Lobbyist’s Daughter Considering School Board Run


Please Lauren, don’t do it!

Ãœber lobbyist Ron Book says his daughter Lauren Book Lim is considering running for Stephanie Kraft’s seat for School Board.

lauren book

Lauren Book Lim

“She is thinking and weighing her options. She has been waiting for months like others to see what Stephanie was going to do, Book e-mailed me.

Here are my thoughts.

Lauren can be more effective doing what she does now —  the leader of her own non-profit, advocating for abused children. It’s called Lauren’s Kids.

Everybody views politicians as self-serving.  If you don’t believe me, Lauren, ask your father.

But your leadership of Lauren’s Kids is like motherhood and apple pie. It’s beyond attack.

Plus, today Lauren’s Kids is a platform that is not confined to one county and one government.  Lauren’s reach is across all boundaries.

On the positive side for a School Board campaign, Lauren Book is telegenic, articulate, has an education degree and has a wonderful story of overcoming child abuse. (I won’t go into that here.  For details, look at her website. The link is above.)

On the negative side, I believe she’s in her 20s, which is a tad young.  She would be running against a veteran parent activist.  And the race could be brutal, with her dad’s profession lobbyist  becoming an issue.

So I have no idea why Lauren would consider running for School Board. If she wants to help kids, stick with Lauren’s Kids.  She can always come back in a few years and run.

Lauren Book Lim has the potential of taking Lauren’s Kids to a higher level, maybe even a nationwide group.  She has the potential of being so much more than just a School Board member.

lauren, ron and don shula

Don Shula, Lauren Book Lim and Ron Book

27 Responses to “Lobbyist’s Daughter Considering School Board Run”

  1. We Need Assurances says:

    This only works if Ron Book announces to the world that he will never have anything whatsoever to do with the school board if his daughter gets elected. And even then, it may not be enough.

    Anything less would be unfair to your daughter, Ron.

  2. School Employee says:

    Haven’t we had enough candidates tied to the bad elements in politics? We should take politics out of the School Board. Forbid anyone on the School Board or their families from lobbying the School Board or working in any capacity for those doing business with the School Board. That is the first step and would have kept Kraft out of trouble.


    Does LB have any children in any public schools? Has she attended meetings at the schools? How did her last meeting at the school go where they were sweating over resources and what teachers need? Does she have to worry about AYP or whether or not her child’s school is losing a teacher or A status? Does she know what parents are really thinking about with their children and education from first hand experience(which I wont list here because no sense educating her if she does not)?

    Or, is it just the RB can raise LOTS of money from contractors and those financially interested in the BCSB so they buy a seat?

    Your advice Buddy is actually heartfelt. She may be a great person and her story is compelling. The work on beahlf of children in other contexts is inspiring. However, if she runs for this seat, it will undermine all she has done outside the school system because it will look like what it is — Daddy is helping her to buy a seat. The race will naturally come down to those who are running because they have been working in schools as parents or activists and know what parents need vs. contractor interests. Maybe that would not be fair to her but there will be NO way to avoid that perception and bumper sticker attack, particularly if she has no children in the schools.

    You can care for children and doesnt mean you should be on the school board.

    RB, encourage her to run for another position that does not naturally drag her into the BCSB mess.

  4. Blue Man Scoop says:

    10:42 sounds like a pre-emptive attack from a scared campaign rival…

  5. Not a Good Decision says:

    Blue Man Scoop: Ha, funny (but not thought provoking). Your response would be something you would expect from her campaign to say rather than answer the questions.

    To the contrary, I am no campaign nor do I run for anything nor do I even live up there.

    Frankly nothing could be better at this moment in time for anyone who is running than to have a lobbyist’s daughter running for school board against them particularly given the current environment, perceptions, reality of school issues.

    Would like the answer to the questions asked but guess will get those later once the lobbyists package her. Shame, seems really like a nice person who has done good things. Certainly dont have to be a parent to be on BCSB but does kinda help to know what parents think about each morning and evening.

  6. Floridan says:

    Other than her age, you present no reasons she would not make a good board member. If she’s willing to take on a “veteran parent activist,” that’s her decision. Let the voters decide.

  7. More of the same says:

    Other than her age? Uh, are you kidding?

    Let’s see:

    Not a parent

    Not involved in our local schools at least as identified by Buddy. Not a Good Decision raises more intensive inquiries that are interesting.

    Father is Uber lobbyist (Floridian, in case you havent been reading the papers, blogs, watched the news — there is a HUGE issue of lobbyists and the School Board members)

    Will raise tons of money because of Father to buy seat and package her

    No positions of any note on parent, teacher, school board issues (though, I am sure they are working on prepping her. Even Palin got through debates)

    Oh well, more of the same.

  8. Educator says:

    While we throw insults at Lauren Book because her father is a lobbyist, it might be interesting to note that Shelly Heller is hiring a major lobbyist to handle her campaign.

