Local Consultant Cashes In On Pot Vote




A Broward political consultant has been cashing in on medical marijuana.

David Brown, the Hollywood-based owner of Campaign Associates, was paid $16,915 during the four months ending Dec. 30 for T-shirts and other paraphernalia. The material was used by solicitors gathering signatures to put pot on the November ballot.

“I did some t-shirts, yard signs, fans and some business cards while they were collecting signatures,” explained Brown.

A long-time Democratic operative who once worked as an aide to the late powerful Chair of the House Ways & Means Committee Dan Rostenkowski, Brown has handled all types of races along the Gold Coast. 

People United for Medical Marijuana bought no advise from Brown,  just campaign novelties.

“They haven’t ordered anything since they stopped gathering signatures,” Brown said. “I’m hoping they will.”


7 Responses to “Local Consultant Cashes In On Pot Vote”

  1. Ahem... says:

    I would think that a journalist of your caliber would spend less time researching how a printer made a few thousand dollars off the medical marijuana referendum, and more time concentrating on how much Mama Stern and the rest of the Panthers’ lobbyists are making off efforts that will screw the taxpayer.

  2. The winnah says:

    Brown is lucky he sells junk because he loses as many as he wins. Steve Geller comes to mind.

  3. Steve Geller says:


    Bad example. I won 9 races, including defeating an incumbent, before I lost the only race I ever lost, against a long-time incumbent. I was outspent the first time I was elected to the House and the first time I was elected to the Senate.

  4. Freedom says:

    So we can the results. Legalizing pot has already increased our economy .

  5. Oh steve says:

    Don’t sell yourself short, I am sure David was helpful in your successful run as the King of the Buffet. From Vegas to Branson to AC and all casino buffets in between.

  6. laudydale says:

    Once again Ahern going after stern. Does it ever end. How much jealousy can one person have or should I say how many times does her candidates beat all your so called top secret candidates. Get over it already. She is smarter than you and quietly gets things done. Good for her and sad for you.

  7. Chucky says:

    LOL, Stern quietly gets things done, by whispering into people’s ears instead of doing her business in the public sunshine. She is dirty and has the past jailed candidates to prove it. No honest politicians will touch her with a 10 foot pole.