Lobbyist Daughter Named To Government Board





A well-known lobbyist’s daughter is about to be named to the board of heavy-hitters who govern the Broward Center for The Performing Arts.

Barbra Stern, lawyer and daughter of controversial lobbyist Judy Stern, is County Commissioner Lois Wexler’s appointment to the governing board. Routine approval is expected by the rest of the commissioners on Tuesday

Wexler and Judy Stern are longtime friends as closeasthis.



Barbra Stern


“Its about time we have some new blood. She’s 40 years old. She’s an up-and-comer. She lives in Fort Lauderdale. She’s involved in the city. She’s on the Riverwalk Board,” Wexler explained.

Wexler said Barbra Stern had one more qualification that swayed her to make the appointment: “She likes theater.”

Performing Arts Center Authority Board sets the budget and members help raise money for the theater. Traditionally deep-pocketed business types have served on the board because they are best able to raise the money needed.

Current members of the Board include lobbyists George Platt and John Milledge; multi-million dollar investors Joseph AmaturoAustin Forman, Charles Palmer, John Abdo and John Loos and Marti Huizenga, wife of entrepreneur H. Wayne Huizenga, among others.  

Barbra Stern, a lawyer, is an associate at a civil law firm specializing in construction defects. She is also a member of the Florida Elections Commission and the City of Fort Lauderdale Community Appearance Board.

She replaces Anne Scherer, who had just taken over as chaiur of the Authority. Anne Scherer is wife of wealthy and politically powerful downtown Fort Lauderdale lawyer and real estate investor Bill Scherer.

Wexler said she had no problem with Scherer and that it was just time for a change.



24 Responses to “Lobbyist Daughter Named To Government Board”

  1. Sam The Sham says:

    Just for clarification Buddy, did Scherer get removed from the authority or just moved up and her old position needed filling?


    My understanding is that Anne Scherer was up for reappointment, but didn’t get reappointed.

  2. Interesting says:

    I thought the Performing Arts Center is a cultural attraction for all County residents. I find it hard to believe there are no theatre lovers who live in Wexler’s District that could serve on this Board.

  3. The rest of the story says:

    You missed biggest part of the story, Scherer is incoming chair. To replace the incoming chair for her best buds daughter cause she is mad at Scherer’s hubby shows just how low this woman will go. She puts the V in vindictive. What does Babs brings to the board? Other commissioners should think twice about this appointment.

  4. Wow says:

    What a snub to her district. You can tell she is not running for reelection. I wonder why she didn’t appoint her own daughter. I hear she has a lot of time on her hands.

  5. thick as thieves says:

    You’re being nice, Buddy, when you say that they are as closeasthis. I’m sure you know that Wexler and mama Stern are bosom buddies. Stern lived in Wexlers house for a time when she was recuperating from an operation or injury years ago. They have taken numerous vacations together. All while Stern Sr was lobbying for both the SB when Wexler was on there as well as the County Commission. I’m sure Lois watched Barbara grow up. They’re practically family.

  6. Daniel Reynolds says:

    Barbra is a smart and accomplished attorney with a quick mind and a good sense of civic involvement. I think she will be a good addition to the board.

  7. Little Judy says:

    I liked Stern when I met her when she ran for the House. She was a woman trying to make her own mark in the world away from her mother. Sadly since she lost, she does nothing but live off her mothers name. I guess her line of “don’t judge me by my mom”, has come and gone, lol.

    Really Dan, what has she accomplished as an attorney? Still and associate at 40? She ever even tried a case? Civic involvement the only Board her moms friends put her on in FTL is a board that gives awards for how pretty someone’s yard is. Great accomplishment.,

    Just another spoiled brat who couldn’t accomplish anything on her own without her mom buying it for her.

    So let me get this straight, a big purpose of being on this Board is fundraising. So Wexler decided someone like Mrs. Scherer who besides her own wealth and friendships with prolific contributors to the arts such as the Von Allmans is being replaced by someone who has zero connections with people with real money to donate and support the Performing Arts Center, all because Stern likes theatre.

    Smells to me like Mr. Scherer got wise at the end of the Beam Furr race and probably backed out of a commitment to Gibbons.

  8. Eddie says:

    Wow viva Broward and all those that profit from it
    Nothing’s changes
    So the grand juries will always have work
    So brazen folks are stunned or don’t speak up

  9. Oh the irony buddy says:

    That picture is taken by the pool at the infamous Judy Stern / Sachs condo that is co owned by Barbara Stern that she claims she knows nothing about.

  10. Can't Hardly Wait says:

    The fun part will be when little Miss Stern has to do a financial disclosure form. I wonder if she will put the thousands and thousands of dollars mommy still gives to support her down as income.