  9. Blue Man Scoop says:

    The sad truth is that it will take somebody like a Lauren Book (knowledge of process, experience and family members) to fight the entrenched bureaucracy. Even Ann Murray is too scared to rock the boat.

  10. Blue Man Scoop says:

    I agree with one aspect — that it will take someone with knowledge of process and experience to fight an entrenched bureaucracy. Those 2 she does not appear to have.

    She does have family, but …

    What I dont get is how, as More of the Same says, Daddy as uber lobbyist is NOT the one to fight an entrenched bureacracy. That logic fails and does not sell.

    Is the campaign theme “My Daddy raises money from the interests we need to exclude from the process and therefore I know who they are and can fight them while Daddy raises money from them”.

    Without the assurances raised by “We Need Assurances” you can NOT sell this as a populist campaign to fight the entrenched bureacracy. That is just nuts.

  11. Blue Man Scoop OOps -Meant Not Good Decision says:

    That was an accidental post –that was not Blue Man Scoop. It was Me … Not a Good Decision

  12. Not a Good Decision says:

    To Educator: Who is she getting and how does a campaign manager mean she is gonna raise money from contractors? You must be close to the campaign if you have that inside info so do tell.

    The point is, As NEED ASSURANCES says, the fact that Daddy is Uber Lobbyist does not mean she can not be a reformer, but if you think for a second that he is gonna agree to NEED ASSURANCES points, …

    And as to campaign managers, that is an interesting point but just cuz you hire a campaign manager does not mean you believe in the platforms other campaigns they have run OR that you have decided to take money from the contractors and lobbyists. So, we will need to know that point.

  13. uh huh says:

    Why dont we get as many good candidates as possible. Yeah Lauren Book may be the daughter of a lobbyist, who cares. Heller has a lot in common with Bev Galagher, parent activist, PTA mom, recently divorced. Again who cares. Lets hear how they stand on the issues.

  14. J. Parker says:

    Although I do not know Lauren I am, via local media, well enough acquainted with her work to believe that it is wholly unfair to dismiss her interest in serving on the BCSB because of her age or her Father’s profession. With regard to the former, would that others her age be as committed to service; as to the latter, according to the Miami Herald Ron Book has already pledged NOT to do business with the board for as long as Lauren may sit thereon. I am unaware of another young person in our community who has done so much in the public arena to improve the futures of those who follow. I agree that we should let voters judge her service and commitment, to say nothing of talent, rather than reject her possible candidacy out of hand.

  15. Not a Good Decision says:

    J. Parker: I dont think wholly unfair, but agree it is not out of the realm of possibility that someone could still be good despite being young and inexperienced.

    But, as to Dad, it is a big issue. Will he agree to not raise money from the contractors? Doubt he needs the business from teh BCSB so agreeing not to work with BCSB during term she is there, not really the biggest concession. Good, but not really enough in light of the systemic problems in BCSB.

  16. J. Parker says:

    Not a Good Decision, I do very much appreciate the civility with which you replied to my comment; would that more people on these sites be as interested in respectful dialogue. As for Lauren’s Father, I have no way of knowing from whom he would seek to raise money in her behalf; I am concerned, however, about the fairness of asking anyone to run a campaign based on a different set of fundraising rules than is applied to others seeking the same office. With regard to her Father’s not needing the work, that may well be true. But as we go forward let us not forget that this appears to be a family, children included, which has given thousands of hours in service to those less fortunate. Whether Lauren’s Father has prospered is really secondary to the powerful message he seems to have sent to his children about giving back.

  17. admin says:


    Please don’t judge Lauren by who her father is. I’ve never met her, but she is apparently an accomplished young woman. She is her own person.

    Maybe she has some fresh ideas. She surely can’t be bought!

    I’ve known Ron Book since we were new comers to Tallahassee in the Graham administration.

    Is Ron an angel? Far from it. He can be a vicious opponent and represents some special interests I find slimy. He sometimes uses tactics that are less than admirable.

    He is also brilliant and no one knows the political and governmental process better than him. That’s why he is soooo successful.

    He is also one of the few lobbyists who gives back to the community in a big way (George Platt is another.). He donates much money and much of his valuable time to homeless issues. He also does a lot behind the scenes for others without any publicity or pay.

    Would he raise money for his daughter’s campaign? Sure. What father wouldn’t.

    He wouldn’t work at the School Board if she was elected. Frankly he’s got so much work already, he doesn’t need to.

    Maybe he could help his daughter figure out how to overcome the influence of lobbyists at the Board. Who would be better in that role?

  18. Not a Good Decision says:

    Overall I guess the concern is, is she the best candidate OR will the formula of vicious opponent (Buddy’s words) + HUGE money from lobbyists/contractors + fear in the community of opposing RB = the best result.

