is below).

    However, there are many examples over several cycles of candidates with less money winning. Having money surely helps and it surely helped Bogen. It isn’t a guarantee of victory.

    Russell Thompson sent $150,000 of his own on a judicial race in August primary, which he lost. Dennis Bailey, who spent $78,000 in a primary and a general election, eventually won spending half the money.

    Jeff Greene, a wealthy real estate investor, spent nearly $25 million to win a state U. S. Senate Democratic nomination in 2010. He lost to Kendrick Meek, who spent roughly a third as much.

    I could go on, but you get the point.

  27. Name em says:

    Ok Sean I am game, your person lost against Abrams, Nan went nowhere as did Aronson. Who were your wins?

  28. Observer says:

    That was exactly my point. Money certainly helps get the message out but doesnt guarantee victory. I think Bogen benefited most from his business relationship with Wynmoor.

    It is the leaches that say that money wins elections (ie they get paid and spend someone else’s cash)

    If a candidate wants to win, they need to take a good look in the mirror and then talk to people who will tell them the truth about their presence. If that works out, then they need to dedicate a year to campaigning. Go to meetings, meet voters.

    The best way to connect with voters is by meeting them, looking them in the eye and asking for their vote. The research has been done on this.

  29. John says:

    @ number 26/28 Observer and Buddy – I went back to see what Scott Herman spent $95,000 it seems he pulled a good one over you both and even caused the Republicans to spend some money while he saved money.

    On his report 9/27 – 10/3 he paid back $47,000 to himself on what he loaned the campaign, which means he spent $48,000 not $95,000.

    Which in turn made George Moraitis spend $236,000 with $10,000 to phones, $27,500 to media, and the $6,000 plus to consulting in the last week of reporting.

    What is more interesting is that Moraitis spent over $129,300 from 10/4 – 10/30 in reaction to no one knowning what Scott Herman was doing.

    So Scott Herman put in $330,000 and spent $48,000 leaving him sitting on $282,000 for 2016 or 2018 if he was to run and in a year that Democrats turn out to vote. One thing we all do know is that Scott will not come out with the big bank account at the start, and why should he. We all know he has the money if he wants it. The question is who will be backing him because of that money and wanting to work for his campaign. But I expect from those that Scott Herman he only get taken advantage of once. Plus why would he buy a house if he was not going to do something in Oakland Park, or for the State House or another seat like US Congress where he has to meet the residence requirements and could run for any district in the State, which he does very easily as a homeowner, and we all know he would have no problem driving or fling to any place in the State to campaign.

    But this is the funny thing, Even with all the money Charlie Crist spent, he still got fewer votes than Moraitis, and Scott clamped down on the wallet around the same time the RPOF did a poll in that area. And Moraitis spent more money, in what was a waste of money for him to spend considering the fact it was a off year and the NE Independents of Broward tend to vote Republican.

    So what is the story here – We heard stories about a fool and his money. Well it seems that fool had more knowledge and knew what the Republicans were going to do in the district.

    However, Scott now had the numbers from 2012 and 2014 voter turnout information, Georges Moraitis campaign strategies, and all just like what Mark Bogen was able to get from a election that did not count, which in turn helped him to know what to do in order to win.

    So lets look at the money spending George Moraitis in the two elections spent over $488,000 with just over $120,000 In-Kind. In order to pull off the win.

    Now just imagine what Scott Herman with that money and the Democrat Party could do if they wanted that seat like the RPOF and George Moraitis does. Except one big difference, the Republicans don’t care about Moraitis spending or his bank account like we saw the local Democrats do. The Republicans managed to pull together even with the Broward Republicans in a cluster of a mess.

    And another thing – Chaz Stevens spoke about how Scott Herman cyber played Bogen and Rankin but Herman also got George’s names. And now it seems Chaz aka MOAS is doing what it reported on and could have learned from Scott Herman when it comes to Domain names. So it looks like Scott Herman has started something new for online campaigning here where even the bloggers get involved.

