Make or Break Month For Sheriff’s Candidates


September is a key month for the Democrats who want to be sheriff.

It’s the last chance for them to raise money in the third quarter and push ahead of their opponent.

Scott Israel needs to raise a lot of dough in the face of the new challenge from Louis Granteed.

If Israel falters in his second quarter of fund raising, whatever support he has will start to melt away.

It’s all about building momentum.

Unfortunately for Israel, the expectations are higher since he was the Democratic nominee in 2008 and has a large list of contacts.  He has consultant Amy Rose running the campaign and she’s no amateur.

Granteed is a newcomer to politics.

Israel is holding another fund raiser tonight in east Fort Lauderdale.  The hosts are family law attorneys Alan Braverman and Melody Ridgley Fortunato.

Fortunato is a former Hollywood cop who sued the department for sexual harassment in the 1990s.  She settled for $205,000, according to an article in The New Times.

No longer a cop, she now practices out of the same east Fort Lauderdale building as Braverman.

What makes this interesting is that Granteed is the assistant chief of Hollywood.  He was a supervisor in the department when a wave of sexual harassment charges were made.

Whether its fair or not, the sexual harassment charges filed against Hollywood are sure to be part of any campaign.  Hey, that’s politics.

Below is the flyer for Israel’s fund raiser.


27 Responses to “Make or Break Month For Sheriff’s Candidates”

  1. LL says:

    Alan Braverman and Melody Fortunato are also very happily engaged and the event is at their home.

    FROM BUDDY: Thanks for the info…

  2. Jim Red says:

    Granteed was personally named as a defendant in the cases! Along with his good friend Kevin Companion. You could talk to Companion about it but he won’t be available until 2019 when he’s released from federal prison.

  3. Give Me A Break says:

    Lamberti will most likely formally announce and raise big money..and watch both of them destroy each other! Lamberti has made some mistakes, but he still wears the uniform and I’d prefer that over a police officer turned politician

  4. LEO says:

    It is sad that the Democrats offer alternatives to Al Lamberti who are so flawed. I pray for another candidate.

  5. BSO SGT says:

    Granteed was encouraged to campaign by Lamberti, who wants the Democrats to waste money in the primary.

  6. Smart Move says:

    The sheriff election is a year away. Most people had never heard of Obama a year out. Every month is important for fundrasing but I would not say this month is make or break. Too early and too much can happen still.

  7. Trevor says:

    Public records show Melody Ridgely Fortunato has been reprimanded by the Florida Bar several times. I’m not surprised she hooked up with Scott Israel.

    Louis Granteed had nothing to do with the sexual harrassment suit. He was a supervisor whose job was to take corrective action and discipline wayward officers. he has always done his job by the book.

    Israel just keeps stepping from land mine to land mine. You would think with his reputation for unethical behavior he would make wiser choices.

  8. The scoop says:

    Lets end the drama now, Louie himself is going to get outraised by Isreal. Neither are going to raise much either way. Nothing matters until the end of next July where there will be a ECO that will be well funded with money that will have some indirect or direct connection Lamberti supporters and will do a smear job on Isreal. They did the same thing to Israel on behalf of LeMack in 08, except then Rothstien picked up all or most of the tab.

  9. GOPapa says:

    Sheriff Al Lamberti will win again. He is above politics and many Democrats will vote for him. The last sheriff we had, Ken Jenne, was a Democratic politician and you remember what happened with him.

  10. Randy says:

    Where is Mitch Ceasar? A real leader would get one of those two out of the race. Maybe that is too much to ask of Ceasar. Mitch Ceasar is probably out lobbying instead of doing party business.

  11. Fake Al Lamberti says:

    Granteed; are you going to take that off of Israel?
    Israel; are you going to take that off of Granteed?
    Just keep on slugging it out.

  12. Central Broward says:

    Hey Buddy,

    First, I think you are right about the fundraising. I think the newcomer as you mentioned Lou Granteed is doing very well from everyone I speak to. He is very professional and highly qualified. He definitely has the Israel camp on the run.

    The word is Israel is not getting support and the fundraising is not good for him. Other than Ron C. raining money while on the County time, Israel has nobody to call.

    If you have to use a person like Melody Ridgely Fortunato to host a fundraiser then you are absolutely desparate. You mentioned he has a list, not anymore. People are running from him and know he can not win.

