Lois Wexler Is A Maverick For Last Campaign

Lois Wexler: Ready For Her Ninth Inning


For Broward County Commissioner Lois Wexler, the last inning starts in November.

The durable, dedicated Wexler is in her 20th year in office – first at the School Board and since 2004 at the commission. She entered the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) in September and says after one more term, she is through.

She is running for her last term like she did everything else in public life – as a maverick.

Unlike other incumbents with big, glittery campaign kickoffs, Wexler scheduled a decidedly low-key affair.

No host committee.  No fancy cocktail party.  Just Lois and husband Steve (her campaign treasurer) greeting some contributors at a local sports’ bar and restaurant later this month.

She hopes to collect $20-25,000 from the kickoff and subsequent fund raising.  That’s a tiny fraction of what commission candidates traditionally say they need.

Wexler has no opposition at this point and says she will step up her fund raising if someone files against her.  For now, this is it.

“there is no reason to be greedier…I don’t plan to do anything else,” she says.

Comments like that are why I’ve always liked Wexler. She never accepts the staff’s opinions on face value.  She asks the same questions you would ask if you were spending your money.

Or as she puts it: “I’m always pissing people off right and left.”

We need more like her.

8 Responses to “Lois Wexler Is A Maverick For Last Campaign”

  1. County Employee says:

    Lois Wexler was one of the best School Board members ever. She largely disappeared on the county commission. Hopeful Wexler can take more of a role the next four years with the change of faces at the commission.

  2. Sidelines says:

    she comments alot and makes a big deal/posturing in the discussion but rarely thwarts the status quo

    if this is all there is for 4 more years its a sad day for the district

  3. All About Lois says:

    Tough as nails with a heart of gold. Believes in following rules even if the rules in place are not quite right. Stickler for details and demands that staff be prepared. Do not cross her or you will pay. Lie to her once and you’re finished. But if you do your job well and tell the truth she will stand with you most of the time. Will vote no on any issue and is loyal only to what she thinks is right. The only reason people do not talk about her more is she is rarely in any trouble.

  4. get real!! says:

    Lois pretends to help THE PEOPLE. But she only cares about herself annd Judy Stern. She goes from collecting big checks in each campaign, to now 25′ and that’s suppose to be commendable. Give me a break!

  5. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Lois Wexler why wasn’t I invited to you campaign kick off? I think she is a great Commissioner. We have big plans for her. These cheap shots-please. She calls it like she sees it. Don’t be fooled by that pretty face, she can go up against anyone of you. What an asset to the County. Bertha Henry take note and instead of getting your hair done(one week its curly, then straight then cut like a box, then red, black, then brown) I mean really, start paying attention in reference to the auditor’ scathing report. i mean what is going on Bertha? Checks flowing out of these County offices, over paying, no work done, shotty work, but pay, pay , pay,its not your money, honey. And that Medical examiners Off-totally in dissaray. Shame. Imagine if i drop dead they will disect me 100x(as if)….

  6. County Employee says:

    I would agree if it wasn’t that Lois’ best friend is Judy Stern. It is well known that you must hire Stern as a lobbyist if you want to get Lois’ vote.

  7. maverick? says:

    So is she a maverick this time because she will actually live in her house within her own District for her last term instead of “the condo”.

  8. Sidelines says:

    Qualifying filing is in a few weeks. Maybe someone will step up and run as well. ALL incumbents should have a challenger.