Lamberti Laughing As Democrats Squabble


The sniping continues between supporters of Democratic candidates for sheriff Scott Israel and Louis Granteed.

Meanwhile,  Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti is laughing.


What’s Big Al got to worry about?  He will have a half million dollars for his re-election, while Democrats scramble for every buck.

The sheriff can sit back and wait until the winner of this inner Democratic party fight limps into the general election next year.  The winner will be out of money with his reputation damaged in the primary…just like in 2008.

Three Democratic insiders say Lamberti should have around $500,000 to run his re-election.  That’s about half of what his campaign and political committees spent for him the last time around.

Right now the primary fight is all about money.

Israel has a head start with $38,500 reported as of June 30. Granteed started his campaign July 7, so his first reporting period is the current quarter ending September 30.

Since politics is about perception, Israel must continue to out raise Granteed. He should have the inside track since he has been there before, having been the Democratic nominee for sheriff in 2008.

If Granteed significantly out raises Israel in any quarter, Israel’s candidacy becomes less viable.

We’ll get our first idea the first week of October when the financial reports from this quarter become public.

Lamberti hasn’t opened a campaign account yet.

21 Responses to “Lamberti Laughing As Democrats Squabble”

  1. "THE DUKE" says:

    First of all Israel’s money will run out before things really get going. The only moony is is getting is new money and old money from those to dumb to realize that if he couldn’t do it in 08 he sure as HELL can’t do it in 12. Unfortunately Granteed will get absolutely destroyed by the ruthless and reckless attacks on his past and character both true and untrue by a group of careless thugs in Israel and his camp. He will be left much like Isreal without a job and wishing he never resigned to run for Sheriff. He would be much better off bowing out gracefully and working with Lamberti to secure a position in BSO before it’s too late.
    Too make matters worse Israel screwed Stern and there is nothing worse than a women scorn. This is gonna be fun!

  2. Patronage 101 says:

    Funny thing about partisanship in Sheriff races…
    Would there really be much of a difference about how crime fighting would take place in Broward if Israel or Granteed were Sheriff rather than Lamberti? Probably only marginally.
    Both Israel and Granteed will most likely sell their souls to the patronage panhandlers who get business from Democratic office holders (Big Dem. law firms, purveyors for the jails, suppliers and more…).
    Look for the unions to get behind Israel and/or Granteed (as evidenced by the rally at the PBA for police to switch parties and become Dems…food for 2k, but about 100 showed!). They have been beat down as off late and their hands will be out too.

  3. Creekgirl says:

    Lamberti can laugh all he wants, but he did not get my vote the first time around!
    He will not be getting my vote time either.

    After seeing how he used his position to get his son into the Superbowl “to work” ; how he handled his top officers doing business with Scott Rothstein, and how he abandoned his corrections officers in budget crisis while buying a helicopter(for a few millions), I do not believe those Dems who voted for him in the past will be doing so this time around.

  4. "THE DUKE" says:

    About a 100 showed? You must have went to public school. More like 50, maybe 60 stretching it and that was with free food and drinks! The sad part is that JM is lying to everyone and telling them that it is because of what the Governor and the Republican legislators did in Tally this year when it’s purely to get more Democratic voters.

  5. Smart Move says:

    Has Lamberti even filed yet? I didn’t think so. Wonder why? Let’s just see who’s laughing in a few months.

    Granteed is a shill for Al Lamberti who has been his very good friend for years. There is a promise of a job when Granteed retires from Hollywood and loses this race. It is now and has always been Scott Israel that Al Lamberti fears. That is why Rothstein had to bankroll the dirtiest campaign in Broward’s history to defeat Scott by the slim margin Lamberti got.

    It won’t work again Al. And your puppet Granteed was a very transparent and anticipated move.

  6. yawn says:

    Ohh a pissed off Stern, so what.

    Name a major race she has won since Israel? Wishner lost twice and her lil girl got her large butt handed to her by George Moritas.
    I read the comment about Stern wearing a wire to save herself and rat on candidates on Bob Norman’s old Blog as did many others, is it true? Who knows? But it certainly must have made people wonder long and hard about it.

    Scott is getting more support and money from people now because he is not associated with Stern. Many in the Israel camp saw the indecisive meltdown she had after winning the primary in 08′ some wonder if she was paid off by Scotty R to throw it.

  7. demssupportlamberti says:

    News flash both democratic candidates are wasting their time! Most democrats are supporting Al Lamberti anyways…

    Please go sit down somewhere everybody else.

