Little Enthusiasm For Hillary Found At Polls





There is no joy at polling places today in the state’s most durable Democratic base — Broward County.

There is just resignation.

Resignation that Hillary Clinton will win Florida and eventually be the nominee of the Democratic Party.

A tour of precincts in West and Central Broward – which should be the heart of Hillary’s strength – found little excitement among Democrats.


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Generates Little Excitement.


Some Republicans expressed enthusiasm for Donald Trump in this key presidential primary. He represents a change in government.

There was little for Hillary. She is part of the way Washington has worked for years.

Maybe Democrats are so passionless because they have the most flawed favored candidate in modern times.

Hillary’s unfavorable ratings have been climbing for months. They are now are 53.6 percent to 41.6 percent who view her favorably.

The most common complaint: Hillary is untrustworthy.

A number of pollsters opine that voters’ views of Hillary are relatively fixed because she has been around for so long. Long enough that most voters use only her first name. Thus, those negative views may be incredibly hard to change.

Democrats hope enough people hold their noses and vote for Hillary because they fear and dislike Trump. Or Ted Cruz.

It won’t be a vote for Hillary. It will be a vote against Trump. Or against Cruz.

Watch the endless parade of Democrats on cable television and you’ll see them clutching at this straw: Trump and Cruz have high unfavorable ratings, too.

Trump has a 62.4 percent unfavorable and only 33.2 favorable. Cruz has a 52 percent unfavorable compared to 32 percent favorable.

That’s no surprise.

Both Republicans are dividers.  They pick on everybody who doesn’t mirror their views.

“Mexicans” is a frequent slur dripping from Trumps lips with like the word “Nigra” was often drawled by segregationist Gov. George Wallace.  

Cruz’s favorite slur is “liberal Democrats” and “Planned Parenthood,” as if millions of liberals and pro-choice supporters were somehow unAmerican.

Cruz appears more polished, like a member of the 1950s-era White Citizens Council to Trump’s Klu Klux Klan.   The Council was better at putting a civil face on their Klan-like’s views. Cruz mirrors Trump, without the rough edges.

A majority of voters today believe that the candidates of both parties are so distasteful they will be voting for the lesser of two evils in the Fall.

And academics wonder why the turnouts are so poor.




15 Responses to “Little Enthusiasm For Hillary Found At Polls”

  1. Wrong says:

    Hillary’$ $treingth is in the Black communitie$. There is some genuine $uppoet for her there turning folks out.

  2. Broward Voter says:

    What about Bernie Sanders? I keep hearing how Millennials are so enthused about Sanders. Are they too busy instagramming their tweets on snapchat to vote?

  3. felix t says:

    Hillary and Ted Cruz both talk out of all sides of their mouthes. They will say and do anything to get elected.

    Trump is a reality show host who both lacks the temperament and knowledge to be president. It is sad choices.

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    As someone who actually stood by Mr Trump at one major press opportunity in the early 90s I saw him play the anti-development reporters like Heifetz on a violin.
    He is a master showman n the only political figure on the scene now who can both “smell a crowd’s thirst for blood” and turn it to HIS advantage.

  5. Archduke BFD Samuel du Shamrack says:

    Hillary has less charisma than either Hubert Humphrey or Walter Mondale do right now lying in their graves. She figures it is her turn so you should vote for her. That is to say nothing about her corruption, deceit and treachery.

    Cruz admittedly has high negatives but it is beneath you, Buddy, to equate him with the racists of KKK and White Citizens Council.

    He is divisive, I will admit, but his divisions are on matters of law and constitutional interpretations. Not race.

    Guess who I voted for!

  6. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    What is it with this Buddy Nevins guy? He expects the Hillary voters to get so excited that they throw punches into the faces of Blacks? He desires to witness Hillary voters to proudly crash Miami and turn over police cares and set them on fire? Why has Buddy refused to comment that Hillary has EARNED the most votes of all other presidential candidates – GOP and Dems?


