Lawyer Spills the Beans On New Political Committee


I don’t know David Di Pietro, an associate at the downtown Fort Lauderdale law firm Conrad Scherer.


David Di Pietro


I do know that when you run an ECO (electioneering communications committee) you should keep your mouth shut about it.  The whole purpose of these committees is to attack opponents from the shadows.

Di Pietro can’t keep quiet.  He was on Twitter discussing how he “Just finalized the organizational paperwork for ‘A Better Broward’ ECO- its goal will be to get Republicans elected in Broward.

The group was formed earlier this month and Di Pietro is the chairperson, treasurer and registered agent.  The address appears to be a Federal Highway mail drop.

As a journalist, I respect his openness.  More activists should be like him.

His boss likes Di Pietro’s openness, too.

“These committees shouldn’t be shady. He’s doing what everybody should do. I fully support how he handled this (because) I believe in transparency,”  said Williams “Bill” Scherer, the name partner in the firm that employs Di Pietro and a top Republican fund raiser.

However, what he did was not very politically savvy.

Formerly an assistant state attorney who tried over 50 jury trials, Di Pietro obviously forgot the number one rule of the Internet: Anything you write is potential evidence.

In this case it won’t be evidence of anything illegal, since ECOs are perfectly within the law.  It will be evidence that Di Pietro is involved in behind-the-scenes campaigning.

It may come back to bite you, David.

16 Responses to “Lawyer Spills the Beans On New Political Committee”

  1. FYI says:

    And one wonders why few if any R’s get elected in Broward anywhere other than Districts specifically cut out for them.

  2. Chaz Stevens says:

    Nice move slick. Your “wet behind the ears” is showing.

    How old is this kid? 17? Is he related to Dookie Howser? Someone get him some juice in a sippy cup.

  3. Houston Control says:

    Dear FYI: no one wonders why the Dems are overwhelmingly elected in Broward over the Rs. About 35 or so years ago a huge wave of retired Jewish Democrats migrated to Broward from the northeast. For the past 35 years they have walked into the voting booths and, many times voted blindly for the Democrat or the most Jewish sounding name. You actually thought that Broward is contolled by the Dems because they put up better candidates than the Rs? ROFLMAO!
    p.s Tim Stevens you are no genius!

  4. cocoachanel says:

    Who cares? Get a life, LOSER! Must have been a slow news day…

  5. Not quite says:

    Sorry Houston we have a problem….

    That theory went out the window with Scott Israel. Where were all the Jews for that Jew. Republican Al smoked his butt because people will vote for a good person who is a candidate. Look at LaMarca he won in a D seat, why? because the D’s saw beyond party and voted for the better person.

    The R’s have never even put up a real candidate for anything that was not hand picked/carved for them, Bogdanoff, Sanderson, Mack, Moritas and Atwater to name a few.

    Everyone is jumping on the Lemiux band wagon, the only race that clown was ever in his big claim was that he knocked on 20,000 doors yet only pulled 2000 votes against Tracy Stafford who had just lost his foot and couldnt campaign and George out raised him

    Besides Phil Consuegra who ran LaMarca’s campaign there is not anyone on the Republican side who knows how to win a race for a Republican in this town.

    The BREC problem around here is not the jews and dems its the losers like Dinapoli, Rico Suave and DiPietro who couldnt run a winning race to save their lives.

  6. Anthony says:

    At least this guy Dipietro is doing something with his time and not writing this crap.

  7. Blaise says:

    Really, Buddy? This is news? I guess in the corrupt cesspool of Broward County, the fact that a man does something entirely legal is newsworthy material for this blog. What a non-article.

  8. benjamin says:

    @ Not Quite
    The District Lamrca ran in was actually drawn so Republican Jim Scott could win reelection. Over the years it has become more Dem but still a swing district. Oh and by the way Lamarca ran a great campaign.

    Al Lamberti got a 2 million dollar boost from Scott Rothstein if you add the direct contributions from the lawyers at the firm, the independent expenditures and the hiring of Roger Stone-notorius dirty trickster. That bought enough negative advertising to help Lamberti slip by. Oh, and some help from the Sheriff in return once he was elected. Remember, Lamberti’s IA Chief escorting Rothstein to his plane with bags of money for his jaunt to Morocco?

  9. sunriseoversite says:

    Lmao that is another brilliant republican !

  10. Phil who? says:

    Phil Consuegra is already on to his next major race, Pine Crest Student Council President. Word around town is that he was not invited back as President of Fort Lauderdale Beach Republicans and that he got the boot from LaMarca’s office. Also heard around BREC that he was very disrespectufl to Chair DiNapoli after the whole flap about LaMarca not wanting to be in the action.

  11. bob says:

    Di Pietro ran Chip’s campaign, and did a great job doing so. You may think he looks young, but the kid is experienced. Excellent young trial attorney, not afraid of trial. Was an excellent prosecutor. Although I am just an internet commentator (who cares about such person’s opinions), my personal dealings with him always left me impressed.

  12. D.Dickenson says:

    While I disagree with David DiPietro on many issues politically, do not be fooled a fresh face and a misleading article. This guy is highly intelligent, professional and an extremely good attorney. I can assure you if he puts something out for public consumption, he does it with a clear purpose. If he ever makes it onto a ballot, I will cross lines and vote for him in a second. He has the utmost integrity and truly wants what is best for Broward.

  13. Hey Bob says:

    Phil Consuegra ran Chip’s campaign. Phil declined to run for another terms as President of LB Republicans. Finally, he resigned from Chip’s office to concentrate on his job at Pine Crest and future campaigns, he most certainly did not get the boot. While DiPietro certainly was helpful to Chip, Phil was the strategist behind the successful campaign.

  14. Pssst says:

    Scott Israel is NOT a Jew.

  15. Broward Citizen says:

    How on earth has this writer managed to turn transparency and forthrightess into a vice onthe part of DiPietro??

  16. Obamascaresme says:

    David is a first class trial lawyer and a stand up guy. This story is a waste of time! A.T.M