Lauderhill’s Kaplan Drops Out of County Commission Race


Lauderhill Mayor Richard Kaplan has dropped out of his race for county commission due to “personal business matters.”

Kaplan said he would remain mayor.

His departure from the race immediately makes state Rep. Martin Kiar of Davie the front runner for the heavily-Democratic District 1. Kaplan quit one day after reported that Kiar had decided to run, but the mayor said “concern” over his potential opponents had nothing to do with his decision.

But don’t count out Lauderhill Commissioner Howard Berger, who has put $80,000 of his own money in his campaign to date.

Here is his e-mail to and the Sun-Sentinel:


From: richard kaplan <>

Subject: Announcement of Withdrawal of Candidacy from Broward County Commission District 1

Date: January 4, 2012 7:20:45 PM EST

To: Buddy Nevins <>, Brittany Wallman <>

Due to unforeseen circumstances, which occurred a few weeks ago regarding a personal business matter, I regretfully am announcing my withdrawal from the race for the Broward County Commission District 1.  However, this issue will not prevent me from running for re-election as Mayor of Lauderhill in 2014, which I intend to do.

I can state that the reason is not due to:  1) any type of investigation, lawsuit or illegal activity; 2) concern over my opponents or being able to raise funds for the campaign; 3) anything my opponents or their supporters have done; or 4) for health reasons.   The exact reason, when I announced, could not have been anticipated.   All upcoming planned fund raisers in this effort are being cancelled.

I want to thank everyone who encouraged and supported me in my efforts to serve as their County Commissioner.  I believe you would have seen some significant changes in the county if I were able to serve.  On the bright side, to those Lauderhill residents and businesses that were concerned about my stepping down as Mayor, I am not going anywhere and I will continue to serve you to the best of my ability.

Richard J Kaplan

7 Responses to “Lauderhill’s Kaplan Drops Out of County Commission Race”

  1. Sunrise McLovin says:

    Couldn’t beat Kiar.

  2. DeeDee says:

    It’s Martin Kiar’s to lose now!!!

  3. He's Honest? says:

    Sunrise McLovin,

    Yea he could win. Kiar may be a good campaigner, but there is a reason why Kaplan has won by large margins for the last 20+ years. He is an amazing campaigner, and honest plus doesn’t make deals for their own political gain. So sorry Kaplan dropped out.

    I’m still not convinced Kiar is running. I am sure some sort of political deal is being worked out in Tallahassee which will probably include a payback reward to county commissioners who have helped him.

    If you see new maps come out when the legislature meets, WATCH OUT!!!!

  4. Bob says:

    Go Marty Go.We love you in Weston.

  5. Joel Leshinsky says:

    Richard Kaplan would have turned Broward County around and represented not only his district but ALL Broward residents. His integrity, experience and down to earth approach to situations and people is a gift that only Lauderhill residents have been able to appreciate for over twenty three years, and will continue for years to come. I would certainly work with Martin Kiar to help him get elected. He is certainly not only the best choice now that Richard has withdrawn from the race, but also the smartest choice for Broward County.

  6. My number one vote!!! says:

    Commissioner Howard Berger is one of the most Decent ,Dependable and Knowledgeable Commissioners that I know; he is honest and trustworthy, Commissioner Berger would make and excellent Broward County Commissioner three mains reasons to vote Berger in as seat one for Broward County is :
    1. A straight forward type of gentlemen, and very honest.
    2. He supports the residents in every way (their should be more like him out there!)
    3. Their has never been I time that I needed his help or a neighbor of mine needed him Commissioner Berger took the time to find out what the problem was and if it was in his power to correct it he would; if not Commissioner Berger took the time to give explanation .
    That’s what makes what makes him a perfect Broward County Commissioner

  7. Berger, are you kidding? says:

    I have watched and heard about Berger for awhile. He is way over his head even thinking he could be a County Commissioner. He isn’t even that good of a City Commissioner. It would be a disaster. Thank god he couldn’t be my Commissioner since he isn’t running in my district.

    If he got into a debate with anyone knowledgeable, it would be a laugher. In all the years he has served, he hasn’t done almost anything. Listen to him at a meeting. It would be hard, cause he doesn’t say anything, and the little he does makes no sense. He can’t give a speech unless it is written down first.

    I even bet that “My Number One Vote” is his mother, who has her own reputation. Believe me you don’t want to find out.