LGBT Community Begin Ads For Crist





Among the groups backing Charlie Crist are much of the LGBT community.

This week, Equality Florida began a mail campaign to get out the vote among LGBT voters and their supporters.

For those readers who didn’t see the mailer yet, it is below.






6 Responses to “LGBT Community Begin Ads For Crist”

  1. SeƱor Censor says:

    Does this mean Charlie will get a divorce?

  2. frank says:

    Interesting there’s no references for any of those claims.

  3. A joke says:

    I have heard from people that know him that he is actually gay so that would make it logical for them to back him and his claim about his 2 children are not from him but from his wife who coincidently married her in 2008 after winning the election.

  4. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    Rick Scott will win. Remember Crist appointed the criminal Lamberti as Sheriff. That alone disqualifies him as ethical.

  5. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    Charlie “the Windsock” Crist SUPPORTED THE BAN ON GAY MARRIAGE. When it came to a ballot vote, he voted for it and at the time was quoted as saying he was voting for the ban because “It is the right thing to do.”

    As Governor, Charlie DID NOTHING TO STOP THE BAN ON GAY ADOPTION. Yes, he could have, but he didn’t.

    The flip-flop? Not a change of conviction, just a change in audience.

    Charlie was featured in the movie “OUTRAGE” about gay politicians who vote against gay interests.

    Don’t be fooled: Charlie “the Windsock” Crist is UNRELIABLE.

  6. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    My previous post refuting the silly assertions in that ad was “not approved’ and disappeared. Maybe this one will suffer a happier fate.

    Footage of Charlie and his bride is shown … while noting Crist’s support of banning same-sex marriage.