Al Lamberti Joins Anti-Gun Control Crazies





There is the Tea Party. There is the Far Right.

Then there is the John Birch Society.

These extremist wackadoos see conspiracies to destroy America everywhere.

Now that Communism is not really an issue, the group has morphed into a rabidly pro-gun group guided by “Christian principles” and opposed to “collectivism” big government.   They see a secret plan to overthrow this country in a myriad of places, including the proposed Common Core program in schools and the gay rights movement.

The Southern Poverty Law Center labels Birchers “a Patriots Group,” opposed to the so-called New World Order and advocating extreme anti-government methods.

Essentially these are old white guys fanatically angry because they are unable to cope with a changing world.

So why is  former Sheriff Al Lamberti cozying up to these nuts?

Lamberti will share the stage later this month with an anti-gun control film from the John Birch Society.

I find it bizarre that Lamberti would appear as a “special guest” at a showing of a kooky John Birch “documentary.”

Does this mean that Lamberti has given up on elected office in Broward?

I surely hope he never appears on a Broward ballot after his apparent embrace of the message of these crazies.


Lamberti at church


19 Responses to “Al Lamberti Joins Anti-Gun Control Crazies”

  1. ex compassionate conservative says:


    Is this the same Calvary Chapel that has Rev Bob Coy who was thrown off the Sun Sentinel years ago when he basically endorsed a berated wife into submission to her husband for The Lord?

    Is this the same mega church that Am Talk radio Steve Kane and his yoong ward Brian Craig attend to stop Obama and make America a Christian country by condemning the poor, homeless, disabled, gay , non Enlgish speakers and claim to love Jesus the Saviour but hate Jesus the hispanic?

    Pastor Bob
    So what happens when a fundamentalist preacher gets an advice column in a mainstream daily newspaper?

    The Sun-Sentinel recently found out.

    Pastor Bob Coy of the Cavalry Chapel has been doing occasional columns in the Sentinel’s Saturday newspaper called “Ask Pastor Bob.” I never noticed the thing and probably wouldn’t have had not NT writer and unofficial Pulp correspondent Wyatt Olson brought Coy’s March 11 column to my attention. In that little piece, a woman calling herself P.B. wrote that her husband was verbally abusing her and wrote about the Bible saying something about words being sharper than swords. “Do I need to take this, or can I leave my marriage?” she asked.

    Coy told her, “God still desires you to remain committed to your husband.” He concluded, “I hope I have helped encourage you not only to stay in your marriage, but to go the extra mile by humbly submitting to your husband, as unto the Lord.”

    “Not surprisingly, several readers complained bitterly to the Sentinel about it. To pay its penance, the newspaper published readers’ diatribes against Coy this Saturday in place of the pastor’s column. A retired police captain told P.B. that she was in a potentially dangerous situation and to get help immediately. A survivor of abuse conveyed a simple truth that should have had Coy on his knees asking for forgiveness: “It is the abuser who must change their behavior, not the abused.” Another survivor wrote that she’d seen women who tried to “behave” better for their abusive husband wind up dead. “If [she] does, then her death is not only on the head of her spouse, but also on that of Rev. Coy, and this paper for printing such a dangerous message,” she wrote. Another reader demanded that the Sentinel strip Coy of his column. “

  2. Voice of reason? says:

    First, I by no means am crazy about Lamberti, especially after the audit at BSO.

    However, I think it’s irresponsible to make a claim before the event happens. You have no idea what Lamberti is going to say, or if he will be in total agreement with the film. The meeting isn’t hosted by John Birch, but instead an independent group which is apparently affiliated with Calvary Chapel – no doubt a group that helped Lamberti before and after he won office.

    Not saying you shouldn’t go after him if he shows up and joins the ranting, but at least have the decency and intelligence to find out what he said or is planning to say – THEN publish an article with this tone.

