Many Questions About Fort Laud Mayor Jack Seiler For Florida Attorney General






Before Democrats get too far ahead of themselves, let them really contemplate next year’s race for Florida Attorney General.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler’s name has been bandied about for over a year.




Jack Seiler


But Ds, don’t get too pumped up about Seiler before you consider the following:

Seiler is notoriously thin-skinned, according to critics. They question whether he could stand up to the attacks that are sure to come from statewide opponents and echoed by the Internet.

Seiler hasn’t had a tough campaign in his life.

He was appointed to the Wilton Manors City Council in 1993 at 29. After his campaign for Wilton Manors Mayor — Seiler won 2 to 1 when it was discovered that incumbent King Wilkinson had made anti-gay remarks. — Seiler had few, if any, credible challengers.

Seiler had no Democratic opponent for the state House in 2000. He became Fort Lauderdale mayor in 2009 in a four-way race against such lukewarm opposition that he won without a runoff.

* Seiler’s reign in Fort Lauderdale has become controversial.

The downtown business community loves Seiler’s pro-development stance. An increasing number of residents hate it.

Development skeptics now have Facebook and Twitter sites where they complain about the over development under Seiler. They say it has resulted in more traffic and a deteriorating lifestyle.

* Seiler has overseen a weakening of city finances, critics say.

Fort Lauderdale needed to float a $340 million bond paid back over 20 years just to cover employee pensions. Shades of Chicago and New Jersey?

Seiler supported the bonds and it passed 3-2. The Sun-Sentinel noted in a 2012 front-page story, “The risky venture raises red flags among financial analysts nationally.”

Today there are also questions about the city’s ability to pay for needed infrastructure maintenance.

The canary in the cage for residents is an increase in sewer pipe ruptures resulting in pollution flooding neighborhoods and waterways.

 * Seiler is from Broward. That is exactly the wrong place because it adds nothing to the vote total. If Bozo The Clown were a Democrats running for Florida Attorney General, he would get the bulk of Broward’s votes.

On the plus side, Seiler is a moderate, which could appeal to independents.

He is business friendly, which could help him raise money. He is media tested, having given hundreds of TV and print interviews as Fort Lauderdale’s mayor.

And Seiler is a part of a demographic that the Democrats desperately need to win statewide: White males.

Yet while being a Caucasian is a positive, it is a negative, too. Seiler would do nothing to excite the party’s African American base. That ethnic dilemma highlights the problem Democrats have picking statewide candidates next year.

Seiler may look good to giddy Fort Lauderdale Ds and the downtown business community…until someone digs deeper.

Democrats need to dig deeper. The Republicans will.




The Miami Herald’s Amy Sherman and the Sun-Sentinel’s Anthony Man both had almost identical news this week concerning longtime Democratic fundraiser Mitchell Berger, a downtown Fort Lauderdale lawyer.


Mitchell Berger


Berger told the reporters that he would run for Attorney General if Seiler didn’t.

Oh, pleeeze!

Are Democrats so desperate that they need to consider for statewide office a political fundraiser who never been a candidate….anywhere? A political fundraiser who is only known largely to insiders?

Time will tell.

20 Responses to “Many Questions About Fort Laud Mayor Jack Seiler For Florida Attorney General”

  1. Think again says:

    Seiler? No.

  2. Other side of the coin says:

    1) One man’s thin skinned is another man defending his positions. Big difference. Seiler has taken positions that may not be popular with certain segments of the community, to his credit, he has never waivered on his beliefs or positions in response to which way the wind blows.

    2) So I understand, Seiler is potentially a soft candidate because others have never stepped up to run against him? While the 2009 Mayoral race was not close, it still had Rynerson who was well funded and using Dan Lewis as his consultant. You had a popular ex Commissioner in Dean plus another no name candidate. Weak candidates do not win outright over 3 other candidates on the ballot in a primary with well over 50% of the vote.

    Is it also Seiler’s fault that due to his popularity during his political career, no serious challenger has run against him?

    3) The bond issue… the majority of Seiler’s time as Mayor was during one of the worst economic downturns in U.S. history. During that time, due to sound fiscal management, only a small number of employees were laid off and the millage rate never went up. Was the pension move risky? Yes. Unfortunately, to the economic times when it took place, no other viable plan was available.