    I can not accept that because it is only Dad prospered from this (when such a HUGE issue for the BCSB) and cuz he donated money earned by being a Uber lobbyist (Rothstein donated a lot too you know), and that Daddy’s true interest is in reform of the system he has worked so effectively at, that LB does not have to answer for those issues. This is not a simple Father supporting a candidate — it is Uber lobbyist at a time where the BCSB has had generate an entire separate body to address the repulsive conduct atthe BCSB and influence of the very lobbyists and contractors they will be seeking to raise money from.

    Admittedly, would like to hear her positions and experience and what she has done at such a young age and without being involved in our local schools that would qualify her to lead one of the largest school districts in the Country. Could be compelling. I am fearful that who is running against her tho will have to wonder if she can get any support given the machine daddy has — which will just drown out the true intellectual debate of issues.

  19. gonzo says:

    I love it that a (1) non school board activist nor a (2) non school board employee, administrator, principals/employee nor a (3) non school board union operative, would be running; who has comprised the great majority of current elected school board members. ACTIVISTS and EMPLOYEES, ADMINISTRATORS and UNION ACTIVISTS ie. Gallagher, Kraft, Budnick, Williams, Murray, Hope, Dineen, Gottlieb, Bartleman…. have lead us to the HORROR we call the Broward School Board, the worst governing board in the entire state…they are in a true state of denial as we speak, so much that you could call their State of Denial the 51st state of the USA…we need to elect individuals with business acumen and decision making prowress and some friggin’ common sense, individuals who can remove their heads from the sand and lead with vision… If you have same within you, Ms. Book, AND/OR others, go for it, PLEEEEEEAAAASE RUN, WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!

  20. Promoting or Questioning? says:

    Buddy: Now you are adding more pictures of her (with well liked Don Shula) and toning down your original post? Are you now promoting her (you are so much more — maybe too qualified?) or questioning her qualifications. Very interesting turn of events and nicely written puff piece.

    FROM BUDDY: I did add the picture because someone sent it to me and I though it was interesting.
    I did not change one word of the post, so I don’t know what you are talking about “toning it down.”
    Remember that I printed Heller’s entire news release.
    I don’t care who is the School Board member.

  21. gonzo says:

    Buddy, who is your school board member? I will support you running, for the same reasons i delineated above; you have got everything i described and a historical empirical knowledge of governance garnered through the years of reporting and coverage. NEVINS FOR SCHOOL BOARD, DISTRICT ? !!!! or at an at large seat candidacy against Gotlieb!? run Buddy run!!!…hmmm…the possibilities are limitless…fade …….

  22. Promoting or Questioning says:

    Buddy: Why is the picture interesting to the story in the sense of journalistic inquiry. And, your responsive post at 9:19 absolutely toned down your initial post, going so far as to even suggesting she might be the best person to change the influence of lobbyists (through the technique of asking a question). Perhaps you were fearful that the blog responsive were too harsh on LB, though not were personalized at her except for her qualifications and experience in school board matters. And, has RB said he wont take money from contractors for her campaign? So what he doesnt work for the school board while she is there — that commitment is nothing more than what current ethics should require, so where is the earth-shattering concession? Remains a puff piece as far as I am concerned irrespective of who is running against whom.

  23. The Winds of Change says:

    This very attractive young woman may have all the qualifications in the world to sit on the Board where there have been unqualified members in the past (Miriam Oliphant to name one) but this potential candidacy smacks of political nepotism not to mention that it is likely viewed by her as a stepping stone to higher office. In the tug of political warfare typical of Broward politics she should reconsider this candidacy unless she’s prepared to be bloodied. Everyone will be prepared to “throw the Book at her.” A municipal office be the better place to start if she’s seriously considering a political career.

  24. M Court says:

    someone reasonably hot to look at – so my eyes will not get tired watching the meetings 😉

  25. Promoting or Questioning says:

    M Court: Exactly. That’s why Buddy posted the 2nd photo.

  26. Waiting For The 800-Pound Gorilla : BrowardBeat.com says:

    […] wrote in the past that Lauren Book Lim could have a bigger impact on society by staying the head of her Lauren’s […]

  27. Ron Book says:

    Ron Book was convicted of illegal campaign contributions (a FELONY) in the mid-1990s, and has been recently implicated in even more corruption in recent reports. Lauren Book is just a puppet for Ron Book, all that is missing is the strings. A vote for Lauren is a vote for Ron.



    You are wrong.

    First of all, Book has never been convicted of a felony. Here is the relevant Bar document:

    In The Florida Bar v. Ronald Lee Book, No. 90,805 (Fla. July 10, 1997), Book was suspended from practicing law for 75 days after pleading guilty to four misdemeanor charges involving excessive campaign contributions and making campaign contributions in the name of another.

    Second of all, since when is a daughter her father’s puppet. I have never met Lauren Book, but I’m sure she has her own opinions and own mind.