Lawyer Files For Judge Steve Shutter’s Seat


The judicial races continue to shape up.

A Plantation lawyer with almost 11 years experience is the first candidate for the county court seat now held by Judge Steven Shutter.

Shutter is expected to retire in 2010.

Roshawn Banks, who owns The All Law Center, PA in Plantation, filed for the seat April 9.

According to the center’s website here,  Banks founded the practice in 2005.  She represents both civil and criminal clients.

The website states she has had 30 trials.

Banks was the president of the T J Reddick Bar Association, where she was outspoken against the lack of diversity on the Broward bench.

She lost a race for an open seat in the state House last year to now-state Rep. Hazelle Rogers.

In addition to being a lawyer, the website states she is a Realtor.  She teaches at Nova Southeastern Law School.

5 Responses to “Lawyer Files For Judge Steve Shutter’s Seat”

  1. They Need The Job says:

    The candidate needs the job. They need the salary, the benefits, the freedom from having to chase clients, free of the rat race that is practicing law. But unlike other candidates for office, they can hardly say a thing that would help voters distinguish one candidate from the other. They raise as much money as they can from fellow lawyers who will come before them to try cases. Citizens vote as best they can, on what little they know and presto, we have a judge. Compare that to the other forms of putting judges on the bench, like having panels of retired judges, selected completely at random, charged with doing extensive interviews and background checks on candidates and forwarding the best three to the Governor for appointment under clearly well defined and sueprvised conditions. This is an absolute no brainer; the latter way will produce a better judiciary than the former which is already showing signs of bad judgment. We can’t have judges that are not performing, people’s lives, liberty, rights and property are at stake.

  2. Roshawn Is Not The Last says:

    Roshawn got in there early. She won’t be the last in that race. Expect three or four others.

  3. ALERT says:

    she has very little chance since she finished dead last in a gerrymaindered district

  4. J. B.'s thoughts says:

    Note to self: (Jeff Backman) ask Daddy if it would be a better idea to run in this race then against Levey Cohen… who has the edge. Who is Roshawn Banks?

  5. Banks Talks About Her Judicial Race : says:

    […]’s first story on Banks is here. […]