    4) The anti-development Facebook and twitter pages, lol. I see that Facebook page has an overwhelming member ship of 650 people. Considering there are over 150,000 residents in the city, it certainly does not appear these anti-development folks have much traction.

    5) As for being white, Seiler I believe hired the first black Chief of Police and Fort Lauderdale City Attorney. Despite a few gays led by Michael Rajner and some homeless activists, can you name any minority group that has called out the Mayor? He would have no problem with securing minority votes.

    The manufactured controversies by a few regarding gays and homeless, would not be negatives anywhere but Broward.

    In the end could Seiler in AG? Doubtful? Why? Because Seiler is a statesman and that is not what todays voters want. The majority of voters want red meat candidates that run take no prisoners campaigns. One thing about Seiler, no one can point out one ad, eco piece, speech or otherwise where Seiler ever went negative on an opponent.

    No matter how moderate Seiler is, it is doubtful Statewide Republicans would cross over to vote for a moderate “D” over any “R”.

    One the other side, the criticisms of Seiler as pointed out here are the equivalent of nitpicking the career of Tom Brady by saying he threw 150 interceptions.

  3. Raymond Dettmann says:

    I would support and Vote for Mayor Seiler I was not a supporter for Mayor but I over the Years witnessed what kind a person he is not perfect but he does and (STANDS) for what is Fair and right and looking back I should have supported him and in my view that is what we need in a State Attorney he is Thin skinned but that tells me that he also takes to heart what he is doing I much rather have a Person in office with a conscious then not.

  4. Just Saying says:

    Are Democrats so desperate that they need to consider for statewide office a political fundraiser who never been a candidate….anywhere?

    Pam Bondi had never run for anything anywhere before she ran for Attorney General. However, none of this really matters. In an non-presidential election year in Florida, the Democrats never win these big statewide races. So it really doesn’t much matter which one wants to have the dubious “honor” of being the Democrat who lost to Ashley Moody for Attorney General in 2018.


    Pam Bondi was a telegenic prosecutor who rode the 2010 Tea Party wave into office.

    She beat a former state representative and the Lieutenant Governor in the GOP primary.

    She beat Dan Gelber in the General. Gelber was a credible Democratic candidate who was a former prosecutor, a former House Minority Leader and a Senator. He couldn’t overcome the trend towards electing Republicans in an off year Florida election.

  5. tell the truth says:

    “Fort Lauderdale needed to float a $340 million bond paid back over 30 years just to cover employee pensions. Shades of Chicago and New Jersey?”


    A Twenty (20) Year $340,000,000.00 Police and Fire (only) Pension Obligation Bond September 2012.
    Over $4,000,000.00 was contributed to the pension fund by the city manager last year without FLLCC knowledge and approvalfrom general operating fund allocation to make up the short fall.


    You are right. I have changed the original time frame to 20 years. Thanks for pointing out the typo.

    This from Pension & Investments September 2012:

    “The general employees’ pension fund had $305 million in assets and $486 million in obligations as of Sept. 30, 2011, the most recent data available, according to Mr. (David) Desmond (general employees plan administrator).

    “The police and fire pension fund had $453 million in assets and $672 million in obligations as of Dec. 31, according to the retirement system’s most recent actuarial report”

  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Ryan Torrens is a far better Democratic candidate.

    All Jack Seiler deserves is “The Wave”: Buh-bye!!

  7. Enough says:

    This BS with pensions happens because Unions are allowed to endorse candidates in city races. It is the most unethical thing there is. Forbid that and you will have balanced pension plans. Go to public campaign financing and you will save millions in every way. The citizens bring this upon themselves and should stop complaining about things they alone can fix but refuse to address.

  8. puhleeze says:

    Berger is a chump. He isn’t qualified and he is kind of sleezy. Poor dude thought Gore was going to be pres and he was going to be white house counsel. Booohoooo. Plus, is he just going to give up his lucrative law practice? That will be quite a cut in salary.


    The question, of course, is whether Seiler will give up his lucrative law practice, get his salary severely cut and live in Florida’s Old South. Tallahassee can be real culture shock for someone who has lived in South Florida almost his whole life, not to mention the cold weather.

