Law Suit Threatened After EMS Blocked By Pembroke Pines Road Barriers




Pembroke Pines is facing an emergency legal injunction if it does not remove the barrier on streets  that blocked an EMS crew last night.

The injunction from the Town of Southwest Ranches would seek to have a court order Pines to remove the barrier.

A letter from two attorneys representing Southwest Ranches says that the emergency squad had to climb over the barrier to reach an 85-year-old Ranches women experiencing chest pains in her home.

The two cities have been feuding for years over traffic on their streets allegedly caused by the other community.  Pines erected a barrier to block traffic from SW Ranches along SW 54th Place.

“The Town will hold Pines fully liable if childish antics harms one of its residents. This is not a game. People’s lives are at stake.” Southwest Ranches Town Attorney Keith Poliakoff said.

Here is an e-mail for the Southwest Ranches Fire Chief:

Last night at 10pm our fire units responded to 20720 SW 54 Place reference Chest Pain for an 85 Y/O female. Due to the concrete barriers put in place by the City of Pembroke Pines, the personnel had to go over the barrier to get to the patient and back over it with the patient to get her in the Rescue Unit. The barriers need an opening for Emergency use.

Chief Lee Bennett
Southwest Ranches Fire Rescue

Here is the letter from one of Southwest Ranches’ attorneys (click to enlarge):


Southwest Ranches

5 Responses to “Law Suit Threatened After EMS Blocked By Pembroke Pines Road Barriers”

  1. Anonomyte says:

    Geez, you think maybe Southwest Ranches should open up all those other roads that they closed for other cities’ residents to not traverse? After living in Cooper City for 30 years, the “Southwest Ranches, we are so special” attitude is so overplayed. You’d think Southwest Ranches residents don’t drive on roads to get anywhere.

  2. freedom says:

    Didn’t Southwest Ranches close off streets to through traffic?

  3. Broward Native says:

    Southwest Ranches is nothing more than a homeowner’s association masquerading as a town. They should have never been allowed to incorporate and should be part of Davie. They have run through 3 fire departments in 15 years. They are constantly “do as I say, not as I do” with roads and their dealings with Pines. They did not renew with BSO and went with Davie to provide police services, which didn’t save money, it actually cost more. The place is a joke.

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Look richer people in South Florida EXCESSIVELY feel superior to people with as little as a dollar less then themselves. It has always been this way. The noble Plebeians vs the Patricians in the “Boni” parry during the Dictatorships of Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix and Gaius Julius Caesar or the presence rows under Louis XIV between Enfants due France,
    Princes of the Blood, Bastards of France, “foreign” princes, ducs with peerages and ducs without peerages in the Memoirs of the Duc de St. Simon. However new none of these REALLY SUPERIOR social types ever ENDANGERED peoples’ LIVES. Southwestern Ranches apparently has a government with the aroma of – do I have to finish this sentence?

  5. Broward Voter says:

    Davie fire rescue went down the wrong street to get to this woman’s house!!! Fire rescue has direct access to her house but they don’t even seem know where the residents in their town live!! What a zoo.