Update: Bar, Criminal Complaints Filed Against Sen. Maria Sachs For Lying



Blogger and activist Chaz Stevens has filed a complaint with the Florida Bar and a criminal complaint with state prosecutors against state Sen. Maria Sachs, alleging she broke state laws with her lies.

Stevens says she lied about her residency and lied on financial disclosure forms.

I wouldn’t laugh off Stevens, despite his often-intemperate language and his boasting. Few — including paid members of the main street media — have had his success in exposing corruption and getting results.

He disclosed his Bar complaint in a comment below and in the body of the following e-mail.

Here is his e-mail to State Attorney Mike Satz’s office written in Stevens’ own inimitable style:


Friday, July 5, 2013


Broward State Attorney Office

201 Southeast 6th Street
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
Attention: Timothy Donnelly, Assistant State Attorney

Public Corruption Unit


RE: Criminal Complaint Against State Senator Maria Sachs


Hey Mr. Donnelly;


We’re expanding our venue to include scumbag politicians at the state level – aka Maria Sachs.

As it’s been reported, the Florida Constitution explicitly requires that “[e]ach legislator shall be . . . a[] resident of the district from which elected,” and Section 104.011 of the Florida Statutes makes it a third-degree felony to “swear[] or affirm[] falsely to any oath or affirmation … in connection with or arising out of voting or elections.”

And guess who lied?

If you went with Sylvia Poitier Steve Gonot Jon Allen State Senator Maria Sachs, you’d be correct!

In support of my allegation, check this shit out:

1.     Well, let’s skip over the three ethics complaints filed against Sachs.

2.     And we’ll ignore the just-filed Bar complaint.

3.     The Florida Commission on Ethics said there was reason to believe Sachs had lied on her financial disclosure forms, withholding some of her income as well as ownership of a Tallahassee condo.

4.     And Local 10 News is reporting Sachs lives outside her district.

As you well know, swearing falsely on an elections-related oath [such as place of residency] is a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000.


Happy hunting;


Timothy “Chaz” Stevens

(telephone number removed)


An earlier post, now updated, is here:

Five Broward Democratic legislators could face five years in jail for lying about where they live, according to a lawyer writing in Sunshine State News.

They are State Sen. Maria Sachs, House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston and state Reps. Joe Gibbons, Jared Moskowitz and Hazelle Rogers.


Jared Moskowitz

Jared Moskowitz: One of five accused of lying (photo: Tamaractalk.com)


Eric Giuntz writes that media reports say, “Almost a half-dozen Democratic state legislators from South Florida are being accused of not residing in the districts they represent. The offense is not only politically unpopular, it could get them impeached, and even land them in prison for up to five years.”

The full report lays out all the legal ramifications.  It can be found here. 

This scandal has legs.  I hope Tallahassee — controlled by Republicans — is listening.



38 Responses to “Update: Bar, Criminal Complaints Filed Against Sen. Maria Sachs For Lying”

  1. Chaz Stevens, Callipygian says:

    One Matthew Feiler, a Broward voter, has filed a complaint against Sachs with the State Commission on Ethics, but don’t expect it to go anywhere. Without discussing any specific case, a spokeswoman with the commission confirmed to Sunshine State News that the commission has no jurisdiction whatsoever over this question. If Mr. Feiler’s out for blood, he should file his complaint with the Senate Rules Committee, the local state attorney’s office, and the Florida Bar.

    See, told ya.

  2. What about Holness says:

    Someone needs to file a complaint against Bro. Co. Commissioner Dale Holness as well. I’m sure the Inspector General is just waiting…

  3. hillsbur says:

    what about Ron Jacobs of Plantation who doesn’t really live there

    and what about Dan Dodge, mayor of Hillsboro Beach.

    Broward pols are disgraceful

  4. Christine says:

    I am wondering how many current Republican Legislators are lying about their residences?

