Libertarians Could Make Trouble For LaMarca



Watch out Republican County Commissioner Chip LaMarca: The Broward County Libertarian Party is actively seeking a candidate to run against you for County Commission.

An e-mail distributed this week was trolling for a voter registered with the Libertarian Party to run against LaMarca and whoever wins the August Democratic primary. Democrats Ken Keechl and Ben Lap are running.

If Libertarian Donald Sheldon finds a candidate, it could cost LaMarca votes. Political experts believe Libertarians generally cut into Republican vote totals.

Here is the news release:


Are you a registered member of the Libertarian Party of Florida ?

Do you live in



Oakland Park,

Lauderdale By The Sea,

FortLauderdale, along the  beach from sunrise north to county Line, or east from beach to Dixie north of Oakland park blvd

We need YOU to be the LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE for Broward County Commission.


If you are willing to run contact me at

Thank You ,

Donald Sheldon



20 Responses to “Libertarians Could Make Trouble For LaMarca”

  1. Ghost of McLovin says:

    They’re so organized they don’t know where (if any) their party members are? The voter rolls are avialable from the SOE (believe me, I get bombarded every cycle because I’m a supervoter). My party knows where I live and how often I vote. Good lucl Libby’s.

  2. Fat boy at it again says:

    Ahearn playing games. What is wrong Mike, cant Keechl win it on his own. Go back to Starbucks next to Catalina and choke on a latte.

  3. The Critic says:

    I dunno, did Chip win it on his own or was it a 3rd candidate taking 5% of the vote that did it?!?

  4. Hear we go says:

    I here that a TEA candidate is coming. Lamarca is toast.

  5. Ghost of Chiari says:

    Just pulling from the dirty tricks from 2010. My, how the tables have turned.

  6. Five Oaks says:

    Fat Boy’s life would be so less complicated if he just stopped eating, blogging, and gossiping over the back fence.

  7. Lol lol says:

    fat Boy be fat but he pays his mortgage unlike deadbeat LaMarca.

    Chip is the American Dream, fancy cars, fancy clothes, a McMansion in LHP, part time job paying almost 100k a year and for almost four years he has not made a mortgage payment.

    Sadly there are still many people who live in District 4 who work 2 and 3 part time jobs to stay afloat to pay their bills while Little Lord Fontelroy LaMarca lives lives the lifestyle of the rich and famous off the money he should be using to pay his Mortgage.

    I doubt those District 4 voters will not find they stare the same struggles with LaMarca when he says he feels their pain of being in foreclosure as he sits by the pool at his home that he calls Casa Del Sol.

  8. Fed Up with Broward Corruption says:

    When is Lamberti getting arrested?

  9. Kevin Hill says:

    Yeah, they could easily get hold of the SOE voter rolls. Sometimes I don’t think libertarians could organize a two car funeral. Then again, “organizing” pretty much goes against their whole ethos, doesn’t it?

    Which reminds me: “How many libertarians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

    “Just one. He grabs the lightbulb while the world turns around him.”

  10. Deadbeat Chip says:

    LaMarca gets paid for a part time job close to 100k a year, two months off in the summer and he still can’t find a way to supplement his income to bring his mortgage current?

    For some, as Chips license plate cover says, life is a Cabernet. Us taxpayers are so honored to keep LaMarca in the lifestyle he is accustomed too.

  11. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Anyone who gets involved with the Libertarian Party should be very wary of both Roger Stone and the “Broward Bugle”…

    MAY 8, 2013 AT 6:14 AM
    Hidden owner of ‘news’ site gave $120,000 to group that paid sheriff’s campaign manager
    By Dan Christensen,

    The registered owner of an online Broward “news” operation contributed over $120,000 to a political group that made payments to a firm owned by Sheriff Scott Israel’s campaign manager, Amy Rose, and to her husband.

    Andrew James Miller, 29, gave the money to Taxpayers for Integrity in Government last August, amid Israel’s successful bid to unseat then-Sheriff Al Lamberti, election records show.

    Miller is a protégé of flamboyant South Florida-based political consultant and prospective gubernatorial candidate, Roger Stone. Miller describes himself on his Twitter page as a “political pirate, provocateur, street fighter.”

    (To read more go to the link above…..buddy)

  12. LaMarca Fan says:

    You people are stupid, having a Republican on the Commission is impotent to have balance with all those Democrats up there. Commissioner LaMarca has been an impotent to all of us Republicans being our voice at the County level. Tank you Commissiner LaMarca for all you do.

  13. Señor Censor says:

    Do you think Lamberti will be arrested when Adderley is arrested along with Greenlaw’s?

  14. Oscar says:

    There are only 165 registered Liberterian Party members in district 4 (as of 4/30/14)

  15. @lamarca fan says:

    Did you say Lamarca is impotent? That explains a lot.

  16. Sam The Sham says:

    Why are Librarians making trouble for LaMarca?

  17. LaMarca impotent says:

    That’s what she said

  18. RINO says:

    Not unlike Republicans, Libertarians believe in less government and more personal responsibility. They are maybe frustrated, as am I, to see the only Republican on the commission be fiscally reckless with his own finances and then wants the responsibility of managing our tax dollars. He is no better than someone who works part time so they can choose to live on government assistance. Lamarca should get a job and pay his bills. That is what a Republican would do.

  19. Dorrego says:

    I know about LaMarca pasta, not bad for store bought but over all not very firm and for sure a limp noodle or two.

  20. city activist robert walsh says:

    I got to tell you as Chip is my county comm. he has always been there for me and many others. he is good on the beach and knows every concern. I recently called him about a code issue(take not slumlord and his bigot attorney-I got the Chipster) in pompano Beach and he has been very helpful. Let them throw the cheap shots Chip. Again he has returned every phone message I have sent him. Also to point out his staff is very prompt and very professinal. Win Chip win.