Nevins: Lieberman Should Keep Her Mouth Shut About Ethics Law


The Sun-Sentinel gave readers today one more good reason to believe the Broward County Commission is rotten to the core.

Just this paragraph quoting the Chaits, developers who bragged they bribed politicians,  is enough to understand the problems:

“The Chaits told prosecutors they paid a local political consultant more than $100,000 — in cash — in 2006 to perform public relations work and lobby for their project. Bruce Chait said he didn’t think he needed the consultant, Beverly Stracher, but hired her at the strong suggestion of County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman, who lives in Tamarac.

First question:

Who outside of a drug dealer is paid more than $100,000 in cash?  Being paid in cash should have been an immediate warning to Stracher that something was hinky with the job. 

I’m assuming they thought Stracher would pass some of the money along to politicians.  After all, they have told prosecutors they paid off politicians.

Stracher’s attorney, Eric Schwartzreich, is quoted as saying his client did nothing wrong and would not be charged with a crime. She is cooperating with prosecutors.

I hope he’s right.  Stracher worked at the Sun-Sentinel and I truly like her. I just believe she made a mistake getting involved with the Chaits and taking cash.

Second question:

Why is Lieberman suggesting what lobbyists developers should hire?  Is Lieberman a rainmaker for lobbyists? Is that why she was elected?

If Lieberman was doing this, the relationship between lobbyists and commissioners is way too cozy. 

I can tell you something about the relationship between Stracher and Lieberman. 

I believe Stracher covered Lieberman as a Sun-Sentinel reporter.  After leaving the newspaper, she got elected to the Lauderhill City Council in 1990,  joining Lieberman in city hall.  Lieberman was on the council from 1984-88  and  mayor from 1988-96.

Lieberman  is quoted in the newspaper as saying she didn’t know anything about Stracher’s compensation from the Chaits.  I don’t believe it.

Lieberman is Stracher’s political rabbi, i.e., mentor.  They are thisclose.

When Stracher needed a job recently, Lieberman got her hired as a county commission staffer.  This despite the fact that county workers were threatened with lay offs.

Lieberman is not accused of any crime. 

But if the Chaits are telling the truth, she can’t pass the smell test. 

Thousands in cash to Stracher.  Advise on what lobbyist a developer should hire.  A job handed out to a political friend.

It is just more fun and games with your money at the county commission.

P.S.:  I always thought it was ludicrous that other commissioners listened to the ethics law suggestions from Lieberman, who has been a lobbyist in the past. 

After reading the Sun-Sentinel today, I find it laughable that Lieberman had the guts to say anything publicly about ethics laws.

10 Responses to “Nevins: Lieberman Should Keep Her Mouth Shut About Ethics Law”

  1. thetruth will set u free says:

    How can you take what the Chaits say as gospel?They are charged with perjury, and admitted to bribing elected officials, remember? They are credible???? Maybe they just had a drive-thru window at their office where they handed out envelopes of cash? Would you believe that too?

  2. Reprobait1 says:

    If Satz continues with the “do nothing” attitude, at least we are lucky that the IRS will have to look into this now. The Feds need to be involved, we can’t count on our local law enforcement or the State prosecutor. These scumbags need to get their walking papers and a “go to jail” card.

  3. PHAT Black Chick says:

    Did the Chaits deliver $100,000.00 in a Nike shoebox? If she (Stacher) accepted the cash, did she report it the transaction to the IRS? Money-laundering is not a joke!!! Where are the feds?

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Hinky…. heheheheheh…

    Now THAT is funny.

  5. Frank White says:

    A Car Dealer
    A Jeweler
    Anything an elderly person is buying

    Yes, car dealers and jewelers sometimes do business in cash. Lobbying fees or even fees for most professionals are generally not in cash.

    Many people don’t like to walk around with large sums of money because of the threat of robbery. Lots of stores won’t take bills over $20.

    As far as the elderly, they use credit cards and checks just like every other age group. Maybe that is why AARP offer a credit card. Remember their Social Security, pensions and investments are paid to them by check or electronically, not in cash.

  6. Floridan says:

    I don’t know if I would take everything the Chaits say as gospel. They have a lot of reasons to spread the blame widely.

  7. BigBikeRider says:

    Buddy, I’ve been in Tamarac a long time. I’ve seen the City change, much to my distaste. I’ve seen Norman Abromawitz live and die. I’ve seen Joe Schreiber act like a clown in the shadow of Abromawitz. I’ve listen to old men like Sultanof and Portner talk in circle after circle. And I campaigned vigorously for Karen Roberts against Beth Talabisco. I campaigned for Roberts because she was against the Chait development and against Talabisco because she was for it. I don’t understand all this drama about Talabisco supporting the Chaits housing projects. People knew all over town that Talabisco supported these projects, she never said she didn’t. In the end it turned out Tamarac didn’t care. Now that she’s split with Lieberman she’s turned out to be the best Mayor our city’s ever had. Talabisco has worked hard to represent all of the areas of Tamarac and she’s done so in a way that has made people feel good about Tamarac. If Mike Satz’s premise is that she only supported the Chait’s project after the Chait’s say they paid her off the are all wrong. I campainged against her long and hard because she was for those projects long before what I read in the Sun Sentinel today took place. Satz is wrong and it will be a shame for Tamarac if Talabisco is charged with a crime because of lies told by the Chaits’ and their paid political tool.

  8. city Activist Robert walsh says:

    With The Chaits singing like canaries of course they are going to spill the beans. They refer to her as the red head and don’t get her mad etc. Anyone can say anything to get a lighter sentence etc. but is this enough for the State Att. office to press criminal charges against Comm. Lieberman ,well time will tell. I think that Mayor in Tamarac if this all sticks is next for the Pokey. These 2 basic thugs(Chaits) think by defameing all these politicians that they will get a lighter sentence. Well it could work,but what I’ve read about Lieberman at this point I really don’t think they have a case against her unless more discoveries are coming from the squellers(Chaits). So anything is possible,but something tells me Comm. lieberman isn’t losing much sleep over this.Lets not forget her husband is an Attorney who has propbably coached her through this whole process.,

  9. Pray For Ilene says:

    Ilene has the county hire Chaits’ lobbyist Beverly Stacher just when the investigation is getting underway thereby making her dependent on Ilene for a pay check.
    There is a lot of people who have been pushed around by Lieberman for many years praying for her indictment.
    I hope Satz is checking into her law fees and law clients, which everybody suspects she trades for votes.

  10. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Buddy is dead on correct regarding Commissioner Lieberman! 1-2-3, a pin, indeed!