Updated: LeMieux Departure Changes Broward Schools Race


When George LeMieux quit the U. S. Senate race this week, there were two victims in Broward – School Board candidates Katie Leach and Donna Korn.

Leach and Korn, two Republicans appointed by Gov. Rick Scott, were hoping for the support of GOP voters in the August primary.  Although the School Board race is non-partisan, Leach and Korn were making sure that Republicans knew about their party pedigree.

With LeMieux out of the campaign against U. S. Rep. Connie Mack, there is no real primary.  No big-money candidates pumping up the party turnout with ads and a Get-Out-The-Vote campaign.

No GOP turnout.

There is absolutely no reason for Republicans to go to the polls in Broward.  Few are going to show up for a School Board race.

Is this curtains for Leach and Korn?

Obviously the Broward Teachers Union doesn’t believe so since they endorsed Leach today.

I wonder how being endorsed by the teachers union — hated in some circles of the GOP — will play in Broward Republican circles?

Stay tuned.


Another interesting point raised by RedBroward: Incumbent Robin Bartleman didn’t get a BTU endorsement. Hmmmm.

Candidates Franklins Sands, Rosalind Osgood and Nick Steffens got the nod from the BTU.

Sands and Steffens are in the anti-Mitch Ceasar flank of the Democratic Party.  Is the BTU showing its hand in the ongoing party chairman fight?


17 Responses to “Updated: LeMieux Departure Changes Broward Schools Race”

  1. Heavy D says:

    Geez now might be a good time for all the DINOs who endorsed these two Governor Scott appointees to throw their support behind some Democrats…

  2. Add inn says:

    You could say the same for some Judicial Candidates like Republicans Oliver Parker and Julio Eduardo Gonzalez (appointed by Jeb Bush)

  3. Consultant says:

    Laura Watson is winning that race easily.

  4. history repeats itself says:

    Remember all the reasons why Julio Gonzalez lost in 2008…

    Low Voter turnout
    Condo/Jewish Voter voted for their own
    No Republicans on ballot for R’s to come out and vote for besides Judges.

    Eary election day = Low voter turnout

    Condo voters still go for one of their own, Sokoloff

    What there is of hispanic voters in Broward are R’s, doubtful they come out for just the Judges

    By his last financial filing Julio has significantly less money at his disposal than the 100k he raised in 2008

    Predicion 4th place

  5. Loser LeMieux says:

    LeMieux was never going to win because his is tied to Charlie Crist and isboring, too.

  6. Flamingodoll says:

    Just because George LeMieux pulled out of the race does not mean you should not vote. You always do your research and vote.

  7. get real!! says:

    Where is the scrutiny for these candidates for school board? Sands is doing this for a pay check. Osgood is a convicted felon having been arrested 7 times and this is who the “power brokers” want to represent our children. Get real! Nobody should want BTU’s support with their baggage

  8. Not for nothin' says:

    Dust off your memory. BTU endorsed Jim Scott every time he ran, Judy Budnick when she ran, Susan Goldstein the first time she ran, Ellen Bogdanoff multiple times and now Katie Leach. There may have been others but my memory is as old as yours.

    Thanks for helping me remember.

    I didn’t recall the Republican School Board member Judy Budnick, but the BTU probably did endorsed her. I’ll take your word on it.

    As far as the rest of them, I was writing about the School Board.

    Now that you refreshed my memory, I took out the line about Leach being the only one I remember they endorsed.

  9. Notocorruption says:

    I am a lifelong Republican who has a strong anti-incumbent bias developed when I was a resident of New York. As gubernatorial appointees, Ms. Leach and Ms. Korn will not receive my support. It is unfortunate that former Senator LeMieux has decided to leave the race. I cannot stand Connie Mack and will never vote for him. I will gladly place my vote with the incumbent Mr. Nelson, once again.

  10. Consultant says:

    Sokoloff ran in 2010 against an unpopular incumbent in 2010 and got 30%. The Condo folks know she’s a clown.
    Laura Watson wins easily.

  11. Jeanne says:

    Does it bother anyone that a Union organization fraught with election fraud has endorsed two candidates with at minimum ethics programs or will bring the problem of interjecting religion onto the Board?

    Osgood acknowledge her shady past and has risen above it. However, I have concerns about her ability to keep religion off the dais. Nick Steffens has recently been disciplined by the Florida Bar. Why would BTU endorsed compromised candidates? Especially when there are other candidates without ethics problems?

  12. get real!! says:

    She acknowledges SOME of her shady past. She is connected with convicted felon former Senator Dawson and Osgood was arrested for prostituiton. She left that out of her book. A good example for our kids huh?

  13. Jeanne says:

    I am not defending anyone. ut at what point do we allow someone who has rehabilitated themselves to move past their past?

    I don’t know. I am more concerned with things that have been recent than are decades old.

    Either way , you would think that given the BTU leadership’s ethics problems , they would have been more sensitive to not condoning bad behavior.

    In both Districts races, there were plenty of viable alternatives.

  14. Sam the Sham says:

    Notocorruption, are you a lifetime Republican, a lifetime RINO or just the usual lying Democrat?

    You have a strong anti-incumbent bias so you won’t vote for Korn or Leach but you will vote for an incumbent Democrat, Nelson. Give me a break.

  15. Notocorruption says:

    I have been a registered Republican since 1978 and only missed one election in 34 years, the 2010 Florida Republican gubernatorial primary.

  16. let me see if i can get this says:

    During the time when its alleged the corruption took place at the School Board the Board was comprised of all Democrats. How is it again that Leach and Korn could be considered part of the school board corruption? Huh?

  17. Sidelines says:

    GET REAL SAYS “Osgood is a convicted felon having been arrested 7 times and this is who the “power brokers” want to represent our children.”

    convicted felons can’t run and can’t vote.

    to everyone else please vote on August 14.