Granteed and Israel’s Last-Minute Maneuvers


Just hours before the start of polling, Democratic candidate for sheriff Scott Israel called on all outside groups to stay out of the race.

Both candidates have been attacked by outside groups using mailed advertising and robo calls.

The latest were a supposed gay rights group which blasted Israel on the phone Monday and a phony call from a George W. Bush impersonator “endorsing” Granteed (Hear it at the end of the story.).

Israel issued his statement after his Democratic primary opponent Louis Granteed chided him for refusing to take responsibility for dirty tricks and attack ads over the weekend.  The dirty tricks consisted of two Tea Parties giving Granteed unwanted endorsements in the Democratic primary.

This filthy Democratic campaign has made Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti’s re-election easier.

Israel used nasty attack ads and dirty tricks.

But Granteed is no angel either, having told voters he was a lifelong Democrat despite elections’ office records that say differently.  And he definitely was involved in the sex harassment scandal, although some of Israel’s advertising went much too far.

This campaign has shown that both Democrats are not fit to be sheriff.

“It’s been an absolute gift to Lamberti.  They are handing him re-election,” said one leading and veteran Democratic activist.

Below is Granteed’s news release, followed by Israel’s, which was received a few hours later:

Louie Granteed Calls on Scott Israel to Take Responsibility for Negative Campaign Tone

FORT LAUDERDALE—Today, Louie Granteed, Democrat for Broward county Sheriff, calls upon Scott Israel to take responsibility for the false, negative campaign tactics by the Israel campaign and his supporters. He issued the following statement:

 “Scott Israel has once again failed to demonstrate real leadership by refusing to take responsibility for false accusations and a harshly negative tone in the Sheriff’s race. While my campaign is focused on the issues that residents truly care about—the economy, public safety and juvenile crime prevention programs; Scott Israel and his cronies continue to spread lies about my record and distort the facts in effort to confuse voters. It is a shame that Scott Israel does not have a true record to stand on and instead must resort to telling lies. I encourage him to be a leader for once in his life and stand up against this type of Karl Rove tactics. Unfortunately, as someone who was a 30 year registered Republican, it seems as if Scott Israel has more in common with republican Karl Rove than he does with the ideals of the Democratic party.”

Media outlets have been calling Scott Israel and his supporters out for this negative campaigning. See below for a few clips highlighting what others have to say about his tactics:

Buddy Nevins from the Broward Beat: “The person has been curiously silent about all this—Scott Israel. Where is the statement from Israel denouncing these cynical political dirty tricks? With this campaign and his refusal to immediately call for a stop to the smears, Israel is showing us what type of sheriff he will be.” (, printed August 13, 2012) 

Sun Sentinel editorial board: “ Leadership, Israel says, is his strong suit. Regrettably, that claim gets lost amid the campaign he’s conducting against his opponent, Louis Granteed” (,0,5786560.story printed August 4, 2012) 

Louie Granteed has served in the Hollywood Police Department for more than 30 years. He served as the Assistant Chief of Police from 2004 until his retirement earlier last month. To learn more about Louie Granteed, please visit his website:


And a dirty trick robo call today that has an actor portraying George W. Bush  “endorsing” Granteed.  Click to hear call:





12 Responses to “Granteed and Israel’s Last-Minute Maneuvers”

  1. Joe Paine says:


  2. Lamberti isn't Innocent says:


    You have been in the bag for Lamberti all along. In 2008, Lamberti pulled the same dirty tricks Israel is pulling on Granteed. Lamberti will go negative again this year regardless of which democratic candidate wins the primary. Don’t act like Al’s the old wise sage above it all.

    For you to make a statement that neither democrat is fit to be Sheriff is ridiculous and biased, but then again you own the website and we don’t have to read it if we don’t want to hear your narrow minded opinion.

    So according to you, Granteed’s 30 years serving the public is overshadowed because he was one of nine employees named in a discrimination suit 20 years ago from which he was ultimately vindicated?

  3. Century Village Resident says:

    Louie Granteed just sent an attack robo-call to my house in Century Village.

    I picked up because my caller ID said it was from the Democratic Party, but it was some recording from the something something alliance.

    It was nothing but slander against Scott Israel. How disgusting Mr. Granteed.