    She was admonished by the Florida Bar four different times. Look it up on the Lawyer website. She got caught stealing clients money that was in her escrow accounts. Great character. Just the kind of person to add to the list of Scott Israel associates.

    Articles and Court Records show Scott Israel was Court Ordered to Pay Child Support, he was caught shoplifting cologne at Galleria Mall while on Duty, he let the house of his unclaimed childs mother get foreclosed and kicked her to the street, his best friend and planned Under-Sheriff Ron Caccitore was Former BSO and was Indicted, friend Russ Deperna fired by BSO, friend Reynolds fired by BSO, friend Bairlen fired by BSO, friend Marano most corrupt COP in Broward. A dream team!!!!

    Israel lies about everything. He lies about being Jewish and got Caught in 2008, he handed out Israeli Flags at the polls in 2008/Despicible, he has terrible character, is a compulsive liar and the fundraiser posted is typical of a person with poor decision making and a desperate candidate that will take money from anyone just like he did in 2008 ($190,000.00) from Scott Rothstein.

    When does a person have enough decency for him or herself to get out of the race. You lost in 2008, don’t you get the message….

  13. Lori says:

    Israel ran and lost in 2008. People are tired of giving him money to lose. Once Granteed beats Israel, he will easily defeat Lamberti.

    The only people who thinks Scott is still relevant are Scott himself and Caccaitore.

  14. Broward Activist says:

    To the big scoop. Is is obvious that the Lamberti and Israel groups are very worried about the Granteed from Hollywood. You people have been blogging lies about this guy for months and nobody believes them.

    He is clearly better at public safety and politics then both Lamberti and Israel. Otherwise, why would you keep trying to smear him. There is only one reason in politics to do a smear campaign and it’s because the person beign smeared is the most popular and best canidiate in the race and you are scared. Let’s call it what it is…..

    I do not like all of this smear campaiging. Lamberti does it, Israel does it and Granteed doesn’t. I give him alot of credit and it tells me alot about his character. I am voting for Granteed in 2012…

    I think he is the next Sheriff.

  15. Tell the Truth says:

    Scott Israel should answer all the questions. The problem you have is that he lies to each person with a different answer every time. So good luck getting to the truth out of him. I am upset about Israel’s attacks on Wiley Thompson, but everyone around Broward in the black communities all know you can’t trust Israel and he hates blacks. That’s why there were so many complaints on him and how interesting his large IA file with the investigations were missing…..


    Why do you lie to people by telling them you are Jewish when you are NOT?
    Did you get caught shoplifting cologne on duty at the Galleria Mall?
    Do you hate the african american community?
    Did you IA file with complaints from african americans go missing?
    Did you get served with a court order by the mother of the son your had with her, but ignored him?
    Did you have a foreclosure with fired Plantation COP Tom Butts?
    Did you send a letter as a Republican trying to get a Republican Appointment by a Republican Governor and lost to Lamberti?
    Did you switch from Republican to Democrat after not even getting an interview by your own Republican Party Govenor?
    Did you get sued in 2008 and get court ordered to pay you mail person?
    Didn’t Judy Stern drop you like a hot potato because you got her sued too for not paying vendors in 2008?
    Don’t you have Fired BSO Captain Caccitore working on County time collecting money?
    Don’t you have plans to make Former Indicted BSO Captain Ron Caccitore your Undersheriff?
    Don’t you lie about being the Dade County Police Chief of the Year?
    Didn’t you do the Former North Bay Village Mayor wrong in front of the Commission?
    Didn’t you fail to make teh Wilton Manors Chief’s short list?
    Didn’t you leave North Bay Village because you were getting fired anyway?
    Didn’t you and Ira Goldberg flee in your car from the BSO SET Team two months ago at the jail when you them moving in to arrest her? On tape too??
    Didn’t you tell people in Coral Springs you would privatize the jail to help the Road Deputies?
    Didn’t you tell people your main concern is the PBA because of Marano and not the Fire, Detention or Civilians?
    Don’t you try your street COP intimidation tactics to often on people?
    Didn’t you ride around in a limo after the 2008 Primary and threaten that our Deputies are all going to be fired?
    Big question… Didn’t you lose in 2008?

    Dam, I tired of all of these outstanding character questions…… It will take some time to analyze his answers???? I can answer them all myself. I will never support or vote for Scott Israel. He would be the worse Sheriff in the history of the BSO. I hope Buddy Nevins trys to get answers to these questions… The voters have a right to know!!!