  9. Charles King says:

    It’s nice to see “Crooked” Jack Seiler’s political career in the toilet where it belongs. A fitting end for a hypocrite career Dem politician with 7 bathrooms in his house that drove Fort Lauderdale’s water and sewer system off the cliff while lining the pockets of the police and fire unions. The best part is he gave his lackey “Little” Lee Feldman another annual raise last night at midnight bringing his total annual compensation package to $315,000 per year for a guy missing 46% of his days at work. The worst part is that “Crooked” Jack justified the raise saying only one person, little old me was there at midnight to speak against it. Sounds like “Jack’s” delusions will be ending with his time as mayor. Thank God for term limits!

  10. Jack Seiler Best Mayor Campaign Donations Can Buy says:

    My Opinion — Regarding Jack Seiler, tip of the iceberg, Go to Broward County Inspector General Web Site (or use Google) and
    look up Case OIG 13 -012 — July 24, 2013

    Its terrible –Fort Lauderdale City Misconduct for Design & Construction — Fort Lauderdale Aquatics Center RFP, Received only one response/bid $76.2 Million from Recreation, Design & Construction, Inc.

    While your at it, look up OIG 15-015, August 16, 2016 pertaining to Seiler Buddy, instant Vice Mayor, now City Commissioner Robert McKinzie of Plantation, who appears to have purchased $1200. worth of RaceTrack Gas Credit Cards with his City Commissioner Campaign Funds.

    Both Comprehensive IG reports were virtually ignored by the Sun-Sentinel — but really covered by Broward Beat — Thank You Buddy Nevins — Likewise New Times.

    Personally, I won’t be voting for Seiler — Charlie King is right he is a developer’s tool and in my opinion has been a lousy mayor.

    No due diligence was done by Seiler and City Staff, on the one bid, not three required by law, Fort Lauderdale Aquatics Center and International Swimming Hall of Fame rebuild Fiasco.

    — Virtually everything relating to quality of life and the Barrier island — which Seiler has touched during the last eight years is a mess, a missed opportunity — Buddy has documented the millions that have been wasted or left on the table by Seiler and his gang.

    Charlie King has my vote for Man of the Year!!

  11. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    If Jackie Boy runs, you may indeed get a two-fer … as both Seiler and Bozo the Clown will be in the race at the same time.

    My own personal experience with Seiler … when I caught him lying about posting positive comments about a candidate from his office … remember that Jack? Remember your phone call?

    Remember my words, admonishing you to “lie better, as you would have made a really shitty poker player.”

    Jack Seiler is a hack, in ever sense of that word.

  12. Gay Advice To Straight People says:

    Hysterical. Small time and unimportant.

  13. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh Charlie King and the ‘seven bathrooms.” Give it a rest. Mayor Seiler doesn’t say anything about the two Porches in your drive-way. The other night w/ Feldman’ raise(3%) you had th e perfect opp. to state to the mayor if your giving the city manager a raise to the tune of almost 8g then you can afford to lower the mill.rate. No you get booed for speaking at mid-nite(that was lame mayor). as far as the mayor stalling w/ his announcement of running for AG I am sure he is waiting to hear from Gwen Graham about a possible running mate. He is probably being vetted etc. So I’m am sure he is weighing all his options. I would like him to be the next ,the first county elected mayor in Broward county. Will see. As far as him running for Ag ,I don’t even think Mayor Seiler knows if he wants to run for AG. Be careful not to sit on the side lines to long because Putnam is getting steam. Everyone he meets ,likes him. If Putnam gains traction, then no democrat will prevail. watch Putnam closely. As far as Mayor Seiler and his 9yrs being mayor. He had nothing to do w/ hiring or shall we say promotion of Frank Adderley. That was done by former city manager, not mayor seiler. As far as the mistakes. The RDC and the swimming hall of fame(mess). The water slide deal(sued us)(mess). The 320 mill for Feldman to invest th epension monies etc. A hit ,look at the stock market. He took a risk it paid off. The St>Patrick day parade . a huge hit and money maker for business’ a big hit. So I give Mayor Seiler an A-even w/ above mentioned.Big raise for police/fire (3%) .Just like Mr.feldman(yes). And squash the requirement that if you want to be cop, then no tattoos(visible). Com eon. That is just plain stupid. 3% raise for fre/police. Get rid of this tattoo bs. Mayor Seiler most importantly represented the city in a very positive manner. Lastly, I expect an endorsement of either Bruce Roberts or Charlotte Rodstrom to take offer. Who would be better Mayor??. Lets hear your endorsement. I hope he stays here in Broward, becomes mayor(elect) and runs for US sen. when nelson retires.. Will see, my take th e AG postion all depends on how strong Gwen Graham is and if Putnman fizzes.. Good luck….