  4. Joke says:

    Nice try “Century Village Resident”..

    Granteed didn’t send any robocalls. It was from Scott Isreal’s PAC.

  5. Independent says:

    Just got the funniest robo call. Someone impersonating George W. Bush asking me to vote for one of the Democratic Sheriff candidates (I won’t say which one). I actually listened to it. Hilarious.

    But its gotten to the point I don’t know who is sending these out so I don’t trust any of them.

    It wouldn’t even surprise me if the Republican Party (or Republican PACS) are sending them out against both Democrats just to discredit them in the race later against Lamberti. Hmmm.

    Divide and Conquer.

    Doesn’t make a difference to me cause I made up my mind a long time ago.

  6. Lamberti is garbage says:

    He4y Buddy..why didn’t you criticize the criminal Lamberti last election when he did the same thing. You are a disgrace to journalists everywhere. I read your column for entertainment.

  7. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


  8. Plain Language says:

    Buddy discusses filthy campaign tactics but does not mention that these are the exact tactics used by Lamberti against Scott Israel in 2008. George Bush phone calls? Did you all think we would forget that kind of tactic?

    These divide and conquer tactics aiming to divide Democrats and unite Tea Party people have Al Lamberti’s fingerprints all over them. You do not have to be a BSO detective to solve this mystery. Lamberti is doing it again and people like Buddy Nevins can’t or don’t want to see right through it.

    We all know Buddy has a sweet spot for Al Lamberti.

    Scott Israel has not sent out even one negative ad using his campaign funds. Not one.

    Same cannot be said for Granteed who continues to be considered by many as an Al Lamberti stooge in this race. Wake up. Scott Israel is winning this election big time, why would he need to be involved in negative ads? Why would he waste the money on Granteed when he will need it for Lamberti? It makes no sense.

  9. Watching the race says:

    Plain language…. Funny you use that term … Scott Israel hasn’t sent one negative ad using his campaign funds….

    Let’s analyze that statement:

    In order for that statement to be true, Scott simply couldn’t pay for negative ads.

    Ok simple enough. We know that these swift boat ads are from ECO’s operated by Todd Wilder long time Jenne aide.

    We also know that Ken Jenne is assisting Scott Israel.

    The Dubya calls were aimed at Israel last cycle done by Stone on behalf of Lamberti.

    So in “plain language” that denial doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

    I want to hear Scott say in plain language that he had absolutely no knowledge and did not agree to these calls.

    The fact is this has guaranteed Scott’s political demise and Lamberti’s re-election

  10. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    So what else did you expect? This is after all Broward County. The only reason Al Gore said Alex Penelas was the most treacherous and deceitful person he’d ever met was because he hadn’t experienced Broward County.

    Maybe when the feces reaches critical mass, it’ll be eliminated from the body politic and we can breathe a little fresh air.

  11. Buddy says:

    Dear Mr. Nevins

    Your most recent post on Broward Beat implies that the South Florida Tea Party is not “real” and that we have not legitimately recommended Louis Granteed for Sheriff of Broward County.

    A simple Google Blog and News Search would demonstrate that the SFTP is the largest and most active Tea Party Organization in Florida and we have held numerous events and have worked for and against legislation that effects the tax payers in Tallahassee.

    We have published a voter guide for Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. You can see if here:

    When did the expression of our first amendment rights and right to free association become a “dirty trick” ?

    You also seem to like the word “Smear. Smear?

    A smear involves the statement of something that is UNTRUE. FACT SFTP has recommended Granteed and think he is more conservative than Mr. Israel.

    We never said Mr. Granteed solicited our support–only that we decided to recommend him. We fully understand why Mr. Granteed is trying to distance himself from us publically before today’s primary.

    Far more people go the SFTP website than Broward Beat. Do I go around saying you are not legitimate just because before yesterday I never heard of you and your website ? Since we have more readers and followers than you do does that mean you readership is “unknown and your influence negligible?”

    You owe us an apology.

    Everett Dirksen Wilkinson
    South Florida Tea Party

  12. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> Far more people go the SFTP website than Broward Beat.

    How does he know this?

    Buddy, are you exposing your web metrics to the Koch boys?

    On a positive note, according to, here’s the appraisals: $2,950 $0


    Where is the $2,950? Should I call the Koch boys?