Levey Cohen Is On The Ballot Again



Is she Mardi Levey Cohen, the name she used on the 2006 ballot?  Or is she Mardi Anne Levey, the name she used on the 2008 ballot? 

Even Levey/Cohen can’t decide what to call herself. 

So it will be Mardi Anne Levey Cohen on the 2010 ballot. 


Like Poltergeist, sheeeee’s back.

The controversial lawyer is back on the ballot for 2010.

She’s running for retiring County Judge Joel Lazarus’ seat next year.

Levey Cohen is fresh from a court fight over using the name Mardi Anne Levey on last year’s ballot.

Last year’s suit alleged widespread legal problems stemming from her use of the name Levey on the ballot:

“Levey failed to run under the name by which she conducts private and official business.” 

The suit stated that  Levey was known as Mardi Levey Cohen while working at the State Attorney’s Office, including on her resume, oath of loyalty and letter of resignation.

She has a Social Security card, a driver’s license and a law practice under the name Cohen.

She never filed a petition with the court before entering the race to change her name to Levey.

No one with the name Mardi Anne Levey has a license to practice law in Florida, the suit continues.

Levey/Cohen lost the suit at the circuit level. The ruling was reversed appeal, but too late to put her name back on the 2008 ballot.

She said she used the name to avoid any connection with her husband, Broward Judge Dale Cohen. I guess she is no longer worried about embarrassing him.

This whole thing is ridiculous. 

Why would somebody continue to change their name on the ballot?  It makes a mockery of the elections system and the judiciary.

I’ve got a real problem this whole charade.  I think this constant name changing disqualifies her to be a serious judicial candidate.

Get over it, Mardi Cohen.  Or Levey.  Or whatever you name is this week.





4 Responses to “Levey Cohen Is On The Ballot Again”

  1. if the pants fit says:

    We know who wears the pants in the Cohen family. Dale can’t be happy about this publlicity once again.

  2. Go Away says:

    Mardi Anne Levey Cohen would make a terrible judge. She appears to be unable to give up what she imagines is a God given right to a seat on the bench. I hope somebody takes her on and beats her good.

  3. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Good going Go Away, I totally agree with you.

  4. courthouse rambler says:

    This is one more chapter in the farce called the Broward legal establishment. Levey Cohen is now using two Jewish names to make sure the sheep in the condos know what is important – she’s Jewish. Is this any way to pick a judge? No.
    As a new contributor to this website, I want to congratulate you on including the controversial and entertaining views of Sam Fields. Now I would like to see him comment on what is going on the Broward courthouse