    Say no to Israel!!!
    Liar Scotty Liar

  16. Springs says:

    I agree with Lori.

    How many times does Israel think people are going to keep giving him money because he can’t get a job. My God, he is a horrid candidate with terrible record.

    I hear it all the time that people wish he would just go away. The DEM Party should move Israel out.

    I like Hollywood Assistant Chief Louis Granteed for Sheriff. This is an honest family man with an impeccable public safety career. If the DEM. Party does whats right a makes Scott Israel get out of the race, Granteed will blow Lamberti away. Scott Israel will never beat Lamberti, but everyone believes Granteed from Hollywood will beat him.

  17. Dear Truth says:

    Did you take an English grammar or composition course along the way?

  18. BSO LT. says:

    Why would Hollywood Granteed waste his own time and money to help Lamberti. Unlike Israel, Granteed could have a Chief’s anyday of the week. Also, why would Granteed get in to help Lamberti when he is going to beat Israel and him.

    You Israel people have been trying to spread that bull for months. Granteed has clearly answered that question time and time again. You just wish it was a different answer. He is in the race to win it and he is doing a fantastic job at it for a newcomer. We need a newcomer like him. Israel will be running til he collects social security and the losses will just keep adding up.

    Everyone is on to all you Israelites, who don’t have a prayer of winning. If Granteed wanted a job, I think Lamberti would hire his biggest threat Granteed immediately to get him out of the race,but Granteed has no interest in a job when he is going to be the next Sheriff.

    Lamberti running against Israel would be another joke…

  19. HPD RETIRED says:

    Hey Buddy,

    I worked with Louie Granteed for many years in Hollywood before I retired. He was an outstanding Supervisor and an excellent representative of our Department. He was one of the hardest working professional supervisors I have ever worked with and proud of it. He always treated people with the utmost respect and earned it in return.

    Just because someone was a Supervisor in a very large Department at a time when something was wrong doesn’t mean he or she would tolerate or condone the inappropriate behavior.

    I can tell you first hand Louie Granteed is a very respectful human being and would never apart of any harassment or discrimination of any type. It is unfair to attach or imply wrong doing to someone that had no involvement in the situation other than being a supervisor. You can bet Louie would have ended it immediately and took the appropriate action.

    At the time the false allegations were made, there were almost 60 supervisors (Lt.s/Sgt.s) on all shifts and units. Most of which are retired now.

    You shouldn’t try to throw mud on a high ranking and respected member of law enforcement and the community when the statements in the article give the wrong impression to readers or could be utilized against an innocent person in the future. Just my thoughts. I will support Louie Granteed no matter what fabricated information is written because I know the truth. He will be a fantastic Sheriff and one people can trust and respect. A man of his word, which is something very lost in this day and age.

  20. Lamberti & Rothstein says:

    You talk about Lamberti announcing and raising money. Let’s not forget the previous fundraisers that are no longer going to be able to raise cash!!!! Charlie Crist out, Scott Rothstein ($300,000.00) in jail, David Benjamin screwed over by Lamberti, Rick Reilly caught with you know who??, Shak in hot water because of Lamberti and of course the lame Rothstein jet flyin Wheeler…. If Lamberti was able to collect $100.00 for every IA he starts he could raise a million this month alone. Lamberti and his staff are going to crumble sooner or later…. Plus, everyone knows Lamberti is a terrible fundraiser and without Rothstein money he is in big trouble.

    O yeah, do you think the Sheriff should give all the victims of the Rothstein scam their money back that he used to campaign. It would be the right thing to do if you stand up for victims rights!!! Do you Sheriff???? How could Lamberti and Israel for that matter sleep at night knowing they turned in campaign receipts and paid themselves back with money that belonged to innocent people that were victimized.. Sad!!!

  21. Just say'in says:

    BSO SGT says:
    That is old and worn out nonsense you must be Israel’s Blogger, or Amy

  22. Scott says:

    No it’s me Scott. If you have a problem with it then confront me you piece of shit. I will punch you right in the face. At least I put my name on my blog. When I get in all of you Lamberti cronies are fired within the first week.

    You think the list of people being fired last election was big, wait til you find out about this one. I talk about Lamberti all over town and if I know something you bet I am going to say it.

    Screw off BSO SGT.

