Lobbyist Judy Stern Manipulates Another Campaign






Lobbyist and political consultant Judy Stern is again at the forefront of manipulating a campaign.


Judy Stern


Stern was involved in closing the primary in state Senate District 34 race.

She notarized write-in candidate Richard Hal Sturm’s financial disclosure statement filed in the closing moments of qualifying for the race. 



The write-in theoretically helps the candidate she is supporting, state Sen. Gary Farmer of Fort Lauderdale, by keeping Republicans and independents from voting in the primary.

Sturm jumped in the race at the last minute. That was roughly the same time that word circulated that former state Rep. Jim Waldman was entering the race against Farmer. 

Write-in Sturm’s entrance deprives the bulk of the voters in District 34 from helping deciding the next senator. The district is heavily Democratic and the race will be decided in the August primary, unless by some miracle write-in Sturm wins the November election. 

The reason behind this manipulation is obvious:

Stern believes Farmer can do better with a field of voters that include only Democrats. 

Is all this clever politics?  Or is it dirty politics?

You decide.

11 Responses to “Lobbyist Judy Stern Manipulates Another Campaign”

  1. Poor David Brown says:


    Is this what you are down too in order to save Waldman? I hear interesting things going on with palm cards, especially out of Wynmore.


    I don’t believe Wynmore condominiums is in Senate District 34.

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    My take.Clever politics.Yeah all is fair game.This write in canidate etc is BS.However, until this clever manipulative practice is abolished- again fair game.Just last month Ms.Stern was cleared by city law dept( ft.lau) that she did not have to resign from the Charter Revision bd.which i believe she is the chair.So she goes nowhere.Some of u ( which i respect and support) got really loud in your ambitions to send her packing.End result she was cleared.End result she goes nowhere.I will say this about this woman – one tough cookie and eat your Wheaties when attempting to do battle with her.I often call her the Iron Lady.Does she play fair- absolutely not but she is within the law etc.This is what she does.In a way i respect her as she is the bread winner in her family.Even if its just her.She has really cemented a standing in the community.Although, not well liked( by some, how about many) she could careless.She took a beating when mayoral canidate Bruce Roberts lost but ad u can see she picked herself up and got right back on that horse etc( BY THE WAY WHICH I STATED TO SOME OTHERS TO FOLLOW SUIT).One piece of advice get cozy with newly elected ft.lau comm Steve Glassman.Are new magic maker.( take note Mayor Trantalis)…

  3. Parlor Tricks as Strategy says:

    Judy sure is having a hard time recently, just look at Lauderdale disaster for her. Maybe can’t win a fair fight anymore so this is what happens?

    The young gun consultants don’t have to play these kind of games to win.

  4. Sober as a Judge says:

    It is a bad law.

  5. Just Saying says:

    The law allows it, and it benefits her client. Judy is just doing what she is supposed to do to help her client with all tools within the law. Don’t like it? Change the law.

  6. just asking says:

    When Rod DeSantis is elected governor of Florida on November 13 I will ask he and the legislature make FL an ‘open’ primary state. that will put an end to these underhanded shenanigans.

  7. Floridan says:

    If the Republicans want to vote in the primary, then they should run a candidte.

    FROM BUDDY: What about independents,the fastest growing group of registered voters?

  8. Maria Barth says:

    Lets be honest, this is a terrible law designed for this purpose. Technically she is doing her job.

  9. Sam The Sham says:

    I could be mistaken, but I think a law has been broken here.

    It is within the law for a candidate to register to close the election. But I think it is against the law for a candidate or his agents from “colluding” to close the election.

    Any lawyers here familiar with this statute?

  10. Been this way forever in Fla says:

    NPAs (independents) can vote for an NPA or anyone else in the general, but if they want to help select a party candidate in a contested race, they have to register in the party they want to vote in. Not that difficult.

  11. Just Saying says:

    @ 9. Sam The Sham:

    Not at all illegal to coordinate this. Years back, Lori Parrish walked the papers of her race’s write-in candidate into the Supervisor’s office and openly told reporters she did it because she didn’t believe Republicans should be allowed to vote in Democratic primaries or vice versa. The write-in told reporters he was a Parrish supporter. Perfectly legal to do this in Florida.

    Keep in mind that Florida candidates are also allowed by law to coordinate with the independent PACs they set up. Unlike federal candidates. Florida laws make it very easy on candidates to legally coordinate everything. It is how the legislative wanted it to work.