    What a joke!!!! The enthusiasm of Hillary fans early on FORCED Vice President Joe Biden to REFUSE to enter the race. Unfortunately Joe’s son passed away last year. But that does not mean a 7 year Vice President had to give up his lifetime goal of seeking the highest office in the land. POTUS Lincoln also lost a son; during the Civil War; and history does not show Abe quitting! You ask any female and they are so proud, pleased and happy that Hillary won every state on Tuesday March 15, 2015.
    Buddy writes: “Hillary’s unfavorable ratings have been climbing for months.” Why doesn’t Buddy also state the fact that Hillary has NEVER been convicted of anything in her life. ALWAYS INNOCENT!!!! What’s fair is fair!

    Is Buddy the kind of guy that gets excited during a GOP debate when the word “LIAR” is repeated dozens of times? Is Buddy the kind of guy that gets turned on when the GOP Presidential candidates make ‘di*k” jokes; so that parents all over the country have to throw their kids out of the living room during the suppertime national news?
    All of Bernie current supporters will be flocking to Hillary by the millions come November 2016. They will NOT be voting for The Donald, as crazy FOX News is pushing as of tonight. No Sander’s fan wants POTUS Donald to appoint 3 Supreme Court Justices. As soon as US Senator Elizabeth Warren endorses Hillary, the ground swell of enthusiasm and trust will be cascading towards Hillary. The darling of the Democratic Party is still POTUS Bill Clinton. Once Hillary wins the nomination this summer, Bill will not tolerate a single negative word out of Trump about his wife! POTUS Obama is expected to nominate a Black justice extremely soon to the open seat on the Supreme Court. As the GOP promise to sit on their butts and won’t even hold hearings, this will rile up the Black Democratic base to no end. They again will vote for the Democratic nominee with over 90% come November. There is an excellent possibility that Hillary will appoint her Cabinet officer Mr. Castro to be her Vice President. That will easily cause the enthusiasm among the Hispanic voters to reach over 85%. A good number of GOP females will switch over to vote for Hillary, when their only other choice is foul mouth Trump.
    I guess Buddy Nevins here loves to make wild and crazy comments just to expand his web site. Too bad he picked on the wrong gal!!!!!


    You obviously didn’t read my comments, which many might contend are negative, about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

  7. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    Buddy, I admire you greatly for being so honest and having a couple of balls to print opposing comments to your views. You could have easily censored all my comments and the world would never have known this fact. This article that you composed was about your view concerning the lack of enthusiasm among Hillary voters. So let’s keep the talk about this single issue – the enthusiasm of the supporters of Secretary Hillary Clinton. Of course I read about your comments about Trump and Cruz. So how about you stop trying to divert my comments by you tossing these two GOP contenders into the salad? Please explain to everyone how you wanted and desired for Hillary supporters to show their enthusiasm?
    Hillary received over 1,094,000 votes in the state of Florida when the Democratic ballot had nothing else to offer voters to choice from. There was no medical marijuana state-wide amendment to vote on. Do you realize that Hillary won Florida by over 530,000 votes against her opponent who pulled in $40,000,000 in February? Why did you seem to forget to include these two vital facts in your article? How many more votes did you really want Hillary to win by before you showed any sense of decency, at long last?
    “A number of pollsters opine that voters’ views of Hillary are relatively fixed because she has been around for so long. Long enough that most voters use only her first name. Thus, those negative views may be incredibly hard to change.”
    But you have no problem with the one word “Bern” as in “Feel the Bern” that the supporters of that life long and career of the US Senator from Vermont are proud to use.
    So Buddy, please inform us all how you personally expected Hillary’s fans and their followers in Broward County were supposed to respond and act yesterday? And why was over 50% of your article about Trump and Cruz when the title of your article was: “Little Enthusiasm For Hillary Found At Polls.” Any qualified high school English teacher would have graded you with no better than a “C” due to this fragrant omission on your part. Let’s keep to the subject and to the facts.


    I find it particularly interesting that the New York Times had an article this morning that started like this:

    “The victories were lopsided. The celebrations were effusive. The delegates were piling up by the hundreds.