  23. Smart Move says:

    This is a highly undignified discussion that degrades every officer wearing a badge.

    These attacks on all sides seem to be coming from people that have jobs to protect or acquire at BSO. It has nothing to do with my family’s safety. I resent it.

    The tactics used in Lamberti’s last run against Scott Israel were disgraceful. His promise of pay increases our county couldn’t afford to get a union endorsement was disgraceful. His performance as sheriff has not been stellar and his choices of friends have not been good. Why has he not filed yet to run for office and what is the status of his criminal and ethics investigations? Nobody is asking those questions.

    Granteed has been accused of being a stooge in Lamberti’s campaign. He has not put that to rest immediately, openly and firmly as any serious candidate would be expected to do. Why? He needs to publicly deny that claim and prove it by promising never to accept a BSO position if Lamberti is re-elected. Short of that, Granteed is a suspect candidate. He has questions to ask about corruption in the Hollywood PD, sexual harassment claims while he was assistant chief. Nobody is asking him and pinning him down on those questions.

    Please call Scott Israel and ask him the hard questions. Is he is a Jew like he says, yes or no. This sounds a lot like the muslim thing with Obama. What about this shop lifting thing? Let’s rehash and square away the complaints filed against him years ago by some people he arrested. He said they were all dismissed for good cause, is that true? Ask the tough questions.

    Buddy, you also have some explaining to do. People are saying you’re in the Lamberti camp and always have been, that you’re not independent on this question. Are you or aren’t you an independent player in this reporting? Or are you rooting for Lamberti to win?

    You used to ask the right, tough questions to politicians while at the Sentinel. That entire operation has gone to shit now, they are gossips and tabloid freaks over there now. It’s not even a newspaper worth reading anymore. So please do it now.

    Here are some of the questions I want answered from sheriff candidates:

    — How will you balance BSO’s budget and maitain morale while improving crime statistics? What administrative stategies do you have to manage that huge operation that absorbes more than half of the entire county budget?

    — How will you reduce the nearly 70% recidivism rate in the jails? Do you support or reject privitization of jails and law enforcement functions?

    — What will you do to prevent crime in our communities and catch more criminals?

    — How will you protect us from terrorism, better protect our port and airport, compete effectively to keep contracts in cities?

    — What will you do that makes your candidacy most worthy of my vote? Why are you a better choice than the incumbent sheriff?

    Make this race dignified. Make it about ideas that made a difference to me and my family.


    Thanks for participating.

    I don’t care about who becomes sheriff. Why would I? How does it impact me?

    I am writing about it because it is an interesting and combative race — probably the best one of the ballot next year…so far.

    As far as your questions, you asked them so I don’t have to. Let’s see the answers.

  24. Smart Move says:

    Buddy — thank you for clarifying your position on the sheriff’s race. Now we have one less rumor to worry about.

    The questions I provided have been around for a long time. None of the candidates have provided the answers so my hope was that you would confront each of them and get to the bottom of it already.

    Sheriff of Broward County is a serious job. Please help get this campaign on the proper level of seriousness.

  25. Truth Teller says:

    Buddy, this sight has turned into a bash Israel posting sight. I’m sure it’s obvious to you and your readers. Please do your research on the new players in the arena and their supporters. The research on Israel supporters and names mentioned have already been reported by Bob Norman. From the other side, there are the FBI scandals and sexual harassment cases(settled in court) in Hollywood PD involving Granteed. Political retaliation by Lamberti against Israel supporters in 2008. Lamberti/Granteed seem to be fueling the political culture of corruption that has plague this county.

  26. Sunrise Sunset says:

    OMG truth teller. Get off the Israel cool aid. You are just as bad as everyone else. Ask the hard questions???/ Why don’t you from the cheap seats and always hiding behind a fake name with posts that contain nothing but lies because your boy Scott is dead in the water and you all know it. The only one fueling the political culture is Israel and his fired friends and indicted friend Ron and trying to make it seem like it’s others. Everyone is on to you… Get lost

  27. Reality says:

    Woooo is me… It’s not an Israel bashing blog because it’s all true. He is a terrible candidate and should get out of the race. He had his shot and lost in 2008. I even helped him, but after finding out what he is really about, never again. We will be on him continuously telling the truth. He runs around telling everybody all of us Detention Deputies are with him and that is another lie. He and a few of his friends try to spread that rumor, but behind the scenes nobody like him or wants him…