Local GOP Plans Big Grass Roots Effort




While the Democrats are partying in Charlotte, Broward Republicans are organizing.

The Republicans plan a Super Saturday Volunteer Opportunity this weekend, with volunteers here joining hundreds across the state.

They will be campaigning for the GOP –The Romeny/Ryan ticket, of course. They will also be working to defeat Democratic U. S. Sen. Bill Nelson and help any local Republicans like congressional candidate Adam Hasner.

The volunteers will knock on doors and operate phone banks.

Broward Republicans hope to reach 10,000 likely-Broward voters.

“We also have local Republican clubs that (are) organizing walks in all corners of Broward County. We can connect you with these clubs.  Register now by clicking the link above to let us know when you can help!” a news release from the Broward County Republican Party says.

The operation will be handled from the three Romney/Ryan HQ’s in Broward – Pompano Beach, Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale.

Here is the math:

The Romney/Ryan team can’t win Broward.  But if they cut into the margin of victory for President Barack Obama in this heavily-Democratic county, the president loses the state.

Obama won Broward a margin of victory of roughly 255,000.  He only won Florida by 237,000. So you can see the importance of local Democrats.

This year, the Obama team figures they need to carry Broward by at least 220,000 to win Florida.

The question will be if the Obama ground operation here — an operation that has remained largely invisible to this voter so far — can produce the big turnout that Democrats need.

Local Democratic activists candidly say they doubt whether Broward can deliver.  The excitement is gone and the local party is divided.

Meanwhile, Broward Republicans are on fire.  What is powering them is not the tepid Romney/Ryan ticket.

Republicans hate Obama. They absolutely, positively hate him and will do anything to defeat him.

This hate is helping the GOP draw volunteers.

Democrats could counter anything the GOP does in Broward with a massive turnout.

We’ll soon see if the Ds can deliver.


Democratic activist Ken Evans and Broward Party Boss Mitch Ceasar in Charlotte


While Ds like Evans and Ceasar were in Charlotte, the Broward  sent this e-mail blast and posted it in several places on the Internet:

Join the Romney/Ryan Campaign Today!

Help all of our Republican candidates in Broward County!


The election this November will once again come down to Florida and the Romney/Ryan Team needs our help to ensure victory on election day!  Now that the convention is over, it’s time for the final push!  We need your help!  Our Victory Offices across the state will be participating–You will be joining hundreds of volunteers throughout Florida, making phone calls and knocking on doors in your local neighborhood to let other Floridians know how the policies of Republican Party candidates will help to finally get our national economy back on the right track.


We are phone banking and walking precincts right now, and we need your help!  There are three Romney/Ryan Victory office locations in Broward County! We also have local Republican clubs that organizing walks in all corners of Broward County. We can connect you with these clubs.  Register now by clicking the link above to let us know when you can help!  In an effort to show strong support for the Romney/Ryan ticket in Florida, we are also assembling coalitions of people who have similar interests. By simply adding your name to a coalition, you can help show other undecided voters that Mitt Romney has strong support from Florida voters with similar affiliations. This simple task can make a difference in Florida, so please take a moment to click on the link above to join one or more coalitions in support of Mitt Romney.

If you know anyone else you think might want to volunteer, please take the time to forward this e-mail to them with a request from you that they join you in support of the Romney/Ryan ticket!
The hard work we all put in now will help ensure that we deliver Florida for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and defeat U.S. Senator Bill Nelson this November. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 954-941-7775 or email headquarters@browardgop.org.  Once again, if you are interested in a Super Saturday event this weekend in Broward, please sign up HERE.

I appreciate your efforts & support for victory in November.
Richard DeNapoli, Chairman
Republican Party of Broward County

10 Responses to “Local GOP Plans Big Grass Roots Effort”

  1. following politics says:

    I have been following politics in Broward County for 50 years, and have never seen such passion against anyone as there is against President Obama. I do not think that the intensity is adequately reflected in the polls.

  2. TheSenator1 says:

    Mitch Caesar is still in a position of power? You have to be kidding.

  3. Steve says:

    I don’t hate him, personally. I don’t know him. I hate his arrogance, narcissism and the fact that he ignores our Constitution and thinks he is above the law. He self appoints his own czars and picks and chooses what laws he enforces while suing the very states he pledged to protect. Actual hatred would be more appropriate to the Democratic delegate who said if she saw Mitt Romney, she’d like to kill him. Hello…. Bueller…. anyone????

  4. Kevin says:

    Buddy, your math is dead-on accurate.

    One of the vulnerabilities of ANY Democrat running statewide in Florida is Broward County and, to a lesser, but important extent, PB County. When you put those two counties together, you’ve got about 20% (1 out of 5!) of all the Democrats in the entire state. So Democrats generally have to win about 65% of the vote in Broward and 60% in PB to cancel out GOP strengths in SW Florida, the Western Panhandle, and NE Florida. Then, of course, the election comes down to Central Florida.

    The vulnerability is turnout… while Broward has the highest number of Democratic voters in Florida, it also has the lowest turnout (which is one reason presidential election years tend to be better for Dems in FL than Gubernatorial years… the turnout just collapses in those off years in Broward and PB).


  5. Elroy John says:

    “The question will be if the Obama ground operation here — an operation that has remained largely invisible to this voter so far…”

    If it’s invisible to you Buddy it’s probably because you keep looking for it in the DEC from which the center of democratic activism in Broward has long departed.


    No, I’m looking at it from a point of view as a likely voter.

  6. Sidelines says:

    I agree with Kevin. voter disinterest and apathy in Broward, regardless of the number of registered democrat voters is assured. also the voter rolls have not been accurately updated with many now moved out of the county or state. the elctoral college will decide the election in Florida, not the popular vote, although they may be for same candidate.

  7. Heavy D says:

    Big whoop.
    They are doing a phone bank.
    3 separate Democratic organizations in Broward have been doing these for months. Not sure why Buddy thinks this is a bad thing. I only hope they come and knock on my door so I can give them a piece of my mind.

  8. Crabgretch says:

    The “feet on the street Democrats” have been registering voters, canvassing, telephoning for months now…………guess the Republicans decided they better do a little something………..

  9. Tamarac Talk says:

    Shhhhhh Crabgretch!

    Don’t give away the secrets! Let everyone believe nothing’s going on with the National Democratic Party.

    As far as Mitch Caesar’s camp, let the Pubs think that he’s running the show down here.

  10. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> Heavy D says:
    I only hope they come and knock on my door so I can give them a piece of my mind.

    Leaving them rather shortchanged?