  5. You've got to be kidding says:

    You’ve got to be kidding. Stop linking the cases together. The issue of “residency” is fact based, and I’m sure that the facts are all different between these cases. I don’t know the specific facts on any of the five cases.

    Residency is based on where you say that you live, provided that the claim is reasonable, with facts to back it up.

    Example 1. Representative Jane Doe is married and lives with her husband and children in a gated community outside of her district. She runs for office, and prior to the date of election, rents a house on the beach which is inside her district. She cancels her homestead on the gated community home (husband gets homestead, her name remains on deed), changes her drivers license to beach place, pays electric and cable there, has some clothes there, sleeps there occasionally, uses it as a family beach place, spends most of her time in home in the gated community, Rep. Doe has clearly complied with residency laws. Like it or not.

    Example 2. Senator Jones is married and lives with his wife and children in gated community outside his district. Rents an apartment inside his district. He subleases the entire apartment to a third party. Doesn’t pay any utilities at apartment. Keeps homestead in gated community in his name. Doesn’t really have the legal right to sleep at the rented apartment because he’s sublet it. Keeps mail address for all bills,drivers license, tax returns, etc. at gated community address. He probably is violating the law, even if he claims that he lives at the rented apartment.

    MORAL: don’t generalize on fact-specific cases.

  6. professor democrat says:

    Thanks for the law lesson. How’s your professor in chief’s understanding of the law working out.l for you..

  7. ConcernedCitizensofDaniaBeach says:

    You’ve got to be kidding, must be kidding! Residency is NOT where you say you live, (cause so many lie about it), it’s where you REALLY LIVE, not rent to make it look like you live there. Geesh. Disgraced ex-commissioner Patricia Flury worked feverishly hard to make it look like she really lived in Dania Beach when the truth was, she lived in Fort Lauderdale in the new home she and her domestic partner of 40 years purchased. Flury kept her name off the deed to continue to defraud the residents of Dania Beach, yet took taxpayers money ($20K) to sit on the dais and make monumental decision about a City and it’s genuine inhabitants when she didn’t live there. 60 videos don’t lie. Flury can’t even tell the truth about the nature of her 40 year relationship with Lee Lavery calling her a “friend.” You either LIVE where you serve or you don’t. Don’t come looking to rent a home and pretend. It’s deceitful and NO ONE wants a crooked politician like that. Flury probably sleeps better at night now, but blaming your exposure on what she and her supporters call a “stalker” is cowardly and true to her style as a bully.

  8. ConcernedCitizensofDaniaBeach says:

    BTW: After Patricia Flury abruptly resigned from the Dania Beach commission, where do you think she ended up when reporters wanted to talk to her the next day? Of course 1121 Avocado Isle in Fort Lauderdale where she and Lee Lavery have lived for a year – NOT the phony Dania Beach townhome she rented to make it look like she lived there. Actually, she hasn’t been seen anywhere near that phony townhouse that she rented for $850/mo since the minute she resigned. Hope she’s keeping up on the lease payments and that sham! Now you tell us where Flury REALLY LIVED!

  9. Its legal it must be ethical says:

    Thanks Babs, Esq. lol.

  10. just wondering says:

    @You’ve got to be kidding
    That would be one half homestead on the house in gated community if the ‘non-resident’ wide does not live there but at the beach apt. If her name comes off the deed to the gated communuty house, husband gets full/100% homestead.

    now my questions – Why don’t they want to live in their districts? Is it a Broward thing or a district thing?

  11. Alice McGill says:

    Dear Concerned Citizens of Dania Beach. (aka Lisa Duke): The horse is dead, dismount. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. What goes around comes around. And you and the mayor actually lived in a small rented apartment while you own a 4 bedroom home in Pembroke Pines? Your nose is growing.

  12. Jeanne says:

    The question also should be raised, how many were living in their district until redistricting? If a HR or SM is redistricted out of their seat, what is the protocol? Resignation? A certain time period to find residency in their district?

