Lisa Aronson’s Commission Race Has Good Month





Coconut Creek Commissioner Lisa Aronson’s County Commission campaign finally caught fire in February.

Aronson easily outraised her opponents in the race to replace term limited Commissioner Kristin Jacobs. Aronson had lagged in campaign cash, which was surprising for an incumbent city commissioner.

Seventy one contributors gave her $16,249 in money, in-kind goods and services last month.  Combined with money she had already raised, Aronson now has a little more than $25,000 in the bank.

She got a boost from contributors like lobbyist Judy Stern, who gave $500. The back-story to this contribution is one of revenge.

Lobbyist Stern bitterly broke with another candidate in the race, Charlotte Rodstrom.  She has been working against her former best friend Rodstom since 2012.

The dispute involved whether Rodstom should make an earlier run for the county commission.  Rodstrom ran (and eventually lost) against Stern’s wishes and the lobbyist never forgave her.

Other Aronson contributors include waste recycling entrepreneur Ron Bergeron, who bundled at least $3,000; fire fighters and police employee groups that gave her $2,000 along with their endorsement; an airport concession business Right Consulting LLC that was good for $500 and Hollywood Commissioner Patti Asseff and lobbyist George Platt, who kicked in $100 apiece.

Aaronson’s opponents for North Broward’s District 2 include:

* Rodstrom, a former Fort Lauderdale commissioner making a second try for county commission, who raised $13,850 in February. She now has more than $27,000 in her campaign.

In February, Rodstrom received $1,000 from powerbroker/lawyer Bill Scherer and wife, Anne Scherer; $1,500 from real estate kingpin Austin Forman, wife Christine Forman, business partner Bill Murphy and Forman associate Jack Loos; $250 from Vicki McDonald, wife of engineering company owner Tom McDonald; $500 from LSN Partners, which is where lobbyist George Platt works (He is apparently playing both sides of the fence) and $500 from Stiles Construction, a major Broward builder.

* Mark Bogen, a lawyer, collected no contributions during February.  Bogen did report loaning his campaign another $5,000. He now says he has roughly $140,828 in the bank, with $115,000 from his own pocket.

There is a rumor sweeping the Government Center that a fourth Democratic candidate — the district is heavily Democratic — will enter the race shortly.  Speculation is that the candidate is black and thus has the potential of winning with a bloc vote in the primary from that community.

10 Responses to “Lisa Aronson’s Commission Race Has Good Month”

  1. Seth Platt says:

    I think that might have been my $100 Buddy for Lisa, my first name on my checks is also George.

  2. Sam The Sham says:

    At least Aronson lives in the district. Rodstrom would have to leave her multi million dollar waterfront home in Ft Lauderdale. Bogen, who is trying to buy the seat outright, would have to leave his nice Wellington (Palm Beach County!) home and buy in Coconut Creek.

    You Dems sure can pick ’em.

  3. Floridan says:

    You Dems sure can pick ‘em.

    I think we should probably wait until the primary before announcing who the Democrats pick.

  4. count lf chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    You know the one thing I found shocking about all south Florida politics was that not people ran in nearby districts and then moved in but how non residents like congressman Peter Deutsch won races and non resident political consultants like Judy stern ran things for themselves not the local residents. With all due respect Mrs. Rodstrom is obeying the law and has never been dominated by lobbyists like non resident Judy stern who really is the alien factor in this race.

  5. reading between the lines says:

    I believe the title of the Article should be “Aronson Campaign just got desperate”

    Everyone knows there is nothing for free with Judy Stern. The only way for her to make money is for her to have votes on the County Commission.

    In the next few days Pompano Activist Carmen Jones will probably enter this race, she was previously a supporter of Bogen. Word is Dale Holness is putting her up and Judy may be involved in the campaign like she said by many to be with Alexandra Davis who Holness put in Barbra Sharief’s race.

    This move hurts Bogen in the Pompano African American Community and helps Lisa. If this plays out, it is not hard to speculate the likelihood Lisa would owe Holness and Stern big time.

    One of the reasons Charlotte’s falling out with Stern was because she would tell people she had Charlotte’s vote when she did not. That is a positive in Charlotte’s favor, she is not controlled by lobbyists.

    For Bogen, Amy Rose and Barbra Miller, I don’t believe do any lobbying at the County. So they are not looking for votes later.

    As for Lisa, lay with Stern….

  6. FLAMED OUT says:

    Comm. Aronson are you using Broward Beat to fake out your two opponents? Comm. Lisa is going around trying to gather registered voters’ signatures to get on the ballot for free instead of paying the almost $10k candidate filing fee. I believe the money and support from political “friends” will end once Comm. Aronson’s dirty deeds come to light.

    Paging the ASA of Broward’s Corruption Unit and Chaz, when will the investigation end and a charging document/close out memo be released?

    Members of the PBA might want to confront their leaders on how endorsements are given without interviews of all candidates in the race. Hell, even the Realtors ASSN make candidates fill out an extensive questionnaire and interview all candidates before giving out endorsements. One question they ask “Are you currently( or have ever been) under investigation by any local, state or federal agency? If so, what was the outcome?

    PBA members keep that question in mind when a particular candidate’s law enforcement “issues” come to light.

  7. Sam The Sham says:


    “I think we should probably wait until the primary before announcing who the Democrats pick.”

    You are right, I was a little off base. The point I should have made is that scoundrels, scalawags and carpetbaggers seem to flock to the Democrat Party. And THEN you pick ’em.

  8. My Red Moped - Beep Beep says:

    Rodstrom needs to raise monies or LeTurd will go broke….

  9. stern burn says:

    Not the most recent Fort Lauderdale Police/Fire contract but the one prior, Judy was a consultant to one of the unions and swore to everyone that she had Charlotte’s vote in her back pocket in favor of the police and fire contract. On the night of the vote Charlotte voted against the contract (that ultimately passed). Judy bided her time because John was still on the BCC. Once John was termed out and Charlotte wanted to run for the BCC, Judy got Evan Jenne to run and then before he officially dropped out, Stern was already with Tim Ryan.

  10. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Well The Grand Wizard” Att.Bill Scherer and his wife came through for Charlotte. I have been booted. Some of you keep pointing out that Judy Stern is putting up shadow canidates to run against this one and that one. She runs campaigns. I hardly think she does this for free regardless w/ reference to this dispute w/ Charlotte. These people (canidates(potential) go to Judy, not the other way around. I stated months ago this falling out between these two woman, was bad for both of them(I was right). As far as the police contract, they got what they wanted. The contract passed that year. Magic number in Ft.Lau is three. I agree that vote that night raised a few eyebrows. Why? You got what you wanted(contract). Don’t underestimate Charlotte and her husband. She plays her hand right , she can win. I love the cheap shots concerning her. If she was fat/ugly a lot of you wouldn’t say boo. Charlotte get out there. Go to those HOa’in that district. Get in Century village and listen to the residents concerns. Bring up the fact that you were a flight attendant that lost your pension to that bastard Frank Lorenzo. You are one of us. Let the residents in that district know you are one of them, and want to help them. Dress to the nines, don’t cut that hair , know the issues and never let them see you sweat. You can do this Charlotte. Enough some of you w/ Judy Stern hating her and trying to destroy her. Judy Stern is a very smart woman and she has bigger fish to fry. Huh Judy….