  8. Kevin says:


    Florida, like most other southern states, has had two local offices that have traditionally been very heavy with patronage jobs: sheriff and clerk of the courts. Back when the Democrats controlled every local office in the South (up to about the early 1970s), these were the plum pickings that you went after. Thus the partisanship.


    PS Some southern states even still elect the County Coroner(!) in partisan elections!! What are the official GOP and Dem positions on saying “yep! he’s dead?!!?”

  9. Broward County says:


    I don’t think Lamberti can pull of a second upset victory in democratic Broward this time. Scott Israel’s dirty laundry and hidden skeletons were exposed last election and that led Lamberti to the upset victory. Louie Granteed doesn’t have Israel’s baggage and he is a true lifelong Democrat.

    Lamberti also doesn’t have the benefit of Scott Rothstein’s stolen money to help his campaign. Under his watch, the Sheriff’s Office has been mired in one scandal after another.

  10. Support Al says:

    I am a long time ACTIVE Democrat who has pledged his support behind Sheriff Lamberti.

  11. Central Broward says:

    It is all interesting, but most is inaccurate political posturing. Sheriff Lamberti is smart to sit back and let one Democratic Candidate try to sling mud at another. The significant point her is one Candidate.

    Scott Israel and his groups of friends are and have always been dirty and the biggest mud slingers ever in Broward politics and it’s time has come and gone. I must say people are tired of it and him. This is not the type of person that should even be considered in a race as important as Sheriff.

    I have been involved in Broward politics for decades and Sheriff Lamberti has a great deal to worry about and it’s certainly not Scott Israel. He is not trustworthy, lacks professionalism and lacks the character to lead the office. Scott Israel gets aggressive with Granteed and Lamberti supporters and has been creating an uncomfortable feeling among people around Broward with this type of tactic.

    Sheriff Lamberti and Republican turned Democrat 2008 loser Scott Israel both have a big big problem this cycle, Hollywood Assistant Chief Lou Granteed.

    This political newcomer has an impeccable Public Safety career with over 30 years of experience and an excellent reputation regardless of all the false and inaccurate remarks made in blogs.

    I have research every bit of the information on him and found all the statements and allegations to be lies as expected coming from the Israel camp.

    Assistant Chief Granteed is a very impressive person, very approachable with voters and has a unique ability to connect wit people. All the groups I associate with trust, supporting and believe he will win.

    For a first time political Candidate, he is more seasoned and politically astute than your could imagine. A key highlight is he knows how to surround himself with the best and most respected people in the business. That is a switch from what Scott Israel demonstrates and Sheriff Lamberti has not done for years.

    You can judge a persons character by the friends he or she has around them. This is a no brainer…Granteed wins hands down.

    The shill business is old propaganda. Assistant Chief Granteed has made it very clear he is in it to win it and I believe he has everything it takes. I personbally asked him after reading these blogs if he would accept a job from the Sheriff at anytime and he immediately answered “No” and stated I am in the race to win the race and to be the next Sheriff of Broward County.

    I don’t like negative campaigns and in the last election and now this election, Scott Israel and Sheriff Lamberti have already turned people off.

    I give a tremendous amount of credit to Assistant Chief Granteed and his team for being positive, refraining from engaging in the mud slinging, and being professional to his opponents. It is a show of his character and leadership that he can rise above it and stay focused on what’s important to Broward County and the members of the Broward Sheriff’s Office. There is enough negatively on a daily basis at the BSO and we don’t need more from a person like Scott Israel. Granteed has the qualities and now my vote.

  12. DRI says:

    The statement about Democrats supporting Lamberti only happened because Scott Israel was a Republican and after not getting the Republican appointment turned Democrat. A large majority of Democrats didn’t even vote in the race because Israel was not a real Democrat and nor was he a viable Candidate to begin with.

    The difference this election is Hollywood Granteed is a lifelong Democrat. He is highly educated, very qualified and unless you didn’t read the press release, key key democratic groups have already endorsed him.

    Real Democrats are not interested in Republicans like Israel turning Democrat or Republicans Lamberti now that they have one of their own.

    Hollywood Granteed in a unique way has even managed to bring Democrats, Republicans and Independents together. Peopel real like him and know he can win. He is a Crime Fighter with the ability to understand Broward Politics. Wow!!

    Not only is Lamberti not getting Democrats and Independents,he is losing Republicans to Granteed.

    It’s time for a change in Broward. Out with the recycled and in with the future. I encourage everyone to get on board with Hollywood Granteed and support him. We need the change.

