Lamberti Misses Another Opportunity?


Rick Lemack had a rough primary.

A Hollywood assistant manager who was running for sheriff, he was savaged in flyers mailed to voters’ homes.

The flyers accused Lemack of ignoring corruption in the Hollywood Police Department. They alleged he was the subject of a sexual harassment suit.

The flyers were instrumental in Lemack losing the Democratic primary.  It is widely suspected that the flyers were connected to supporters of the primary winner, Scott Israel.

Lemack is over it.

He was at Israel’s fund raiser in downtown Fort Lauderdale this week.  An Israel campaign source said Lemack hasn’t signed an endorsement card yet, but is clearly supporting the Democratic nominee Israel.

This is another opportunity that Sheriff Al Lamberti’s campaign squandered. 

If I was Lamberti, I would have been on the phone the night of the primary asking for Lemack’s support. 

The primary was so nasty, there was a chance that Lemack would have endorsed Lamberti, a Republican.  Or maybe Lemack would have agreed to sit out the November election.

That phone call was never made, according to a Lamberti campaign source.

So Lemack was meeting and greeting high rollers at Israel’s fund raiser.


6 Responses to “Lamberti Misses Another Opportunity?”

  1. Leo says:

    Lamberti is toast!

  2. anonymous says:

    Lemack would have never gone with lamberti and embarass his suporters. This would have proved that they were in cahoots all along with the rothstein thing. Lets face it rothsteins group was founded to benefit lemack. Lamberti when he was acting chief in hollywood promoted lemack to asst chief. that is why rick wont come out harder he is still loyal to lamberti

  3. auctioneer says:

    Lemack is chatting with both Lamberti and Israel. I saw Lemack having lunch with Lamberti recently in Hollywood. Rick is looking to retire and wants a higher paying job. He shopping his endorsement in exchange for a commanders position.

  4. anonymous says:

    The real story is that Lemack was threatened by Mitch Caesar that if he came out and supported Lamberti that any kind of political career would be over for him.

    If Lemack was really supporting Israel, where’s the endorsement?

  5. the real story says:

    The real sotry seems to be that Lemack is holding out for the best deal from either Lamberti or Israel. If he is made a commander and stays 3 years he gets 80% of that salary for his pension.

  6. Mitch WHO? says:

    If Lemack is afraid of Ceaser then he’s just dumb. Everybody knows mitch cant help you or hurt you…well except the newbies or the dumb ones.