Kristin Jacobs Running For House Next Year





Kristin Jacobs isn’t going away when her 16 years on the county commission ends next year because of term limits.

That’s a good thing to a lot of Democrats.



Kristin Jacobs


Because Jacob is Broward’s most dedicated environmentalist, transit advocate and voice for working folks.

Jacobs is running for the Florida House next year in the seat now held by state Rep. Jim Waldman.  Waldman is term limited out.

She will announce for office sometime in early July.

House District 96 is a good fit for Jacobs.

Stretching across a largely Democratic patch of North Broward, about 75 percent of her county commission district is in the House district.  She has represented North Broward on the county commission since beating then-incumbent Sylvia Poitier in a stunning upset in 1998.

It’s been a long time.

During that first campaign, her son Mitch was 4. He would come home from a night of campaigning with his face covered with lipstick from all the kisses condo ladies would plant.

Today at 19, Mitch is in college and working at Yosemite National Park in California for the summer.

“Where did all the time go?” Jacobs, 53, mused this week.

The time wasn’t wasted for Jacobs.  She spent it learning the issues.

Jacob’s love for the environment blossomed into her belief that our resources need to be safeguarded, especially our water.  She is an outspoken spokeswoman for water quality issues on the County Commission. She is scheduled to give committee testimony in Washington next month about the future of our water supplies.

Her work with Tri-Rail has convinced her that South Florida needs alternatives to the car or we will smother on gasoline fumes.

Her environmental and transportation stands position Broward for the future.  Her work passing the Living Wage Ordinance has been helping working folks for years.

The Living Wage requires the county and some of its vendors to pay workers more than a minimum wage. It is currently $11.46-per-hour with health benefits and $12.95-per-hour without health benefits.

Her work for the lower rungs of the work force pay scale won her union support in her past elections.

So far, Jacobs only opponent is Steve Perman, a chiropractor who is seeking a return to the House.  He represented Martin, Okeechobee, St. Lucie and Palm Beach Counties from 2010-2012 and is largely untested in Broward (He has a house in Coral Springs since 1994, apparently while representing other places in Florida. Hmmmmm.).

Perman is going to have support from his old buddies in the House, chiropractors and others who have campaign money to spread around. Waldman, the current representative in House District 96, has already endorsed him.

As a sitting county commissioner, Jacobs should have no trouble raising money.

She’ll need every dime.

This one is going to be tough, but I gotta believe Jacobs with her strong Democratic background and her long tenure in the district has a big head start.




26 Responses to “Kristin Jacobs Running For House Next Year”

  1. Coconut Creek Demo says:

    You didn’t mention that she is the best looking Democrat in the race. He is an old, bald white guy and she is a MILF.

  2. Creekywheel says:

    No one in Coconut Creek should vote for Kristin jacobs. She allowed an expansion of the landfill that has been stinking up North BROWARD for over 20 years.

  3. Independent says:

    Thought we finally got rid of her.

    If she serves she won’t like it. But then again, I am sure they won’t like her either.

  4. Notocorruption says:

    Someone else. Anybody else. As long as it is a non-incumbent anything. Please.

  5. George says:

    So glad to hear this. She lives in my district and I was so afraid she

  6. LOL says:

    She is also dumb as a stump, that is why she got trounced by Lois Frankel.

  7. Bye bye says:

    Goodbye Kristin
    Good riddance

  8. just one vote says:

    wow Buddy that is quite an endorse,emt. Hope you post my comment. She may be capable at county level where everything is screwed up and corrupt. Think for one minute what the economy, jobs, tax rates, etc. will be come the primary next year after WashDC and those there in power (Dems/Senate and House/Repubs) and WH will have inflicted on us. she just is not cut from the right cloth – shmata. trust me. she skims the surface and may dig a bit deep into WHAT INTERESTYS HER(NOT Ilene Lieberman michaels or whatever she goes by these days and thank God) . but a studied review of her votes, issues, etc. over last 14 years is a stunning example of neophyte luck learning on the job. Nothing against her as she is a decent person who got lucky, got elected, stayed in office and thinks she is ready. People running at the next rung will eat her for breakfast, smear any questionable vote or quote she ever made and put her out at the curb. not that she deserves it (?) but that S FL politics. Her votes between the end of the BCC break and Sept busget will be telling. I am not involved in camapaigns, don’t advise, volunteer or otherwise get involved. just listen to the proliteriat that votes.
    Stayed tuned.

  9. Here we go again says:

    Jacobs, another one who doesn’t live in the district she is running for.


    You are right. She currently doesn’t live in House District 96.