    “But Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton’s resounding triumphs on Tuesday masked a profound, historic and unusual reality: Most Americans still don’t like him. Or her.

    “Both major parties must now confront the depth of skepticism, resistance and distaste for their front-runners, a sentiment that would profoundly shape a potential general election showdown between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton.”

    What Hillary Clinton supporters can do to excite voters? Who knows? I guess you can only hope that voters decide at some point that (1) Hillary is qualified by her experience and prepared to do a good job and (2) She is not one of the wacky, hateful Republicans.

  8. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Dear Mr Nevins


    You set up a blog to let EVERYONE HAVE THEIR SAY ON ALL SIDES OF AN ISSUE and you get someone attacking you INSTEAD OF MAKING THEIR OWN ARGUMENTS BETTER!

    Hillary Clinton has been improving her speaking lately BUT like several defeated in the past Demicratic n Republican presidential candidates she is lacklust too often AND TOO ROOTED IN THE PAST N CONNECTED TO FAILED POLICIES LIKE, YES JEB BUSh.

    The argument you should vote for a woman because she’s a woman is down right stupid! The idea because one of the Castro Brothers will be in the Cabinet you shoukd vote for Hillary is moronic and reminds us of the last “GREAT MEXICAN HOPE” from Texas put into the Cabinet AND WE KNOW HOW CISERNOS SCREWED THAT UP!

  9. Impressed says:

    “Archduke BFD Samuel du Shamrack”

    Brilliant moniker

  10. Envious Broward Parent says:

    All that Hilary’s unfavorable rating numbers prove is that the right wing’s decades long attacks have been effective at smearing her. That data, along with the republican election results suggest that the right wing’s attacks on education have been hugely successful, and America has a huge population of of uninformed and unanalytical voters.

  11. carolina says:

    Buddy, you provide a great service to our community. Please don’t let the naysayers discourage you.
    You are the first topic I turn to when I get on my computer each day.
    In my book – Buddy gets an A.

  12. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    Broward Democratic Party
    To: XXXXX March 15 at 6:40 PM
    Broward Democrats,
    Due to unforeseen circumstances involving Deicke {Building} being a voting location, we will not be able to hold our March meeting this evening. Apologies for the late notice. We will be sure to reschedule pizza for some time in the near future.



    When will she finally going to RESIGN?

    Cynthia Busch, Leader of the Broward DEC Democratic Party, planned a 7:00PM “Victory Pizza Party” on the same evening of the Florida Presidential Primary.
    She planned it at a voting location!
    When did she announce her MISTAKE?
    At 6:40 PM the SAME DAY!!!!
    Just 20 minutes before the doors were to be open.
    What makes this woman tick? NOT HER BRAIN.
    It is reported that Cynthia Busch and Travis Perron were both informed numerous days before the party was to occur that location was NEVER available. But each one thought the other would notify all their fellow members days ahead of time.
    How low will the Democratic Broward DEC Executive Committee have to sink into the mud flats of failure and despair before Cynthia Busch sees the writings on the wall and QUIT?

  13. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    @12 I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU HAVE POSTED! Pkease confirm the posting is NOT A JOKE!

    And where are all these young Democrats with the highly paid short hours patronage jobs? They are saying n doing nothing?

    The whole bunch make me sick!

    Mr. Ceaser, your stature increases daily!

  14. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    @13, this is the ACTUAL e-mail sent out by the Broward DEC:

    Broward Democratic Party
    To: XXXXX March 15 at 6:40 PM
    Broward Democrats,
    Due to unforeseen circumstances involving Deicke {Building} being a voting location, we will not be able to hold our March meeting this evening. Apologies for the late notice. We will be sure to reschedule pizza for some time in the near future.


    Go ask any of the 600 to 700 DEC members. They all received the same e-mail. Cynthia has NO idea what is going on. SHE HAS TO GO!~!!


  15. Howard the Moron says:

    Aim low, achieve your goals, avoid disappointment. Shrillary will be indicted soon, so why bother getting excited.