  13. ISNOTREAL says:

    It is quite funny that someone says Israel is getting more money now because he is not with Judy Stern. However, people in the Israel camp have been talking and the word it out that he is having big problems raising money.

    Really??? How many times does a candidate go back to the samne people over and over again after losing over and over again and ask for more money. It’s called using people to try and buy a job that you have no chance to win.

    I like Judy Stern and I am so glad she is not involved with Scott Israel. That damaged her reputation mroe than anything. Israel didn’t pay his bills and got her sued. It’s in the court records.

    Israel shoud never be trusted with taxpayer dollars, especially with a history of not paying vendors, a foreclosure and failing to pay child support, except when served with a court order. The proof is in the court documents.

    I supported him last election, but he IS NOT REAL!!! Never again.

  14. Smart Move says:

    To Central Broward. We need to hear those words from Granteed, preferably on video tape, not from some anonymous campaigner.

    Until Granteed pledges never to accept a BSO job under Lamberti, he is a shill.

    Until Granteed tells us why Al Lamberti should not be re-elected he is a shill.

    Until Granteed says why he would be a better sheriff than Lamberti he is a shill.

    Those are the basic expectations of someone running against an incumbent and if he can’t do it that’s because he has an Ace up his sleeve. Period.

  15. Central Broward says:

    Dear Mr. Smart Move, I am not campaigner, I am Political Activist with decades of election experience.

    I am good with it because I personally asked him myself and heard it right from his mouth. Why don’t you stop hiding behind your “Israel” shill and ask Granteed yourself.

    I am totally convinced and trust Granteed’s word, which is not something anyone should do with your friend Israel.

    Why would a strong leader,highly educated and very qualified public servant take a job from a person that he could beat. You sound like a broken record and obviously have a big stake in Israel needing to win. My opinion..

    Also, what do you know about a Candidates expectations and an ace in the hole. It must be nice from the cheap seats in the poker gallery.

    If you knew about an ace in the hole, you wouldn’t have backed Israel again knowing he has no chance to win. You are probably going down again with the Royal Flush….

    If you truly knew anything about an ace in the hole, you would never take the same losing bet twice, double down or put your whole bank on the line when the odds are against you.

    Good Candidates don’t fall for your small talk and get bluffed into playing someone else’s game. They are not called shills, they are called winners!!!

    Sorry, I can read your poker face and it tells me Granteed makes all of you very nervous and is a big problem. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  16. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Let “Big Al” laugh all he wants. What so he’s got big bucks in his campaighn accounts(big deal). What he’s going to get Gov.Scott to endorse him ,go ahead. People ,canidates rather run on Lamberti’s record. Scandal, after scandal, etc. Again attack the record. Who cares what Party affilation he is. Being sheriff should be non-partsian anyway. Besides debate him over and over again. Off the cuff he stinks. Another point the County Comm. can’t stand him (true)…

  17. Scott Rothstein says:

    Hey Buddy,

    As you know in the last election I gave Lamberti about $400,000.00, so I could get special favors.

    I also gave Israel $190,000.00 and other PI work, even though he runs around and attacks Lamberti for taking the money, but surprisingly forgets he took the money too.

    I guess he has the ability to forget things like his best friend Ron C. being indicted, he forgets about his son that he was court ordered to pay child support, he forgot to pay his mortgage and was foreclosed on, he forgot to put the cologne back on the shelf at the Galleria Mall when apprehended for shoplifting while in uniform on-duty with Fort Lauderdale P.D., he forgot that beating up black males in northwest Fort Lauderdale was illegal.

    However, he didnt forget to make sure the records were removed from the huge IA file on 8 excessive use of force complaints against all black male citizens, who were later threatened by him and his for complaining.

    The Sergeant involved in the shoplifting is willing to talk and lives in Central Florida. he can also shed light on Israel ratting on other COPS.

    O yeah, all the money came from my WAWW Corporations. That’s What A Wonderful World, Inc. I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII. I used 8 corporation for him and Lamberti You can confirm from Sun Biz.

    My guess is, the shill is Israel. Everyone knows he can’t beat Granteed and can’t beat Lamberti. He is always about himself. His PI business is slow and he really needs a job!!! Word is he hasn’t generated much business for the new PI company he works for now. The owner quitelt talking about the disappointment. There is your answer because everyone knows Granteed is a problem for Lamberti, not Israel.