  10. Are You Kidding Me? says:

    Buddy – why don’t you go ahead and sign on as Commissioner Jacobs campaign manager. While your comments about her accurately reflect the early Commissioner Jacobs that isn’t true of the Commissioner Jacobs we have seen for the last few years. Unfortunately she succombed to the dark side and by and large was nothing more than a shill for the moneyed interests that dominate the county commission. The other problem is that she has fallen prey to the career politician syndrome. She reached to far when she ran for a U.S. House seat against Lois Frankel so she lowers her sights and runs for a Florida House seat she sees as easy pickings. I would hazard to guess that she is motivated by ego and a desire to pad her pension not a desire toi serve her constituency

  11. Floridan says:

    “She is also dumb as a stump . . . ”

    Further proof that many people who post comments here have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

    I suggest that “LOL” engage Kristin Jacobs in an argument about some subject and see what happens. While I have not always agreed with everything KJ has proposed, I have never been stupid enough to think that her positon showed a lack of intelligence.

  12. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Kristen Jacobs will be good for Tallahassee, but Tallahassee will not return the favor. It’s a snakepit. Not the kind of cuddly, good for the environment snakes that Kristen likes, but the slimy, greedy kind that poisons any environment. And it comes with a toothless Ethics Commission overseeing the circus!

    Good luck to anyone who wants to live in that cesspool. Who knows, maybe she can clean it up a bit. Let’s hope so!!

  13. just one vote says:

    @Are You Kidding Me?

    right on and I am with you. even if a dem gets elected from the district andit won;t be her republicans will still maintain majority in Tallahassee with Governor
    just curious how introspective she will be after loosing a second primary

  14. John Henry says:

    Shes pushing that stupid & extremely costly wave project like crazy. LOL. What a hack. She’ll fit in well with the other Aholes in tallahassee.

  15. Harold Taylor says:

    Transit and clean water is now an after thought in the Legislature. Maybe Kristin can change that. Kristin has my vote.

  16. ironic says:

    I find it ironic that somebody who was so vocal to support fair districts would district shop. Why can’t she run where she lives?

  17. no chance says:

    Jacobs fired franco ripple and lost her longtime aide marsha during the failed congressional campaign last year. these were the only people that could keep her sane and tolerate her ego bs, she is lost without them and will lose again because she drove her best people away.

  18. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I think Comm.-MayorJacobs should be able to pull this off. Word had it she really wanted her and mayor Lamar Fisher to basically switch seats(him to the County, her to Mayor of Pompano Beach-but he wasn’t interested-why?). So I never want to discourage anyone from running for public off-good luck…

  19. dogs says:

    She would be better than Perhman who already dis time up there or the wanna be no body Beth Lerner

  20. let her run says:

    maybe she will mve into a rental in the district if she wins.
    isn’t that what sachman did?
    and if silly ignorant voters vote for someone to represent them who doesn’t even live in the district then who cares?

  21. Floridan says:

    Lamar Fisher was interested in running for the County Commission, but when new districts were drawn last year, he ended up outside Jacob’s district.

  22. Pompano Fisherman says:

    @Floridan: and that’s a bad thing? Which district is Mayor Fisher in? Who represents that district? Is that seat up for relection at the same time as Jacob’s? Could Fisher beat the incumbent?

  23. pompanoresident says:

    I live in Pompano and was waiting for the school bus with my daughter several years ago. Unbeknownst to me, a lady was there with her child and I started a neighborly conversation with her. It turned out to be Kristin Jacobs. She was arrogant and snooty and acted like she was better than the rest of the moms there. I vowed that day that if she ever ran for office again, I would vote against her. And I have every single time that I have had an opportunity. Too bad I won’t get to vote against her this time since she is moving (wink wink) to Creek. You bet I will be contacting all of the activists I know in that City and telling them my tale.

  24. Floridan says:

    @Pompano Fisherman: Fisher now resides in Chip LaMarca’s district. Perhaps he will run (I think he would make a great County Commissioner), but I doubt Lamar is as well known throughout Chip’s district as he is in Kristin’s.

  25. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Great observations #22, & #24. First of all Comm.Larmarca is beatable. Mayor Fisher would be a good fit. However I would be willing to bet people are weighing their options even as I type this. Let the games begin. Ken Keechl will run, but remember the 3g-to the boyfriend..(right Char)….

  26. Real Deal says:

    Very likable when she first ran for office, Kristin Jacobs has become a nasty and angry person. She seems to enjoy bullying people and perhaps that’s why not much has gotten done these last 12 years. The Jekyll and Hyde act has already cost her a congressional seat. Perhaps she should rejoin regular society again for a while before running for anything else. Some time away from elected life might help her regain her lost sense of reality.