  13. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #5-“you got to be kidding”(more like my life), anyhow your “example 1” is very logical. Please tell me w/ this statement that anyone of these subjects could use how in the world would they be convicted of lying about their residency. Will see how this plays out. W/ that all parties that are being accused of false residency etc. hang in there, stay cool and make sure you got all bases covered…

  14. Elaine says:

    Bring back SEn Ellyn Bogdanoff

  15. Your Pal Al Lameberti says:

    Please, please, please…lock them up and send a message. Nobody gives a shit about crooked politicians anymore. They are so plentiful that they win by overwhelming odds.

  16. Christine says:

    THE CASES ARE LINKED TOGETHER: The Democrats want to represent you in the Legislature. They just don’t want to have to live in “those” neighborhoods.

  17. Chaz Stevens, Militant Atheist says:

    So, seeing a low-hanging fruit, I just filed a Bar Complaint against Sachs.


  18. SAM FIELDS says:

    I doubt seriously the legislature will take this up and the Courts are reluctant to get involved in political issues.

    It invariably is an issue for the voters. During my thirty plus years in politics I have collected the names of every single person that voted for or against the candidate because of the residency issue and here it is………

    That’s all of them!

  19. Dear sam says:


    I agree but with Sachs it has been so flagrant and has she has rubbed everyone’s nose in it, I think she gets hit. I don’t think she gets hit for residency but for her continued amnesia on all the residences she owns. Like al Capone they won’t get her on the obvious, but on something secondary.

  20. John M says:

    This is ALMOST as bad as the Republicans who always lie on their financial disclosures. Why do they get away with it? All the way from the former lesbian LG down to Haridopolus, Gaetz, and Frelin. Let’s not forget Anitere Flores failing to disclose she works for Doral the same company that was getting our tax payer money for tutoring.

  21. just one vote says:

    Go Chaz! The complaint against her bar license will get more attention than one to do nothing legislature

  22. Chaz Stevens, Militant Atheist says:

    >> despite his often-intemperate language and his boasting.

    How the fuck would anyone know — being as you nuke 99/100 of my comments?

  23. wheres waldo? says:

    The problem is that she never lied in the 17th circuit. She lied in the 15th (palm beach) and the 2nd(Leon county)

  24. Broken Clocks says:

    In re: our above poster
    But, then a broken clock is still right twice per day…

  25. John says:

    How about filing complaints against the other legislators who lied on the their financial disclosures?

  26. BrowardHGA says:

    You know, John M, you are right. Republicans, Democrats, ANYONE, are just as guilty for lying on their disclosurees and residency. You can’t use the fact that some are lying on one thing and getting away with it to say it is ok for others to lie on a different aspect. They all are lying and alll of them should be held accountable. The power to police themselves should be taken away.

  27. Chaz Stevens, Militant Atheist says:

    @ Broken Clocks

    You forgot Attention Whore.

  28. Chaz Stevens, Militant Atheist says:

    Sunshine Brigade

    In honor of Sunshine Week 2010, the First Amendment Foundation has created the Sunshine Brigade, a loosely-organized coalition of open government and citizen activists who have been chosen for membership because of their commitment to government oversight and holding government accountable for its actions.

    Chaz Stevens was voted the 2010 New Times Broward Palm Beach Activist of the Year and his political muckraking has led to the jailing of three local politicians.

    Prosecutors secretly admire him. Defense attorneys openly loathe him. And followers of Broward politics can’t seem to get enough of him. – Dan Chang, Miami Herald

    Chaz Stevens is the face of the new media. He is the new version of a city hall gadfly– electronically empowered, fighting the power structure with bits and bytes. – Buddy Nevins, Broward Beat

    Once upon a time, activists and gadflies could be laughed off by politicians. No more. With the reach and permanence of the Internet on their side, activists can investigate wrongdoing and post damning documents on self-published blogs. Activist Chaz Stevens has been a one-man wrecking crew. – Michael Mayo, Sun-Sentinel


    FROM BUDDY: Wow. The link even has a photo of Chaz.

