Lauren Book Is A $1 Million Candidate





There are more than one million reasons why Broward state Senate candidate Lauren Book is a shoe-in for election today.


Lauren Book


That’s how much the personable daughter of one of the state’s top lobbyists has now raised for her novice campaign, which is roughly a month old.

Book’s campaign received $356,790 from 462 separate contributions during September. She raised another $40,000 for her Leadership for Broward, a political committee which now has a total of $705,450.

That totals just over $1,062 million, surely a record for a Broward race in record time.

Book, a child abuse prevention advocate and daughter of big bucks lobbyist Ron Book, is running for the Hollywood-based seat now held by State Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood.  Sobel is termed out next year.

Many of the donors are clients of her father, such as $100k from The Miami Dolphins.

Both Lauren Book and her father live in Plantation.

She currently has no realistic opponent and it not expected to draw one.



18 Responses to “Lauren Book Is A $1 Million Candidate”

  1. Susan Goldstein says:

    Lauren Book will be an excellent Senator. Her years of hard work, advocacy, and her extensive education will provide a voice for many constituents who would never otherwise have a voice in the process.

  2. John Henry says:

    $1mil in a month’s time tells you all you need to know about this candidate.

    Might as well just appoint her father to the State Senate and save on the cost of holding an election.

  3. Mr. Smith goes to Broward says:

    Lauren Book does have an opponent, Buddy.


    Not a realistic opponent who has a reasonable chance of winning.

  4. Ha Ha Ha says:

    And so lobbyist Ron Book’s plan to destroy democracy unfolds…

    Step 1: Daddy buys his daughter a Senate seat with $1 million from the clients of his lobbying operation…

    Step 2: Lax campaign finance laws of Florida allow Daddy’s money to distort and defeat democracy by preventing anyone else from even running…

    Step 3: Daddy gets privileged access to the very center of the Senate, courtesy of his newly elected eyes and ears…

    Step 4: Daddy’s unparalleled access results in further tidal waves of money flooding into his lobbying operation…

    Step 5: Together, Daddy & daughter worm their way deeper into key committees…

    Step 6: Buoyed by lobbying millions, Daddy follows the Rick Scott playbook and runs for Governor as a self-funded candidate…

    Step 7: Democracy is officially declared to be dead in Florida; coroner’s report cites a massive and lethal infection of unregulated and sleazy money…

  5. Stephen C Greenberger says:

    Our children in Florida are safer because of all The hard work Lauren Book does 24/7, she is healing lives everyday, Lauren Book has proven we can overcome anything, Lauren will do an amazing job as our next Florida Senator, she is extremely intelligent & has great common sense, Thank you Lauren!

  6. Hogwash says:

    Yeah right. All these fat cats ponied up a million dollars plus to give the voiceless an advocate in Tallahassee.

  7. The Lost Hero says:

    If you think Ron Book needs his daughter in the Senate for him to be successful in Tallahassee, you’ve been living under a rock for the last few decades. So far there’s one thing we can say for sure that Lauren shares with her dad, and that’s a tireless work ethic. Won’t that be a refreshing change in the senate!

  8. Behind the Scenes says:

    For every reason Buddy just said Lauren Book can be beat. Voters in that district won’t like the idea of lobbyist Ron Book buying their Senate seat as a gift for his daughter. Voters will see through it because it stinks. All they need is one credible candidate willing to stand up to big money and Book loses. Despite all of her daddy’s millions of dollars, she will lose because those voters won’t be ridiculed that way.


    Opponents to Lauren Book must have a credible candidate. They don’t and I don’t expect one.

  9. Cpunt LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    People who Insult and depreciate others but then sign made up names like the critics of Mr. Book on this Website are Cowards without a doubt, but more probably also failed political Consultants, unemployed lobbyists, or failed candidates – or simply sad sacks who don`t have or never had a life! I don’t know Miss Book or Mr. Book, but I can read what low lives´their critics seem to be.

  10. Buddy says:


    Let me just add some thoughts after reading some of these comments.
    Ms. Book is one of the best prepared candidates I ever interviewed, having extensively studied various key issues facing the state.
    I also talked to two people who know her. They said that Ms. Book is not afraid to stand up to her father.
    That said, the accusations that she will be a puppet of father Ron Book, the lobbyist, is exactly what she will face from some in Tallahassee. I hope she will develop a thick skin.

  11. Floridan says:

    I don’t know about Lauren, but aren’t most kids pretty adept at ignoring their parents’ advice?

    If you don’t want her elected, quit being a baby and run for office yourself or support her opponent.

  12. GarlPink says:

    Let’s see now…well prepared on the issues, extensive education, able to stand up to the strong-willed, intelligent, tireless work ethic. That sounds nothing like a puppet to me. And I could not agree more with Lost Hero…Lauren’s Father is hardly in need of her vote in the Senate to make his own career a success; that is just preposterous. As for thick skin, I imagine her early life has already given her a fair share of that.