    But I can say I would prefer Scott Herman and Mark Bogen in office. Because they are in the same position basically. They can either take lobbyist money and save money or spend money from there own account and self fund a campaign. Either way they a actually not in debt to the lobbyist, for the simple reason if the lobbyist try to push them against what they believe in what is a few thousand dollars to either of them? They can both act for the people unlike others that are dependent on special interest monies like Moraitis and others.

    I hope Scott Herman runs again, his heart is in the community. And we cant really bash him considering he is a disabled combat veteran and from what I hear he lives daily in a great deal of pain from war injuries. And still he finds the energy to ignore the stuff said about him and keeps pushing forward.

    Congratulations to Mark Bogen!

    Now lets get Scott Herman to run and win District 93.


    Thanks for clarifying this.

  30. For what it's worth says:

    Scott Herman is not sitting on that money for a 2016 run. Per state law he has 90 days from Election Day to close that campaign account and file a termination report. And, all rich people are not the same. Mark Bogen has ideas, plans, and a proven track record of success in his career. That’s a whole lot different than throwing good money after bad.

  31. Breaking it down says:

    The Scott Herman campaign which was pushed by the DEC and local Dems is a prime example of it Dem dysfunction in Broward.

    1) 2 years prior he runs as a R against Perry Thurston where he spent little money on his campaign.
    2) For the entire race he raised $5000 and loaned and spent 50,143 of his own money.
    3) Of the $50,143, approx. $36.645 was spent in the calendar year of 2013. Some of the more notable campaign expenses were;
    a) approximately $10,000 to Barry Harris,
    b) a little over $3000 to Susanna Bott of Bob Nichols fame as a personal assistant.
    c) $2000 for campaign water bottles.
    d) $530 for a bullet proof vest.
    e) A reoccurring cost for a storage unit for appox $150.

    4) In calendar year 2014, Herman mostly spent money on a website and attending various political events. On 10-26-14 he spent $1431.00 on yard signs. It appears that he did not do any mail pieces.

    It should have been obvious how Mr. Herman conducted his campaign in 2013 that he was ill equipped to be a serious candidate in this race. While the DEC couldn’t force him not to run, they should found a better candidate or only put in as much time, effort and money as Herman did…little to none.

    George Moraitis has a huge base across party lines in Fort Lauderdale. Scott Herman being on the ballot hurt the other candidates running.

    Another failure by the DEC

  32. John says:

    @30. Correct, but you forgot that is his money so he gets it all back, excluding any bills up to Election Day and for Thank You letters per state Finance laws. Since he paid his filing fee, he does not owe any money to the State and he was not late in any reports.

    As for ideas – Mark Bogen has a track record in his field and ideas. In hearing Scott and from what I have learned about him. He has never showed his hand and has a track record from him Military Service even in combat and from his military decorations.

    He also has the environmental knowledge which fits great for district 93 and must know how to really play politics considering he was on the Florida House Floor during the swearing in that is reserved for a member and 1 guest and formal members invited.

    The correct Representative of District 93 ran in 2010 about health care during a interview with the Sun Sentinel and then voted against it, also on the port which was Scotts in 2012 and 2014, also jobs.

    Scott also challenged to take on the insurance companies to lower out homeowners and automobile insurance. Plus public safety and more.

  33. John says:

    Correction to my comment

    I said the correct and it should read the current Representative.

    Also I forgot to say that Scott has a proven track record in politics from his experience and what he was able to do with using the votes of others since no one person elected or appointed does it alone.

    Look even at the veterans memorial flag stand in Wilton Manors for something many tried to do with something so simple as the flags but Scott got it done and the flags still fly of the military branches out of his actions.

  34. John says:

    @ 31. You seem to a valid point but forgot a few other things:

    “George Moraitis has a huge base across party lines in Fort Lauderdale. Scott Herman being on the ballot hurt the other candidates running.

