Loconto Show Has Three Interesting Shows Scheduled


Frank Loconto’s  Countyline  show is the only long-form television interview show featuring Broward politicians. 

Loconto always has great shows, but over the next three days he has some real winners.


A former nationwide singing sensation with his brothers they called themselves The Lane Brothers Loconto moved to Broward and started his Countyline show 20 years ago.

He has interviewed just about anybody who matters in politics

 Just take a look at his schedule starting today:

 (1 )  Sun.      6-28-09    5 pm   Legislative.Report/ 2009 House Leadership             Democratic House Leader Franklyn        Sands  / Republican State Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff 
 (2)   Sun.      6-28-09   5:30p     America-“The Owner’s Manual     Former U. S.  Sen. Bob Graham

(3)    Mon.    6-29-09   10 pm   Legislative Report/ 2009 House Leadership        Sands  / Bogdanoff

 (4)   Mon.    6-29-09   10:30p   Legislative Report and Election 2010               Former Governor’s Chief of Staff George LeMeiux of the “LeMieux Report
(5)     Tues.     6-30-09    1 pm   Legislative Report / 2009 Leadership          Sands  /Bogdanoff

The Broward County School Board should be applauded for broadcasting Countyline on its BECON TV station.

In fact,  Phyllis Loconto, Frank’s hard-working wife and producer, was instrumental in the school system‘s purchase of TV permit in 1999 and the Federal Communications Commission’s approval of the full-power digital license for WBEC 63.1 UHF.

Countyline can be seen on : 

  • WBEC Education TV 63.1 DT UHF 63  
  • Satellites: Echo Star Direct TV ATT-U channel 63
  • Cable  Channel 19 Broward & Palm Beach  *  Channels 16 – 19 24- Miami- Dade

5 Responses to “Loconto Show Has Three Interesting Shows Scheduled”

  1. Git R Done says:

    They need to sell BECON TV, it does nothing. This is supposed to be an educational Television station, so WHY is there Politics involved?

  2. Floridan says:

    I’m not a big fan of Loconto’s style (his softball questions and goofball vests), but he does get great guests — people who rarely are interviewed on television by other than Loconto and Michael Putney.

    I say, good for BECON TV for bringing this program to the public — it’s real educational television.

  3. BECON of Truth says:

    Being broadcast on BECON TV ensures that Loconto’s show will be enjoyed by the dozens, if not hundreds, of viewers throughout Broward who watch the cable public service channels.

  4. Better and Good says:

    Go read Bob Norman’s column on this issue. I think he’s way too harsh about Loconto’s TV program, possibly because Loconto has a TV show and Norman doesn’t.

    The fact is people make this mistake all the time — for want of better, they seem willing to risk what they already have which, in most cases, is good or fair. Many end up with nothing as a result.

    The pursuit of better can be a wonderful thing. It can leave you happier than you were. But sometimes better is the enemy of good. Especially when “better” doesn’t happen. Then it leaves you with nothing. Or it can leave you worse off than you were before.

    “Better” is a thing that has to be approached with great care so you don’t end up worse off or with nothing. That’s a sad but accurate truth.

    Now, nobody ever said that Loconto was going to give Chris Matthews a run for his money. He may never be better in that sense. But he is at least fair and on certain days he can rise to good. More importantly, he is what we HAVE now and in an economically strapped time we should be thankful for the things we have because they could easily go away.

    Want better? Fine, go create better.

    Until then, leave BECON alone because they’re all we have on this front.

    Countyline is the only program we have that puts local politicians in front of a camera and allows them to speak in non-sound bite mode. It’s very important that we at have at least that.

    Plus, they’re the only channel worth watching if you want to follow the outcome of local elections without sitting in front of your computer all night.

  5. Audrey Parente says:

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