Last-Minute Campaigning In Broward





Property Appraiser Lori Parrish is the voice of robo calls pouring into the northeast Broward state Senate district for candidate Ellyn Bogdanoff.

Do robo calls make a difference?

A lot of people hang up on them.  Others listen.

But they are dirt cheap, which is why they are increasingly used.

The robo call can be heard here: Loria_Parrish_10-31



State Sen. Chris Smith is behind the Get Out The Vote tents at four Broward high schools tomorrow.

Smith, D-Fort Lauderdale, will have the GOTV tents staffed with volunteers ready with campaign information that students and other volunteers will distribute throughout the neighborhoods around the schools.

The tents will be located at:

  • Blanche Ely High School, 1201 NW 6th Ave, Pompano Beach
  • Dillard High School, 2501 NW 11th St, Fort Lauderdale
  • Stranahan High School, 1800 SW 5th Pl, Fort Lauderdale
  • Boyd H. Anderson High School, 3050 NW 41st St, Lauderdale Lakes



Weather Underground’s forecast for tomorrow should gladden the hearts of Democrats:  There is virtually no chance of rain.  That can’t hurt the turnout.

One big caveat:  Most of the state has the same forecast, including heavily Republican areas like the Villages complex in Central Florida.


And then there are those signs on every school in Broward proclaiming the amount of money the school will get if the bond issue passes.

Voter warning:

Many of the signs have figures different from the ones published in documents from the School Board.

Warning number two:

There is specific language in the bond resolution stating that the School Board can change the allocation of the money at any time.

Warning number three:

The School Board made similar promises to numerous schools in the past and broke those pledges….several times.


Be skeptical of the signs: One of more than 200 signs on schools


3 Responses to “Last-Minute Campaigning In Broward”

  1. Jesus Christ says:

    Bert Nevins for Governor!


    Bert Nevins was my father. Since he died years ago, that would make him ineligible for running…although maybe in Florida?

  2. Major Voting Problems says:

    Ballots in a cardboard box
    Not in the system
    Precinct 3130 Winston Trails
    2 hours
    Unplug the voting box
    Lake Worth

  3. Kiss of Death says:

    Parrish endorses ANOTHER losing candidate this cycle.

    Is her public support a kiss of death???