Lagging In Donations, Judge Tries To Get On Ballot By Petition





Broward Circuit Judge Ian Richards needs your John Hancock if you’re a registered voter.

Richards is trying to qualify for office by petition and save some of the $5,371.20 filing fee.



Ian Richards


The judge will need 11,405 signatures to qualify.

Broward’s elections office has already verified 4,002.

At a cost of 10 cents per signature, using a petition will still cost Richards at least $1,140 to file for office.

Every penny counts for Team Richards. The judge, finishing his first term, is lagging way behind in donations.

As of November 30, Richards only raised $1,550, compared to opponent Jonathan Kasen’s $28,475.  A third candidate, Clauda Robinson, has raised no money.

Richards has loaned his campaign $16,540, while Kasen has kicked in $25,000.

Kasen’s support so far is evidence that some in the legal community still harbor a grudge towards Richards for his first campaign in 2008. He beat incumbent Catalina Avalos and was criticized for both exploiting bias against Hispanics and hiding from voters that he was black.

Richards may have reasons beyond saving money for the petition drive. It is also a cheap way of building a campaign team of volunteers and promoting the judge’s candidacy in the community.

Among the places that Richards is collecting signatures is in front of the Main Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale.

Filing for judicial offices is from April 28 to May 2, 2014.

An earlier story on the campaign can be found here. 

4 Responses to “Lagging In Donations, Judge Tries To Get On Ballot By Petition”

  1. What a Load says:

    Check out Ian’s financials to find out why he’s trying to get on by petition.

    And as for “evidence that some in the legal community still harbor a grudge”, the same folks behind Kasen in 2014 are many of the same people that put up candidates in 2008 against other hispanic judges and a dozen yahoos in 2010 to run against incumbents.

    Don’t say its because Ian ran as the Invisible White guy west of the Turnpike and Carribean Ian in “the community”.

    Other than his “Batman Routine” from the bench and his offensive “vagina justice” comments, the guy is a joke.

    When will the fourth candidate for this race show up?

  2. Oh that sneaky Richards says:

    Buddy and the establishment get a house Negro to run. A Negro has to know their place. We have to fix Richards because he doesn’t know his place. Which house Negro will it be Banks or ??? Last time lying Buddy and rag newspapers said he tricked the voters by asking them for their vote. Now how is Richards tricking the voters? I think it costs roughly $50,000 more than the filing fee to get on the ballot by petition. I hear Richards has 6000 to 7000 petitions already. So it is actually ten more expensive to get on the ballot by petition.
    Somebody get that sneaky N word Richards. Master get Richards.

  3. Here Comes NO judge says:

    Ian Richards doesn’t belong in a courtroom much less presiding. He doesn’t have the judicial temperament to be a judge.

  4. Good job Judge Richards says:

    Judge Ian Richards has great judicial temperament and treats everyone with respect.