  3. Profiles in Cowardice says:

    Sorry, if Lamberti was being promoted at a Klan rally as the “Guest Speaker” because he was invited and accepted the invitation, it would be completely appropriate to criticize him agreeing to participate in any way.

    The JBS is not far off in many ways from the Klan.

  4. Bend over and Cough says:

    Lamberti is only there to introduce his old friend Allen West.

  5. Just the Facts says:

    Another nice touch: Lamberti is there to bash gun control on the eve of the first anniversary of the kids getting killed at the elementary school in Newtown, CT. Pretty pathetic move by Lamberti.

  6. Broward Dem says:

    Didn’t Katie Edwards also jump on this bandwagon?

  7. John Henry says:

    I stopped reading this article after seeing “The Southern Poverty Law Center” being mentioned. Those people are the real extremists. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  8. Voice of reason? says:


    Unfortunately for your argument, it is not JBS who is sponsoring the meetings…. Look at the invite before you post. Thanks.


    No, its not the John Birch Society sponsoring the meeting. It is a sympathetic organization doing the sponsoring.

    Lamberti, who represented more people than any other single elected sheriff in Florida (Dade has an appointed public safety director), should know enough to check the program of the meeting before accepting an invitation. You should always be cautious of the company you keep, or as the Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack states, “He that lies down with dogs shall rise up with fleas.”

  9. Sam The Sham says:

    Ditto the Voice of Reason.

    When the chief law enforcement officer of the county espouses a stand against state firearms law, (Stand your ground) and federal law and the US Constitution (Magazine Capacity, so called Assault Rifles), what is wrong with standing up for our second amendment rights?

  10. Arthur Conan Doyle says:

    Al Lamberti is a sic SOB. Did anyone else but me realize that November 22 marks 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

    Lamberti you are a disrespectful, sick, sadistic sod. May you rot in hell.

  11. Don't have a Cowan says:

    Pastor Coy is a great man and has done much for our community. And maybe you should learn more about JBS before you throw stones at them. I would take them over ACORN any day.

  12. Kirk says:

    Broward voters rejected Lamberti when he hid his anti-gun control sentiments. Now that he is out of the closet, they will never vote for him again.

    If the Birchers don’t like that, move to North Florida or better yet, Alabama.

  13. Broward says:

    The current Sheriff is a Constitutional Officer and took a stand against right to bear arms and against every Sheriff in Florida. Past or Current, neither have a clue!!!

  14. Broward Voter says:

    Al Lamberti is associating with John Birch types?


    We can move on now.

  15. Wake Up Broward says:

    Lamberti is insane. The sooner you sheeple realize it the better you are. You want another Lamberti disgrace news story?

    Investigate the Lamberti/Albetta/Benjamin sexual battery frame job on Jonathan Bleweiss.

    If that doesn’t prove Lamberti is insane, nothing will.

  16. Hmmm says:

    For those who say the Birchers aren’t that bad, etc…..

    1. Read this article about how the Republicans and conservative leaders expelled them from the mainstream conservative movement for their lunatic radicalism:

    2. Like the Birchers or not, associating with them would be a political kiss of death for a politician in Broward County. Especially in a Democratic primary.

  17. Kevin Hill says:

    I wonder if free tin foil and hat patterns will be provided?

  18. Tea Party Sheriff says:

    Lamberti said he was just a law enforcement officer and had no party, but he lied. He is Tea Party all the way.

  19. holly says:

    I do not know who the former Sheriff’s audience was to be on this occasion but,I take issue with the use of the word “crazies”. As an Emergency Dept Nurse and someone who has people who has mental issues in the family,(as most of us do). Is it now acceptable to say they do not deserve the benefit of our elected officials? They are our brothers, sisters, parents and children. They above all deserve our counsel and understanding, not constant berating by the press. I find his statement both prejudicial and offensive to those who are often misrepresented and ignored by the
    media and government, giving advice and allowing opinions to be heard are monumental in their improvement.
    How long ago was was it that women and minorities were cast in the same light by this yellow journalism. For Shame!