  11. just saying says:

    whatever wexler’s motivation to put stern on bcpa board, she has few appointments left to make as a commissioner.
    wexler was first elected in 2004 so with term limits she is GONE from bcc come nov 2016.
    the old guard of members on bcpa


    are the past movers and shakers of fort lauderdale/broward.
    fort lauderdale is facing plenty of challenges, financial and demographic, and stern will alleviate few of them.
    if the FL Bar page for her is correct she is labor and employment law and 10 years+ out of Nova. Next we will be reading she is running for judge.

    let wexler reward her cronies. thats what a seat on bcc is for.

  12. John Henry says:

    She’ll be the poorest member on the board. LOL.

    Her City Board “experience” is no way relevant to the PA Board.

    I’m betting she’ll be replaced within a years time with someone more politically connected and way more richer.

  13. That is crap says:

    They appointment individuals who can use their influence and connections to raise money for the Theatre.

  14. Just One Vote says:

    Funny on the photo location
    The Sachs condo vs the single family home commercial is on all the cable news channels.
    After watching bogdanoff at the BCC meeting this week pitching the daycare stuff, it is clear she is trying to garner votes.
    sadlt the childrens services tax will be DOA along with the school bond, but bogdanoff may unseat Sachs.

  15. Shall I speculate says:

    There will be many new AIDS related events at the Center involving Michael Rajner?

    Interesting how such an ill man on SSI can be everywhere involved in so many activities.

  16. Just wondering says:

    Does anyone know what Bill Scherer did to piss her off? Lois is vindictive so removing Ann Scherer to put on a good friend is killing two birds with one stone.

  17. Commission watcher says:

    Interesting that at the beginning of the CC meeting on Tuesday when this item could have been pulled by a Commissioner for discussion and a vote. LaMarca, whose big supporter is Bill Scherer it appears was not on the dais when the item of Mrs. Scherer being sacked from the Performing Arts Center Board was rammed through via consent agenda. Not a shock LaMarca chose the Sterns’ over Scherer as he thinks they can bring him democratic votes. Sellout!

  18. Amanda Barcusa says:

    This appointments makes no sense. Who would remove Scherer who is capable of raising an enormous amount of money for the theatre and replace her with an associate attorney capable of raising no money? Wexler should have thought twice before making such an idiotic move.

  19. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #17 not so fast. Comm.Lamarca is seeking to put Mrs.Scherer on the actually foundation that raises boo-koo bucks for that center. Mrs. Scherer will be back. I also think this would be a good time to put Mrs.Scherer on the Riverwalk bd. of trustees(huh Courtney). Oh, and the condo in the pic is rented as of right now. I hate when poltics overshadows someone like Anne Scherer when all she wants to do is support and help out her community. Mrs.Scherer can stand on her own. Lets move on. Also good luck to Barbie(tell your mother Barbra Streisand(mother big fan) will be on Jimmy Fallon Monday night for the entire show.(huh Judy)….

  20. wow says:

    Who would have thought Robert Walsh was so close to Bill Scherer.

  21. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Voters elect ft lauderdale n county commidsioners as well as school board members. If voters dont like commission appointees than vote for other candidates. People on this blog complain n complain, insult n insult but both voters n elected officials dont seem to be convinced but any of the bloggers criticism. I d like to see evidence any blog has ever impacted an election in broward or even a minor appointment. Navel gazing writ large time after time issue after issue and miss stern mrs stern continue to thrive

  22. Buddy says:


    A reader wrote me:

    Anne Scherer is the Owner/President of Scherer Management and Development, a commercial real estate development company that owns several vibrant Broward properties. She is a licensed real estate broker and interior designer and a design consultant for Gulf Building and Design, a large construction/architectural firm involved in many commercial and residential projects. These qualifications illustrate her business skills which, when combined with her love of the arts, allow her to effectively raise literally millions of dollars in behalf of the citizens of Broward County and manage budgets and general operations relating to the Broward Performing Arts Center.
    Mrs. Scherer was instrumental in raising money for the Encore! Campaign which resulted in a recently completed sixty million dollar renovation of the Broward Center. All citizens of Broward County benefit from these efforts.
    The loss of Anne Scherer as a member, let alone Chair, of the Broward Performing Arts Center Authority Board is a devastating one

  23. just the facts says:

    Ann Scherere is a licensed re broker since 1989.
    She is not an interior designer licensed by DBPR.
    she may have design flair and do interior decorating but she is not licensed per FlaSta 481.
    and no one needs a license to raise money whether charitable giving or tax dollars.

  24. Anne says:

    She also has a degree in music from Purdue University and is a classically trained sopranist. She was the only board member with a background in the arts.