Legislative Offices Warned of Threat


Broward legislative offices were warned this afternoon to be cautious about their mail, after “a white, powder like substance was discovered in a piece of mail delivered to a Senate district office in Daytona Beach.

 “At this time, local law enforcement is taking the necessary steps to secure the area and determine the nature of the substance.  There have been no reports of any injuries associated with this incident, states the e-mail from Earnest W. Sumner, the House Sergeant at Arms.

The Orlando Sentinel reported this afternoon that the Daytona Beach office of State Sen. Evelyn Lynn was evacuated after an envelope containing white powder was opened.

There were 5 or 6 people in the office on N. Halifax Avenue,  Daytona Beach police Sgt. Jimmy Flynt told the Sentinel. One worker was exposed to the powder, but a hazardous materials team has since determined the powder was not harmful.

Lynn was at the office but was not exposed to the powder, Flynt told the Sentinel.

The Sentinel said that FBI agents are on the scene and have taken control of the investigation.

Two suspicious letters were sent earlier in the month to U. S. Rep. Tom Feeney’s Orlando and Port Orange offices.  They were postmarked in Daytona Beach on September 5.

“As a precaution, please be careful when opening all mail, the e-mail to Broward lawmakers continued.  “If you experience anything out of the ordinary or if a package seems suspicious in any way, please notify your local law enforcement


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