Loconto Show Is A Broward Election Night Tradition



When I first started as a newspaper columnist in Broward decades ago, much of the political establishment would gather at the Government Center in downtown Fort Lauderdale to watch the election results.

It was the only place you could get all the returns back then.

Cable TV and the Internet ended the need for a trip to downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Still, much of the political establishment still gathers on election night at BECON TV studio in Davie. 

BECON is the headquarters of Frank Loconto’s live election return’s show, which has become a Broward political tradition.

Loconto, who’s trademark is a colorful vest, has been hosting the election night results from Broward for over a decade.

The Loconto show has to be the most-watched show of exclusively Broward political news. 

Not just politicians watch the show. I was in Publix in mid-November when the cashier noted she saw me on the show.

For Loconto, the spotlight is nothing new.  He was a professional singer in his early years touring the country with his brothers as The Lane Brothers. 

Loconto singing with his dog

Now in his golden years, he is a fixture on BECON TV.  In addition to the election night gig, Loconto hosts CountyLine public affairs show.  

BECON television is the station run by the Broward County Schools, which is why School Superintendent Jim Notter is on the invite list.

Most of the School Board members are in Tallahassee for Broward Days.

Where BECON resides on your TV depends on what  cable or satellite provider you use.

Over-the-air its on UHF channel 63. On most cable systems it’s on Channel 19. The major exception is ATT UCable, where it is on Channel 70. On most satellite dishes, it is on 63

The show provides results from all the municipal elections.  And plenty of analysis from the guests.

Tonight’s expected guests include:

7 p.m.:   My newspaper pal Tony Man, Sun-Sentinel political writer; Jack Seiler, soon-to-be mayor of Fort Lauderdale and Frank Segale, of the local Clear Channel Radio stations.

7:30 p.m.:  Democratic Chair Mitch Ceasar; Cindy Guerra, vice chair of the Broward Republican Party; Republican Party Committeewoman Sharon Day of Fort Lauderdale; Broward Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion Jr. and Joe Eikenberg, president of the Broward Republican Club.

8 p.m. until sign off:  Broward Commissioner Ken Keechl;  Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom; Jose “Pepe Lopez, president of the Latin American Voters Association; Christopher Neilson, president of the Broward Bar Association;  Angelo Castillo,  Pembroke Pines commissioner; Dan Stermer, commissioner of Weston and Notter. 

There will be many others hanging around the studio.

Former Attorney General Bob Butterworth and George LeMieux, former chief of staff for Gov. Charlie Crist, who were both invited.

Frank promises to fit me in somewhere during the evening.

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