Latest St. Senate Poll: Bogdanoff, Sachs Tied







State Sen. Maria Sachs is in a dead heat with former state Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff in one of Florida’s hottest legislative races, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Bogdanoff is leading 46.6 to 46.3 percent, with just over 7 percent undecided.

That’s a statistical tie.

The poll by the, which was done by automated telephone, has a margin of error of 3.7 percent.

A StPetePoll in July had Sachs leading Bogdanoff 48 to 45 percent among likely voters – those who voted in both 2010 and 2012.

Sachs, a Democratic, beat Bogdanoff, a Republican, two years ago by roughly six points in the same Senate District 34.  The district runs along northeast Broward into Palm Beach County.

(Personal disclosure: My son, Aaron Nevins, is Ellyn Bogdanoff’s former legislative aide) 

8 Responses to “Latest St. Senate Poll: Bogdanoff, Sachs Tied”

  1. In the know says:

    Charlie will save Maria by putting his money into turnout. There are more Democrats in that district so more turnout will help her. Bogdanoff can’t win.

  2. Maria will beat Bog. says:

    Maria has really connected with the people and will win this next election.

  3. Señor Censor says:

    Bogdanoff will win, Charlie will lose again.

  4. Joelly says:

    Maria will win because everyone relates Ellyn to the oppressive tea party. Maria is for equality while Ellyn is anti-woman. Ellyn is simply a clone of Will Weatherford and Gatez. We will never forget Ellyn trying to bully everyone into voting for dirty private prisons.

  5. Switch hitter says:

    I vote R almost 100% of the time. Will not vote for Bogdonaff. She is one nasty woman!

  6. Switch hitter says:

    I vote D almost 100% of the time. Will not vote for Sachs. She is one corrupt woman!

  7. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    The commercials on tv are a scream. You have these old people w/ this picture of the ‘condo” w/ them sdaying oh she don’t live there etc. i surprised they dodn’t say and judy stern owns the condo. they say little condo(I would love to rent it)and how could she possibaly live there. Then they show her big spread up in where-ever. too funny. The couple in the commercial area trip. Go after Ellen for her over paid job w/ education big wigs. get her salary. bring out how she got the job. Bring out the fact all she cares about is the Benny’s($). I don’t see ellen parasailing…

  8. kevin says:

    How can anyone in our district trust Ellyn when she gets all her money from Tampa?