Lien On Judicial Candidate’s House


Judicial candidate Frieda Goldstein’s house in Miami-Dade County has a lien against it for not paying the garbage pickup bill.

Is this another example of the a judicial candidate running for office because she needs a raise?

You decide.

The lien (below) states that there is a large unpaid solid waste service bill for  the home. Added to the garbage pickup bill are late charges, administrative fees and interest and you’ve got $3,078.96.

The money is allegedly owed the Village of Key Biscayne, according to the lien stamped March 16 and on file in Miami-Dade.

The home is valued at $1.2 million on Goldstein’s financial disclosure. 

The lien is made out to Goldstein’s lawyer husband, Steven.  But the property on Key Biscayne is in the couple’s name and has a homestead exemption.

She is running against Circuit Judge Carlos Rodriguez.

I have written before about Goldstein owing taxes on the home and her financial situation, here.

Frieda and Steven Goldstein did not return separate e-mails to their offices for comment.

In a recent five-paragraph “personal statement given the unions during an endorsement meeting, Frieda Goldstein explained how her father was a member of the AFL-CIO in Patterson, New Jersey as a Continental Can employee.  Her mother was in the embroidery workers union.  Her uncle was a union activist and her husband, Steven Goldstein, is a former railroad cop who remains a member of the Fraternal Order of Police, Amtrak.

Then she explained why she wanted to be a judge:

 “A question that I am frequently asked while meeting the voters of Broward County is why I chose to enter into the seat I am in.  As evidence by my family background, I do not cower to challenges.  I believe that the right of voters to choose who is entrusted with instilling justice on us is paramount.  My opponent was recently appointed by Republican Governor Charlie Christ (sic). The voters of Broward County deserve the opportunity to voice their opinion on whom they believe should be the people’s elected officials.”


9 Responses to “Lien On Judicial Candidate’s House”

  1. Law firm man says:

    More dirty campaigning from Judy Stern, the scourage of campaigns. Carlos Rodriguez should be ashamed for hiring this dirty campaigner. It says a lot of about how desperate he is to hold on to his judgeship.

  2. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @Law firm

    Name one single campaign, in the entire history of campaigns worldwide, that didn’t go dirty…

  3. Ms Annie says:

    She is a terrible writer in addition to being a carpetbagger and tax deadbeat.

  4. I have one says:

    Jack Seiler’s campaigns have never been negative. He has never said a negative word about his opponents. While his opponents in the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale race may not agree with how he governs, they ever accused him of negative campaigning.

  5. Judy Must Be Great says:

    Judy Stern must be raking in money hand over fist given all the free advertising she gets. Her phone must be ringing off the hook with business offers. She must be very good at what she does to get all this attention.

    When notorious political trickster Roger Stone was running Al Lamberti for sheriff all this outrage about campaign strategy was missing. Look at all the promises made by that candidate to the PBA and then let’s talk about underhanded political strategies.

  6. For the record says:

    We know a few things about Judge Rodriguez’s opponent:
    1. She has a Jewish last name, but is not really Jewish.
    2. She lives in Miami
    3. She is a Miami lawyer
    4. She has never lived or practiced law in Broward.
    5. She is upside-down on her house in Miami.
    6. She has raised little to no money.
    7. She doesn’t campaign at all.
    8. She did not show up for her interview with the Herald.
    I wonder why she is running in Broward and I wonder how she thinks she will win?

  7. Dumba$$ says:

    Thanks Judge or Judy…

    The few informed voters know the above and will probably vote for you.

    Your problem is the 98% of uninformed voters who will vote based on her being jewish, top of the ballot and female. Worse for you is that all those candidates put up by Kulik are going to spend their resources telling the voters to vote Jewish.

    You can sell your point on this blog all day long but it’s going to make little difference overall (no offense buddy)

  8. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> Jack Seiler’s campaigns have never been negative.

    Holy fuck dude. That’s some good weed you got. Fax me some.

  9. Broward Lawyer says:

    @ For the record

    It is pretty obvious Frieda Goldstein is running an
    Ian Richards/Ellen Feld campaign.
    Carlos Rodriguez and Judy Stern better deal with it by election day.