  29. Call your office Maria says:


  30. 2010 it was a wonderful year says:

    Chaz I remember two of the biggest, most talked about things in 2010 were the Tea Party and the Jersey Shore.

    Ok, you picked off some minor city officials whose crimes were fairly obvious a few years ago. It is not like you have done nothing.

    Like the Tea Party, Jersey Shore, you were hot and now you are not.

    Is it true that you are doing an autograph signing with Glenn Beck, Mike “the situation” and JWOWW at the new Spray Tans R Us on 10th St and Federal the last weekend in July?

  31. Chaz Stevens, Militant Atheist says:


    And what have you done? Let’s make this about you.

    Regale us please.

  32. Chaz is kicking butt says:


  33. We Notice says:

    If it wasn’t for Chaz, Buddy and Bob, we wouldn’t know that Maria Sachs was such a liar. The Sun-Sentinel continue to ignore this like they do everything else.

  34. Sorry says:

    Media trackers broke the stories on Sachs,, he actual interviewed the neighbor who admitted no one was living there. Media trackers is why Thurston lost his homestead. He exposed Moskowitz, Rogers and Holness before anyone else. Like the above poster said, you were awsome in 2010 but media trackers has eclipsed you. Instead of your usual profanity rants in response why don’t you show where you broke these stories first. Kicking around low hanging fruit like Eric Allen is one thing going head on with powerful people like members of legislature is much higher up the tree.

  35. Chaz Stevens, Callipygian says:

    So then, I guess my work with the DOJ in 2011, resulting in a $50,000 fine doesn’t count.

    Or the criminal investigation by Miami Dade into Jon Allen.

    Or the removal of Pat Flurry and Dave Rivera.

    But then again, you know all this.

    It’s just your jealousy that keeps you from admitting such.

  36. Creekgirl says:


    You did not remove Dave Rivera, the City of Coconut Creek Commissioners did. All you did was post a hand drawn photo of a ejaculating penis next to his face (yes, Chaz, you are a CYBER RAPIST) and write what the city commissioners tell you to write with your usually brand of profanity-laced innuendos and lewd comments.

    You had no influence whatsoever on their decision to remove Dave. They (the commissioners) had already decided to remove the City Manager long before they began feeding you insider information. You were used. They don’t even acknowlege you or your blog. I bet they didn’t even contribute to your blog. Genius. (on their part)


    Browardbeat.com wrote something like a half dozen stories about Rivera, too.

  37. Yawn says:

    Chaz you are the equivalent of a Miami Heat fan attending game 7, cheering his hardest for the Heat to win and then believing you really had something to do with the team winning a championship.

    Flurry, sorry I give that W to Lisa Duke. You came in at the end and put a picture of a penis in place her nose and it was funny. Did it drive her out? The straw that broke the camel’s back? Nope.

    Rivera, last I checked his allies got voted out of office. I will give credit to the campaign managers and candidates for winning and getting Rivera out.

    The 50k. wasnt that some preacher didnt pay his restitution and he was held in contempt. If accurate, I will give that up to the Judge and the AUSA.

    John Allen, guess we will see how that plays out. If he goes down I would give you the W on that one.

    If you are so transparent and honest, why dont you tally up all the complaints to governing bodies and emails to prosecutors etc and lets see what your batting average is. I doubt it is over .0100. Didnt you go after Judge Hurley? Judge Seidman?, Judicial Candidate Bob Nichols, looks like those went into the trash at the agencies reviewing them. Didnt you go after Chip Lamarca on a bs notary thing? Where did that end up.

    As I said before, you have nailed some low hanging fruit here and there. I Never denied it. Nor am I jealous, merely a person who is expressing a contrary point of view. As an ACLU member you repsect my right to express my opinion, no?

  38. Houston we have a problem says:

    Sachs donors have jumped from the sinking ship. Latest report is a complete disaster.