Local Demo Consultant Helped In “Stunning” Maryland Republican Upset




Longtime local political consultant Ron Gunzburger wants everybody to know: He’s not moving to Maryland.


Gunzburger is a long-time friend of businessman Larry Hogan, who pulled off one of the biggest election upsets in the nation Tuesday by winning the Maryland’s gubernatorial race.

Hogan, a Republican, won despite a massive Democratic 2-to-1 registration advantage in Maryland. Pundits agree that it was one of the biggest upsets Tuesday. The Washington Post story on his victory is here.

Gunzburger is a straight-up Democrat. He works as General Counsel for arguably Broward’s most visible Democrat, Sheriff Scott Israel.

So how did Gunzburger become friends with the Maryland Republican, Hogan?

Gunzburger managed Hogan’s 1992 congressional race.

Hogan was outspent by 6-to-1 in that campaign. He lost, but he held the incumbent Democrat to just 53% in a very successful year for Democrats.

Gunzburger and Hogan have stayed friends ever since.

Gunzburger, 51, has been touting Hogan for Maryland Governor on his Facebook page for weeks.

A few days before Election Day, Gunzburger posted on Facebook why he was so loyal to a Republican candidate:

People ask me why I am so strongly pushing Larry Hogan — a Republican — for Maryland Governor. It is because I know Larry is a true moderate and I know the quality of his character. Here is why: In Larry’s 1992 GOP congressional primary, we had a hardcore social conservative who was our main opponent. Post primary, the guy demanded that Larry fire me as his campaign manager (because I was openly gay) as a condition for receiving his “unity” endorsement. Larry told him something like that wasn’t on the table and — if that was the price of the endorsement — then Larry wasn’t interested in it anyways. I don’t think the primary loser ever did endorse Larry that year. And Larry and I have stayed friends ever since.

It turns out Gunzburger was involved with assisting Hogan’s 2014 campaign for months – something he also acknowledged on his Facebook page – quietly offering his friend suggestions and political guidance.

“Larry and his team really deserve all the credit. I was proud to have played just the most minor of parts of helping Larry win. He is the type of coalition-building, bipartisan centrist who will make a great Maryland Governor and get the state’s economy back on track,” said Gunzburger.

Despite now having a friend in the Maryland Governor’s Mansion, Gunzburger says he is staying put.

Asked if he is considering a move to Maryland, Gunzburger says, “Absolutely not. Annapolis is a beautiful Chesapeake coastal town and Larry is a great friend, but I love my job working with Sheriff Israel and the amazing men and women of BSO,” he said.



Ron Gunzburger, then 29 years-old with his back to the camera, talks to Larry Hogan during the 1992 congressional campaign Gunzburger managed. (From: Facebook)







7 Responses to “Local Demo Consultant Helped In “Stunning” Maryland Republican Upset”

  1. in the know says:

    Gunzburger is the most skilled political mind in Broward County. It is no surprise that the governor listened to his advise.

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I was going to say, at last a positive story showing Ron Gunzburger in a friendly, positive light, then some clown has to spoil a nice story with a dumb comment he is “…the most skillful political mind in Broward County.” I mean, not even his Mother who have the nerve to post something as DUMB as that!

  3. moshe says:

    Gunzburger is the only consultant who consistently wins. Just ask Former Sheriff Al Lamberti. Former Sheriff.

  4. Just the Facts says:

    You don’t need to like Gunzburger …., and many have good reason to hate the guy ….. but even his enemies would agree he is politically very sharp and dangerous. His candidates win. That is the definition of being highly skilled.

  5. Senator Steve Geller says:

    I agree with “Just the Facts”. having been on the receiving end, I can verify that Ron is very good at what he does. The Sheriff made a good hire there. If you’re waiting for me to make a snarky remark here about Ron, you’ll have to keep waiting.

  6. Real Deal says:

    Smart guy but he’s backed more than his share of losers and could not himself get elected when he tried.

  7. The Guess Who says:

    Saying Ron is a straight anything is just false. Everyone in the know around town knows he’s a DINO at best. He just doesn’t have the guys to upset Mommy and say he’s a Republican (Although libertarian type, not tea party.)

    Also, Geller we know you’re running for Wexlers commission seat. No need to embarrass yourself in the process. Scott will endorse you. It’s fine.