    Another failure by the DEC”

    Since you pointed out money Scott Herman spent on Consulting, storage, wages. Let’s see what George Moraitis spent

    Blake MacDiamid Inc. $12,500 for consulting.

    Political Consultants $9000 for digital

    Cherry Communications for phone program $10,000

    Now for Wages, misc
    Corey over $11,800
    Susan over $8,400
    Joynt $1,250
    Eddie over $3,600
    Kent $30
    So over $25,000

    Oh and $1,350 for the campaign manager for webelect.net

    Oh and Storage at over $90 per month also not counting Rent to VMC Reality at over $1,500 plus office Insurance over $600 to Baishfield

    Oh and for such a base George Moraitis not only did print but spent over $50,300 to David Miller Company for a cable buy.

    You also pointed out “mail pieces” as if that also mattered. You are so stuck on mail drops you must make money off of them or have friends in it because others running did mail pieces and lost.

    For such a big base of support from across party lines and in a year which Democrats did not turn out hard in East Broward.

    In looking at what Scott Herman spent what on wages and consulting compared to George Moraitis who blows money, oh that’s right George Moraitis because it’s NOT HIS MONEY. Just like in the State Budget process of spending money for projects.

    You said “While the DEC … or put on as much time, effort and money as Herman…little to none”. Well Herman went to Democratic events, all sorts of party line and non party line meetings to include our Association and I know of some Condo Associations, he also put in $330,000.00.

    So where was the DEC money? Where was the local party donation of time and money?

    And Scott Herman running did not hurt the other candidates running. According to what you pointed out the DEC and the State Party Failed to get him the right help. Unless the local party expected him to pay for it all. Unlike the Republicans did and helped George Moraitis out with staff to include Corey who had connections to helping at the Speakers Office.

    I expect you intended to bring Scott Herman down over his spending and you failed to looking and print George Moraitis spending.

    If you are a Democrat, people like you are why the Republicans took over state. Always pointing fingers and blaming. And not working to make it better without bringing someone down.

    Scott Herman is the man for district 93. And if he runs and the DEC or someone runs against him. I would expect they will be like other such as from the Attorney Generals race and others in primaries. The Democrats down here loose against Republicans because they can not raise money to make up for the money lost in primaries.

    So at least Scott Herman can make the Democrat spend that money just like he got George Moraitis to do.

    However, I am willing to beat the other Democrat will go negative unlike the race between Scott Herman and George Moraitis that was clean.

    So if George Moraitis was

  35. John says:

    Oh and even then Scott Herman got over 43% of the vote and saved his money since as you pointed out the DEC and State Party failed to even donate $1.00 to Scott Herman’s $330,000.00.

    Unlike what the RPOF did for George Moraitis and Special Interest money. Even with all that money on consultants, wages, rent, storage, and the such that was not right for Scott to spend but ok for George to spend and still did not do a slam dunk.

  36. Andrew Markoff says:

    Well, it’s all just so very interesting, but all of the money involved is extremely distasteful to me. I would prefer to see all campaigns for public office financed with limited, pre-determined public funds and only for a very limited period of time. Why anyone spends anywhere in the range of half a million dollars for a county commission seat is beyond me- and not because I’m stupid. I’m just not interested in whatever it is that interests them so very much. I would prefer that government puts a lot more focus on those who will never help to finance political campaigns. So much weight at the top of our society will eventually lead to collapse of one kind or another. I admire those who step up to run because I think that it absolutely, totally sucks, and I really don’t know how they do it if they’re at all within the range of normal human psychology.

  37. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh pleae” Amy Rose” Bogen spend almost 400g of his own money -who could possibly beat him. You had a canidate that out spent the canidates at large combined. so what is next Amy Rose -word has it you will be his comm ast. Are you prepareing us for your salary. Big differnce Bogen spent 400g of his own money not ours. If he thinks he is going to pay you close to 100g to answer his phone line-think again(I’ll be watchin)…

  38. Judy says says:

    Good boy robert, here is a scooby snack