Lamberti’s Steamrolling Campaign Continues


Sheriff Al Lamberti proved again Wednesday why he will be hard to beat.

Democrats are praying that the rumors that Lamberti will be indicted in connection with the Scott Rothstein scam are true. Short of that, Lamberti appears harder and harder to beat.

These Rothstein rumors are  inside baseball.  They are confined to political circles, passed third hand or fourth hand.

This one was interviewed by the FBI.  That one is giving evidence against Lamberti.

Nothing concrete.  And no proof that anything concrete will ever develop.

I am skeptical because I’ve heard for years that this politician or that politician was being indicted tomorrow.  I got it right from an FBI agent, I have been told.

Funny how those same politicians are still walking around.

So without an indictment, Lamberti is the frontrunner.  Even though he is Republican in a Democratic county.

One reason is that the Democratic candidates for sheriff are underwhelming, to say the least. The only thing they have going for them is a “D” in front of their names.

There are a lot of Democrats who believe being a Democrat or Republican is largely meaningless in law enforcement. That may be why Lamberti has so much Democratic support.

Here is the latest from Lamberti’s campaign:




Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti Announces Historic Achievement

For the first time since founded in 1915, Broward County now has its first county-wide elected official being placed on the November 2012 ballot by candidate petition. The notable achievement was accomplished by Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti who is running for re-election in November.

“I am proud of this historic achievement and I am thankful to the people of Broward County who are again placing their confidence in me as their Sheriff”, stated Lamberti.

Sheriff Lamberti made his announcement outside the Supervisor of Elections Office Wednesday morning, after the Supervisor certified the 10,418 petitions necessary for him to be placed on the November ballot by the voters. “The actual amount of petitions signed were over 16,000”, stated Lamberti, displaying some of the thousands of petitions that were signed. “I am humbled by the support given to me during my first term in office,” the Sheriff commented, “I will continue doing the best job serving the citizens, businesses, and visitors of Broward County. I have been at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office for over 35 years and I take the business and responsibilities of public safety and public service very seriously.”

Al Lamberti was appointed in 2007 by the Governor to fill out the remaining one year term of the previous Sheriff who was removed from office. He then was elected by the people in 2008 to a four year term.

19 Responses to “Lamberti’s Steamrolling Campaign Continues”

  1. Just Saying says:

    Lamberti’s campaign is steamrolling … just like Lamberti’s executive officer used his BSO credentials to steamroll through executive airport security in 2009 carrying a duffel bag stuffed with $16 million in stolen ponzi scheme cash for Lamberti buddy Scott Rothstein when Rothstein was fleeing the country.

  2. DINOs and RINOs says:

    Buddy, your comment, “The only thing they have going for them is a “D” in front of their names” should have come with a caveat, that those “good and true” “D’s” were originally “R’s” and are probably still R’s in D’s clothing. They switched just to get the Democratic votes, but the jokes on them, many if not most Dems, myself and family included, are voting for Lamberti.

    Most of us believe this is a non-partisan seat, that Al came through the ranks and proved himself the right leader for this job.

    Al Lamberti, like the former Republican Clerk of Court Robert Lockwood (before he switched late in his career) and the former Republican sheriff of all the peoples, Nick Navarro, will get the Democrat and the Republican votes to win easily in this election.

  3. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Buddy….I hope you comment when, not if, the criminal Lamberti gets arrested. You should experience the pain and embarrassment that we go through everyday because of Lamberti’s unethical and illegal behavior.

  4. Bet the Farm says:

    Lamberti 58%
    Democrat Challenger: 42%

  5. Just Sayin' says:

    The late clerk of courts Bob Lockwood was a lifelong Democrat.

  6. sidelines says:

    is there a primary for sheriff in August or do we vote in November?

    FROM BUDDY: There is a Democratic primary for Democratic voters. The winner of the primary will be on the general election ballot.

  7. The Pendulum Swings says:

    Lamberti came up through the ranks practicing “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.” He has kept the same trash with him during his time at BSO. Vrhota and Frye to name a few.

    I definately want a front row while he’s escorted out!!!