  18. Piano Player says:

    The Dirty Dozen of 2008
    If only we could fit all the bums in…
    By New Times staff Thursday, Dec 18 2008

    Not surprisingly, Broward and Palm Beach counties had more than their share of backroom deals, slimy alliances, ego trips, and moral shilly-shallying this year. So many scoundrels, so many liars, so many wimps and turncoats. So many bums stalking our backyards in 2008, in fact, that New Times considered expanding its annual Dirty Dozen list. Each gets a rating on our Dirt Meter, with one being merely nauseating and 10 for downright despicable.

    [b]Scott Israel[/b] In the wide open, five-candidate race for the Democratic nomination for Broward sheriff that raged last summer, Scott Israel distinguished himself as the most desperate, unscrupulous option. The police chief of tiny North Bay Village had been a lifelong Republican, an affiliation he hoped would earn him an interview with our GOP governor. In the fall of 2007, Crist needed an interim replacement for Sheriff Ken Jenne, who pleaded guilty to corruption charges. But Crist didn’t even give Israel an interview before he appointed Al Lamberti. Then Israel changed his party registration to Democrat. Presumably, after selling that part of one’s political soul, it’s easier to part with what’s left. Israel hired a ruthless campaign adviser in Judy Stern, and then embarked on a fundraising drive that included vendors who served the Broward Sheriff’s Office, suggesting that he learned nothing from Jenne about the danger of mingling contracts with political favors. Flush with campaign dollars, Israel’s name was plastered all over Broward, though not on the malicious literature aimed at his rivals. One hit mailer portrayed former federal prosecutor Bruce Udolf, a Southwest Ranches resident, as a hayseed. Another contained a cartoon likeness of Wiley Thompson, an African-American, wearing a bow tie (a brilliant attempt to suggest Uncle Tom sell-out to black voters and black Muslim to paranoid white voters). Israel won the primary. But his dirty games backfired. In a general election where Barack Obama’s candidacy drove high Democrat turnout, droves of voters cast ballots for Republican Lamberti. Israel made a deal with the Devil, and he learned a hard lesson in how the Devil gets his due. Dirty Meter reading: 6 (Anything higher is like dancing on a grave.)

  19. Pines Resident says:

    Bob Norman’s blog is beginning to establish the connection between Granteed and Lamberti. We will get to a bottom line on that matter very soon.

  20. Easily Fooled says:

    Dear Pines Resident,

    It will take more than repeating unnamed unsubstantiated comments off a blog to prove anything. All this proves is that Channel 10 lowered it’s standards.

    Show us proof. Of course Lamberti benefits from a Democratic primary. It’s a common trick of Judy Stern to create such unnecessary primaries. Stern is now backing Lamberti, having broken with Isarel.

  21. BSO Employee says:

    I work at the BSO and know there is no deal between Sheriff Lamberti and Assistant Chief Lou Granteed. Don’t believe anything about that false information. I am sure it’s being spread by Scott Israel, Ron Caccitore, Jeff Marano or Russ Deperna.

    Sheriff Lamberti is not at all concerned about Scott Israel, but is very concerned about the Hollywood Assistant Chief because he is well known, well liked and well qualified, unlike Scott Israel, who has a terrible reputation and can’t win.

    Hollywood Assistant Chief Granteed is a life long Democrat and Scott Israel is a Republican turned Democrat. Sheriff Lamberti got the Governor’s Appointment over Scott Israel who never got an interview. Sheriff Lamberti smashed Scott Israel in the 2008 election even after he turned Democrat. Nobody gives any creedance to the Scott Israel campaign. Everyone is angry at Scott Israel because he is the real shill and the selfish one hurting the Democratic Party and finally a great Candidate like Hollywood Assistant Chief Granteed.

    It has been stated over and over directly from the Assistant Chief Granteed and he has made it crystal clear he is not interested in any job offers by Sheriff Lamberti and is in the race to win it.

    All of us at the BSO know he will definitely beat Scott Israel and is the only one that has a chance to beat Sheriff Lamberti.

    The Scott Israel camp is not hurting the Hollywood Chief by there false information and trying to throw out there Sheriff Lamberti offered him a job, it’s just makes all of Lamberti’s people which is alot more than Scott Israel has want to help Granteed. There is no doubt that Scott Israel is a terrible candidate and should just get out now. He has no chance and is so much about himself and everyone knows it, except himself.

    It reality it would be smart for Sheriff Lamberti to get his biggest threat and problem Hollywood Assistant Chief Granteed out of the race, but it won’t ever happen. We want Granteed to stay the course because we want him to win and believe he will.