  13. Frank says:

    Steve Geller needs Book to get an opponent and for her to spend that million promoting Democrats. That bozo Blimie looks like a Judy Stern special

  14. Budget Man says:

    Stinks is the right word to use.
    The production quality of this campaign looks like the daughter of a lobbyist with very little life experience, has never been elected before, running for the Florida Senate with the assstance of $1 million that she could not possibly have raised on her own.

    Very clearly, that is her father’s money, from his uber lobbyist clientele. That’s a lot of money they must want her badly.

    So to then hear how “independent” she is? How she stands up to daddy? C’mon. You’d have to be a stooge to fall for that. This does not smell right and I’m steering clear of it.

  15. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I mean really some of you w/ the comments. This is all you have against her. Her father, this, that etc. Can you see if I ran(its comin) father a two timen junkie)so what-haunted ever night w/ this Sanders, Bernie this, Bern that etc). Bottom line lets see how she is on the issues pertaining to the district… Enough w/ the father. She is running, not him(PS- you still caved in to Sarnoff waaay to soon regarding the homeless issues in Miami(I wish Lauren would have ran against Sarnoff’ wife(then I could see some of your comments but no way are some of these comments justified….

  16. Dad Advocate says:

    Anyone would be better than our current Senator, completely clueless and just stumbling through the process.

  17. michael says:

    Anonymous-POLL ALL Broward Students RIght-NOW:

    How DARE any person claiming to care about children and be in their charge, including clergy in the role of community father and shepherd, especially, not anonymously poll the children as to their health and well being. How dare they, them, me, us, you, we, everyone? How dare we? Those that claim leadership must lead by querying our children anonymously, please. Now. One in three is not OK, OK?

    Anonymous-poll Right-now.

    Because it is the right thing to do – now that you know, OK?

    To Chairman of Diversity Committee (for the School District of Broward County, Florida as created by Court Order) – Hi Bryan, One in Three kids abused by 18 is NOT OK, OK? – SCHOOLS AS SAFE SANCTUARIES:

    Hi Mr. Wilson (Bryan),

    – Lauren Book?

    Can we invite Mrs. Book to come speak to us when the attorneys are here to speak? Good idea, yes?

    FYI: Been hearing a lot about special needs young black girls in particular – sigh…

    – basically though, all kids seem to be in distress, it’s just a matter of degree and it is all equally unacceptable in any degree.

    Thank you,

    >>>>> One in Three kids abused by 18 is NOT OK, OK? <<<< Culture is Biology. Punishment must stop, of children as of adults if Lauren is to ever see the future she desires.

    SCHOOLS AS SAFE SANCTUARIES: When perfectly adapted to a dangerous world, activated brains cannot be fooled – you can surround them with false cocoons and see they them grow neurons and change a bit, but only a bit – to see the brains full re-molding potential come into play there is but one solution, we must change ourselves and the entire surrounding culture from one of scarcity, competition and punishment to one of abundance, cooperation and self-respect plus enlightened self-discipline.

    We must make our schools into Safe SANCTUARIES:
    To make our children FUNDAMENTALLY safe at school means making our schools FUNDAMENTALLY safe and this means making them the last place one would ever think of do go and do harm because they, schools, are the place we all know to go to be treated with Justice and to receive Justice and NOT the place to go to deliver Justice – where the powerful (do not) lord over the weak – this is (NOT) what we want our schools to be and to accomplish this we must see (really SEE) that children are NOT miniature adults: Their brains develop until the age of 27 and so they must be protected – Error must be seen as an Opportunity to LEARN not as an opportunity to enact Justice upon someone or to have Justice enacted upon one as Punishment or Negative-Consequence.

    We can protect our children by providing them a K-12 autobiography robotic system to interract with and use weekly and even daily and make use of frequent ANONYMOUS POLLS as well as NOVEL means of dealing with behavioral errors such as H’Opponono Community Talking and Healing Circles instead of courts and seeing schools modeled on museums and parks more than prison while kids are given the responsibility by the city to environmentally manage all public lands – because they are kids and are special and have a special heart, mind, and way of seeing the world that we as adults value.

    Further we WILL protect our KIDS especially during the amnesic years of zero to six, which is seldom discussed.

    There are solutions and we CAN achieve ZERO abuse but ONLY if we do NOT do what Lauren asks of us in regard punishment – this is the seed of that which continues the cycle and it can stop here, with her, with your help. Help her. OK?

    October 15th, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    Let me just add some thoughts after reading some of these comments.
    Ms. Book is one of the best prepared candidates I ever interviewed, having extensively studied various key issues facing the state.

    I also talked to two people who know her. They said that Ms. Book is not afraid to stand up to her father.

    That said, the accusations that she will be a puppet of father Ron Book, the lobbyist, is exactly what she will face from some in Tallahassee. I hope she will develop a thick skin.


    Does Lauren Book wish to INCREASE punishment or DECREASE abuse? Well?

    – See more at:

  18. Sober As a Judge says:

    I like it when the money follows a candidate’s persuasive message for election. The flow of money to a candidate in that way makes sense to me. But when the money comes well before we know much if anything about the candidate, that just turns me off. Elections should be about who can do the best job not who can raise the most money.