Roger Stone Had Key Role In Lamberti’s Win


What did legendary political consultant Roger Stone do in the sheriff’s race? 

I believe he helped mastermind Sheriff Al Lamberti’s win last week. 

Now a college intern who worked at GOP fund raiser Scott Rothstein’s law firm has provided an inside look at the campaign and Stone’s role in it.

Intern Andrew Perez’s recollections about the sheriff’s race backs up my contention: Stone’s help was vitally important to Lamberti.

Why all this speculation and commotion about Stone?  Because he is part of this nation’s history.  You can’t say that about any other Broward County political consultant.

Stone is best remembered in South Florida for helping stage the 2000 riot in front of the Miami-Dade County government center that frightened officials into calling off the presidential ballot recount. But his renown goes back much father than that. 

All the way back to when Stone was a dirty trickster for President Richard Nixon. Stone’s job was to help sabotage the campaign of U. S. Sen. Ed Muskie, the president’s leading challenger in the early days of the 1972 campaign.  

Stone even has a tattoo of Nixon on his back.  It was on display in a picture accompanying the revealing New Yorker profile of him earlier this year.

Stone has recently been working out of Rothstein’s law firm in downtown Fort Lauderdale.  That’s where Stone met Perez, an intern at the firm.

In his role as intern, Perez had a unique peak at the campaign for Broward sheriff from behind the closed doors of the Rothstein firm.   

Here are Perez’s views on why Democrat Scott Israel lost.

20 Responses to “Roger Stone Had Key Role In Lamberti’s Win”

  1. Real Broward Democrat says:

    With the exception of Obama campaign, the Democrats always had a lack of campaign talent. Republican Party is full of folks like Stone who can win elections.

  2. Haha says:

    Perez was an intern at RRA? Judy must be pissed!

  3. Are you high says:

    Stone had nothing to do with the Lamberti victory. Ask anyone who was involved. Nice try.

  4. Give me a break Buddy says:

    How about some proof Buddy?

    Did he write or produce the ads?

    Give us some evidence. Looks like you’re just shining his shoes for some reason.

    Is it too hard to believe that Al Lamberti did this on his own?

  5. Are you high says:

    Why delete the truth???? Are you trying to deligitmize Lamberti’s victory by saying Stone had something to do with it?

    Stone had nothing to do with the Lamberti victory. Ask anyone who was involved. Nice try.

  6. Boots says:

    “Here is Perez’s views on why Democrat Scott Israel lost.”

    Uh, where? Did the rest of the story disappear? I thought type lice had gone the way of the manual computer. And what, pray tell, happens to Perez now?

    By the way, check your grammar in the above-quoted sentence.

    FROM BUDDY: Thanks for your grammer check. I changed it.
    Perez’s views can be found at the link on the word “views” in the last sentence.

  7. Boots says:

    Thanks! Can you make the hyperlinks a different color? They are not showing up on my monitor.

  8. Andrew Miller says:

    Stone spoke to Lamberti’s consultant in Tally 3 time s day. The excecution of Stone’s ideas was flawless. Any one didnt notice that “racial profiling” first raised as an issue by Rick Lemack, was picked up seamlessly by Lamberti wasnt watching. Stone also convindenced the group around Lamberti to seek Gay support for his record and crack down on hate crimes.

    Lambertis positive TV spot stresses both issues, making him accceptable to Jews and Gays, important to Broward county.

    The Hidden hand of STONE

    Haters stand down !

  9. windowpane says:

    Broward republicans don’t understand the difference between strategy and execution. The strategy of relentlessly pounding scumbag Israel for the ten cases which brought his character and honesty forward as an issue was typical. “Excessive force,” “deadly force”, “false arrest” and stealing (shoplifting) are all serious violations of the law and just because the cops whitewashed these transgressions doesn’t mean they weren’t true.

    Who the hell trusts the cops?

    The execution of the campaign was done out of Tallahassee where the hard-hitting TV spots were made.

    There isn’t anyone other than Roger Stone (crazy as he may be) who knows how to swing 230,000 Democratic votes in a presidential election to elect a qualified but boring candidate like Lamberti, -the guy reminds me of Sydney Fields, the landlord on Abbot and Costello.

  10. Igor says:

    Roger Stone fucked Scott Israel like a blind man playing Scrabble with a band of gypsies.

  11. the bunny says:

    Some wanted to go after Israel for not really being Jewish. Others said they could prove that the money Israel lent to the campaign was not really his – a felony.

    Stone and his partner Rothstein insisted on focusing on Israel’s record of intemperate behavior and the ten citizen complaints against him.

    Do you think Al Lamberti has any idea how he got re-elected?

  12. Geraldo says:

    The reason Stone’s attacks worked with Dems is because they were tested with Dems in the primary. The difference is that he had more money this time around.

  13. Tommy Boy says:

    All the way back to when Stone was a dirty trickster for President Richard Nixon. Stone’s job was to help sabotage the campaign of U. S. Sen. Ed Muskie, the president’s leading challenger in the early days of the 1972 campaign.

    Are you really writing this stuff, Buddy. Give me 3 dirty trick examples from that campaign. I remember Muskie as a Maine slug who couldn’t possibly win a national election.

  14. CounterClaim says:

    Israel is a good guy. Stone’s attacks were unfair – I hate this guy. Because of him we’re stuck with Lamberti the Loser.

    Following Stone’s trail is like a game of Whack-a-Mole, he keeps popping up all over the place. He’s some kind of shape shifter or werewolf for sure. Evil prick. Who’s got the wolfsbane? Hang some around this spooky Stone guy’s neck will ya?

  15. Ivor Pritchard says:

    Stone didnt need to sabotage Israel’s campaign- he did that himself when he hired hate-monger Judy Stern.

    Judy’s stated dream of using the Sheriff’s office to punish her political enemies just went up in smoke.

  16. Self Promoter says:

    Take a look at the times for the above posts from “Andrew MIller” at 9:07am, “windowpane” at 9:14 am, “Igor” at 9:16am , and “the bunny” at 9:20am. What are the chances 4 different people made similar PRO ROGER STONE comments on this blog within a span of 13 minutes? Obviously someone is engaging in a little self-promotion. At least space the posts out a bit idiot.

  17. natrayger says:

    I guess it was Stone who forced Ed Muskie to cry and drool all over himself in New Hampshire?

  18. More Confused says:

    Andrew Miller says Stone spoke to Lamberti’s consultant in Tally 3 times a day. Huh? So he didn’t run the campaign as Buddy says? Was he involved or not?

  19. la heura says:

    Self-Promoter good catch LOL. Blog defense armies are surely de rigeur these days, and Stone is likely no exception.

    I will say however, as a neophyte of the game, I’m pretty impressed by this. A Republican sheriff wins in the year of Obama?

    There are guys who know how to run campaigns and those who know how to win campaigns.

    Only question is when will Stone pull his head out of his ass and stop getting Republicans elected?

  20. Ron says:

    Thanks for this info. I am glad I stoped by to read this. Even though I am quite familiar with the subject, I find there is always more to learn.