Local Republican Backs Same Sex Marriage



Broward’s Republican leader Tom Truex may be against same sex marriage, but one of his local office holder has quietly come out in favor of it.

Well, not so quietly if you are one of her “friends” on Facebook.

School Board member Katie Leach, one of a handful of  Republican elected officials in Democratic Broward, has posted an equality symbol on her Facebook page.


Katie Leach


When asked in a text about the symbol — below — Leach wrote Browardbeat.com:

Q: You are for sexual equality including marriage equality?

A (Leach): I am. I think government should civilly united any two people…We can not use a Biblical stance on marriage (as being) between a man and a woman when making rules in government.

Here is her post on Facebook:


20 Responses to “Local Republican Backs Same Sex Marriage”

  1. Le Peerman says:

    You ROCK Katie. Thank you.
    Le Peerman
    Vice Mayor Margate

  2. Richard D from Imperial Point says:

    About a year ago School Board Member Leach to met with many of us in the GLBT community, because she was appointed by Gov Scott we were skeptical of her to say the least. We were less than enthusiastic because School Board Member Dinnen, who had done great thing in advancing eqaulity, had not announced she was not running.

    Over time School Board Member Leach continued to reach out to our community and showed a genuine want to understand the issues that concerned our community.

    Then the day came when the Tea Party announced they were pulling their endorement of School Board Member Leach because she was endorsed by Equality Florida. To say I was proud of her as a Republican does not go far enough, I was proud of her as a person. What she did took true courage.

    Now to be the rare Republican to show support for our right to marry, I am more proud of her than ever.

    Thank you School Board Member Leach for all you do.

  3. What about Seiler says:

    What about Jack Seiler????

    Take a stand Jack. For such a tough guy, you sure know how to avoid taking a position on tough issues.
    If you support the Community then stand up for marriage equality, if you don’t, say it.

  4. Wilton Manors Resident says:

    It is really easy for the elected officials to get on the bandwagon in 2013. I wonder if they would have been so outspoken 20 years ago when Seiler passed the first domestic partership ordinance in Wilton Manors? It was the foundation laid by Seiler as Commissioner and Mayor of Wilton Manors 20 years ago that made the city a model of acceptance and tolerance it is today.

    As for gay marriage, Seiler said: “I don’t have any position on it. Right now it is outlawed in Florida,” he said. “I haven’t bothered to spend any time on it. … I don’t debate and discuss issues I can’t have a vote on. … I don’t sit and discuss hypothetical issues. If an issue comes up and I have a chance to impact the outcome, I’ll take a position.”

    “I have a 20-year track record of being extremely respectful of the gay community and trying to assist the gay community to further gay rights,” Seiler said.


  5. chowder says:

    Katie is a stand up person and is the kind of Republican that is electable in this county. A Republican with a conscience and a moral compass as to the rights of each of the people she represents.

  6. On the otherside says:

    There is Chip and George with their Christian/Catholic gay haters. FYI Chip hanging around Albetta and Mills does not make you GLBT friendly.

  7. Taxpayer says:

    please who cares what he thinks
    its a state issue that would be settled in Tallahassee
    and ft ldle gave them partner benefits anyway

    let SCOTUS decide for California
    and then we can debate the verdict

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    @ “Take a stand Seiler’. first of all its Mayor Seiler(and i know he has earned it-we may not always agree but he is a good at representing Ft>lau). You talk through your ass(no pun intended)Mayor Seiler is a big, big supporter of “domestic partnerships” and because of him and this Commission City Hall employess that got a boyfreind named gay Ray-guess what you got more benefits than me. As long as you get the same benefits as straight couples-isn’;t that 3/4 of your mission. Rome was not built in a day. (huh Octavias)

  9. Ron Gunzburger says:

    I’m proud to be a friend and supporter of Katie Leach. Keep up the great work, Katie, for all of us!

  10. John Henry says:

    Another turncoat politician pandering to the lowest common denominator.

    People like her is why I have lost all faith in the republican party.

    PS—Hacky Jacky Seiler is too busy worrying about local gun control nonsense to take a stand on the gay marriage issue.

  11. Chaz Stevens, Malcontent says:


    Once again, you make no sense.

    Are you daft man? Or perhaps concussed?

    By the way, I’m still awaiting that beating you promised me.

  12. excompassionateconservative says:

    One itme to consider is that the GOP has been one of the biggest proponents of Gay Marriage in a roundabout way. After years of damning gays to burn in hell, preachers scared the hell out of most voters and espeically younger citizens who are not angry white males. Priests also denounced gays while themselves commitiing horrific crimes against Jesus. In additon, younger minority voters were also changing from being anti gay and used by the GOP to scare voters.

    Couple that with monthly bathroom stall hijynx with GOP elected officials, cheating on their wives, their kids being openly gay and Kardashian, Lohan hetero lives, two guys or girls getting married and being committed to each other seemed downright reasonable.

    Gay orgs should give an award to the GOP for being so f’ing nuts that two same sex figures on a cake look far more normal than GOP congressman Larry Craig in a bathroom stall .

  13. LaMarca Liker says:

    I have to give Chip credit for someone who is often accused of pandering and going whichever way the wind blows, he stuck to his guns and the party line in opposing gay marriage.

  14. Independent says:

    Dear “John Henry says:

    “Another turncoat politician pandering to the lowest common denominator. People like her is why I have lost all faith in the republican party.”

    John, it is statements like yours that has caused me to lose all faith in the republican party. A party who started out freeing the slaves and were innovators.

    If the views of the Republican Party today were held when the party was created with Lincoln, it would have died on the vine. Actually, they would have been Southern Democrats.

  15. LaMarca is against marriage equality? says:

    So LaMarca is against marriage equality? And thats a good thing? No wonder our party is in shambles. This republican woman from pompano will be voting against him.

  16. Right vs. Wrong... says:

    # 4: Your Mayor Seiler is just following the lead of your President Obama. Obama was AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE in 2998 when he first ran for President. He became for gay marriage only in the waning days of the 2012 campaign. Oh, and Obama didn’t discard “don’t ask, don’t tell” either. A Federal Court in California, ruling on a lawsuit brought by the Log Cabin Republicans did that. Yeah, it is easy to get on the bandwagon right after a Judge tells you you have to…

  17. marie bartling says:

    congratulations Katie,it is about time we move forward.

  18. Patti Lynn says:

    This is a basic Constitutional issue…are we, or are we not, “…all created equal???” Thomas Jefferson said it best, laws must adapt to the times, (in so many words). Thank you Ms. Leach. It takes courage to stand up for what you believe is right.

  19. the truth says:

    Its no wonder that Obama is all in favor of gays and marriages.Type in Obama Gay on Google and you will see some very facinating stories about Obama and his gay lovers and belonging to a gay club along with Rahm Emanuel and the shocker is all 3 of the alleged lovers were murdered within 6 weeks of Obama announcing his run including his roomate. I have nothing against gays and and have friends that are gay so this is not against any gays

  20. Floridan says:

    “I have nothing against gays and and have friends that are gay so this is not against any gays”

    No, it’s against sanity.