  14. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    One more thing. Mayor Seiler was a huge and is a great Alxheimer’s Awareness advocate. Year after year no questions asked he delivered w/ the proc. Thank you. (this year they changed it to June. I had nothing to do w/ that. I spoke to the communications dir. (fellow in pics thanks Chaz. Alex I belive. The cause the awareness is not about me etc. I am very pleased whatever month the Alz. Asc chooses is fine w/ me. Again thank you mayor. World Alz, day which is sept 21 will be petitioned to the county for that day. This disease is so horrible for its victims it inflicts that it cannot be ignored and the more emphasis that is put on Alz.awareness is a good start. Many,many thanks….

  15. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    You ought to publish your PredictIt positions, let us know where you’re at … that way, we can short ’em.

    You’re like the Forest Gump of bad politics. It’s almost savant-like … how you’re so consistently wrong on a wide variety of issues.

  16. Career says:

    Ugh, this reminds me of Congressman Charlie Christ, Career Politician. Seiler has been Mayor of Wilton Manors, in the legislature, mayor of ft laud. Just keep kicking the can to the next office.
    He has done a good job doing parades, parties using tax payer funds and he has never seen a development he hasnt liked. Maybe construction law with a side job of party planning is in his future.

  17. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    I hear the Lemon Party is hiring … maybe Jack can send them his resume.

  18. sick of politics says:

    Another Dumocrat just doing back room deals, SOB, this City make Chicago look like Kindergarden, when was the last time any of them said no more building right now we have to figure out how to fix our systemic pipe breaking problem, answer never, keep building more, now Andrews Ave will lose lane of traffic, another Political deal the Wave,, with 5000 more units downtown, WTF really can you only live there with out owning a car? These bird brains dont get it, 3rd ave bridge shut for 10 months, and a rail being installed on Andrews, do you have any idea how many times a day Fire rescue crosses these bridges? People can just die waiting in traffic, these so called improvements aren’t any at all just returning political favors. Sickening, no common sense, just get out your knee pads Jack another way to get to the next political office. You have bent over every time your asked, and P S you will not pass go this time, you have F___ed this City side ways and the damage is going to be devistating
    thanks you Louse . there will be a major catastrophe and Fire Rescue will be stuck in the grid lock you have approved, how horrific, you were elected as the peoples voice not the developers dummy, I know you don’t get that, you think this is a Love fest. You have no love loss in Wilton Manors you back stab the Gay Community and just used them , like a liberal climber, you don’t care narcisitic pig, 7 bathrooms you should have 70 your so full of S___t

  19. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Again w/ the 7 bathrooms. Now its up to 70. Speaking of toilets no way mayor is Feldman going to raise the sewer rates for this condo towers. That A grade will go to an F. I mean come on. Yes thank you moles for the update9I stated to shit on your lawn Lee Feldman). So I understand some of the comments here. Voic e your concerns to mayor seiler. One thing about him is he will always return your email or call. He wont if you call him names etc(got it Mr.Rayner). As far as your comments there Mr.Stevens I’m savant huh. More than that buddy. I did overlook Scott running for SenNelson seat. As far as not knowing what I’m talking about Mr.Stevens you are dead wrong there. So there. Now go have another candy bar………

  20. Nut Jobs says:

    Walsh do you and Count Nutjob share a room at the Mentally Insane Asylum ?
    Sieler would never get back to anyone that wasn’t stroking his big ego, this City is in a mess and by the time the bum leaves in March more of the same will happen, Bahia Mar /Coop City project will be approved, and many more, we have more problems with all of the over building and there no end in the near future of resolving it. Sieler hangs his hat on not raising the millage rate, meanwhile every other cost to tax payers goes up annually to cover out of control spending. your liberal mind is your problem and need to be heard is another,when all is said and done the Billions to be spent on the infrastucture will make Fort Stinky go bankrupt like all of the other cities that didn’t look past they’re nose. You are whats wrong, ignorant fool looking for attention, best to your best friend’s Count Nutjob and Judy