  8. The Truth says:

    Even if other BSO officials did something wrong that doesn’t mean the sheriff did something criminal that can be proven in court. Thus, the sheriff will be reelected easily. I say that because that is The Truth.

  9. John Fusaro says:

    The Democrat candidates are wasting their money. I’ve seen him at many events. They can’t unseat Lamberti he is too popular among D and R.

  10. Broward says:

    Lamberti had the press conference because the D’s, Some R’s and I’s are mounting a serious campaign to get him out. The Sheriff might seem to be popular in the view of some, but there are alot of people in Broward County that want him out. The Dems are going to come out strong and Lamberti knows it. The press conference was a typical Al Lamberti dog and pony show. It must be nice to have paid county employees working on his campaign getting the signatures. How ethical is that Buddy??

    Lamberti is running scared and everyone knows it. It’s two month before the Dem Primary and he is panicking…. what does the dog and pony show tell you??? he is scared and for good reason. Everything might seem good on the ouitside right now, but it’s not on the inside and it’s all going to fall apart on him…

  11. IV says:

    You all must forget that Lamberti is directly linked to Mitt Romney, Rick Scott and Allen West. Do you all really think the Dems and Indep will help Lamberti when it all hits the fan!! Not a Chance…

  12. Public Eye says:

    Lamberti does not have a lot of democratic support. That’s the message he and his people would like you to believe though. Lamberti wants people to believe that the Sheriff’s position should be non-partisan. He likes to say that “we don’t ask you your political affiliation when you call 911”. That much is true, but it sure matters when the officers get to the scene and deal with you.

    A diehard Conservative Republican Sheriff will select commanders who mirror his moral and political beliefs. Those commanders will in turn indoctrinate their subordinates to that philosophy. I’m sure you will agree with me that conservative republicans do not hold all citizens in the same regard. Do you think Lamberti and his commanders treated the citizens of Pompano Beach the same as they treated Scott Rothstein? Do you think Republican Lamberti will be as concerned about a poor or minority person’s plight as he will about a Weston residents for instance?

    Democrats care about people period. It doesn’t matter if that person is poor or rich, white or minority. I want a Sheriff that respects everybody’s rights, liberty, and freedoms. I don’t want to be treated differently because I’m not wealthy, influential, or the right color.

    Conservative Republicans treat people according to a class system. It absolutely matters what the political beliefs of the Sheriff are. He and his officers have the power to legally take a life, take away your freedom and liberty, take away your children, and significantly alter the future of your life.

    Does Conservative Republican Sheriff Lamberti believe that same sex couples have equal rights including the right to marry? Does he believe that a woman has a right to choose?

  13. John C says:

    I can’t see how the people are served by having a sheriff elected thought the party system. The sheriff should be a non partisan position.

  14. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Lamberti belongs in prison. This scam has gone on long enough.

  15. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Lamberti keeps diverting taxpayer money to his friends…Wheeler, Frey, Cavallo, Werder…none of whom do any real work. They only collect a paycheck, a BIG ONE $170K a year for nothing. And no…they are NOT retired and gone away.

  16. Deerfield Resident says:

    I am not sure who you talk to Mr. Nevins,but people all over the county want Mr. Lamberti out and are going to work hard against him. Mr. Lamberti is not liked and needs to be out.

  17. The Pendulum Swings says:

    Lamberti is another Ron Cochron. He has kept the same garbage at BSO. Vrchota, Frey, Werder just to name a few. These people are highly paid to do nothing. They don’t even have to show up at work. The deputies suffer with this one because it cuts into their raises. Lamberti is not liked except for the elderly condo people. Ask the Sheriff during his pill buy back program where the pills are really going!!! I wouldn’t trust him with anything!!

  18. Carisee says:

    Lamberti should just retire and spend time with his family. He is overwhelmed by the job and becoming more paranoid as the days go by. He can retire now at full benefits and make the same salary he earns for being sheriff. He just can’t abandon the power. When that happens, you know it is time for a change! Is he making money another way??

  19. voter says:

    we have the power to put someone else in charge of BSO
    question is how bad do we want a new face?