Lawyers Advertising To Help Rothstein Victims


I’m told that when one shark starts bleeding, other sharks move in for the kill.

I ran Scott Rothstein’s name today on Google.

The following ad popped up:

Scott Rothstein Losses?

We represent investors; experienced
in SEC law atty. 


2 Responses to “Lawyers Advertising To Help Rothstein Victims”

  1. Willie Stark says:

    Hey Buddy is this the same Scott Rothstein that you just said a few months ago that Broward was a much better place thanks to him ? I can’t believe how someone as smart as you (and I am not being sarcastic as I have enjoyed your writings for years ) was taken in by him.

  2. Tobiin and Ethics 101 says:

    The Victims need to look at Chief Judge Tobin’s illiterate email he sent to all judges. The Question one should ask about Stuart Rosenfeldt’s close friend is: Where does Tobin have the authority to advise judges how to deal with a pending motion?