Commissioners Squabble Over Meaningless Job: Vice Mayor


Does Goody Two Shoes, known to most of us as Commissioner Kristin Jacobs, have some mud on her soles after today’s divisive vote on who will be the next Broward Vice Mayor?

Or is Jacobs the victim of dirt being thrown at her?


Kristin Jacobs

One thing is clear: What looked like a routine vote for vice mayor masked bitter behind-the-scenes infighting.

Jacobs, aka “Goody Two Shoes” to her detractors, won a 5-4 vote over Commissioner Barbara Sharief.

Sharief’s supporters say it was Jacobs doing all the nasty stuff leading up to the vote.  Jacobs’ people say it was the Sharief team.

“Goody Two Shoes was putting the arm on everybody to vote for her,” said one commissioner, referring to Jacobs’ squeaky clean image.

Jacobs used her vote on the upcoming redistricting to threaten at least one commissioner with voting her way, according to a commissioner.

“Anybody who knows me knows I never threaten anybody,” Jacobs said after my initial post on this issue.

It was Commissioner Ilene Lieberman and her aide, Bev Stracher, who was doing the threatening, claim another commissioner.

Lieberman nominated Sharief.

“I don’t think Barbara had anothing to do with any of this,” said a commissioner. “I think she was being used by others.”

Why this fight over a somewhat meaningless post?

Yes, the vice mayor is traditionally the next mayor. Some speculate — including a reader commenting below — that Jacobs wanted to be vice mayor and then mayor to help a future run for Congress.

“What comes next after the County Commission is asked me a lot.  I don’t really know,” Jacobs said.

She quickly added that the “federal level” is “a natural progression” from the county commission, but that the federal level doesn’t necessarily mean elective office.

Frankly being mayor is a lot of oysters with few pearls.  It is like the Queen of England without the money — ceremonial with lots of appearances and attention, but no real power.

With the myriad of problems Broward faces, it is good to see commissioners have their priorities straight.

44 Responses to “Commissioners Squabble Over Meaningless Job: Vice Mayor”

  1. #1 Democrat for Justice says:

    How did the Commissioner vote on this Buddy?

    There goes the commission focus to get new blood in leadership.

    FROM BUDDY: 5-4 as my story indicated.

    I couldn’t hear every commissioner over the Internet, but John Rodstrom was the final swing vote for Jacobs. Chip LaMarca also voted for Jacobs. Lois Wexler nominated her.

  2. Give Me A Break says:

    just say the truth…Jacobs is running for Congress against Allen West and she will be campaigning as Mayor of the county….very selfish and self-serving!


    The timing is off. She wouldn’t be mayor until after the 2012 election.

  3. Write The Truth says:

    Why didn’t you write the truth? This is another move by whites to stop the minorities from getting representation. I think some of them can’t believe Broward should have a black mayor like Barbara Sharief?


    Broward has had a black mayor — Josephus Eggelletion.

    Although I couldn’t hear the individual votes clearly on the Internet, I believe that Dale Holness, who is black, voted for Jacobs.

  4. Give Me A Break says:

    Correct…she will campaign next year, as the new Mayor and announce her bid for office…take that to the bank! She can really shake down the lobbyists!


    The Sun-Sentinel hinted in July that Jacobs was looking at West’s seat in 2014. What a joke!

    First of all, can anybody at all predict what politics will be like in 2014. How will the economy be doing? Will Obama be in the White House? Will the Tea Party continue to be a factor? Will West’s new district be even more Republican?

  5. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow I sparks are flying. I like Comm.Shaiff very much. My mother is a retired nurse. You know this damn ethics rules I would like to call her in reference to a private duty nurse(I would respect her judgement). I mean she is a public servant ,but I don’t want to jeaperdazie her postion. As far as Comm.jacobs I think she has gotten a little cocky since she went unopposed last time around. This ha s to be decided by the Comm. and no one else. The postion is ceremonial anyways, but I have to hestitate she be off to say Iceland(not so fast)as Vice Mayor. Which we all would pay for by the way.

  6. Smart Move says:

    You people don’t get it. This is much more than a vote for vice mayor. It is the establishment of a new majority on the County Commission that includes Rodstrom, Jacobs, Wexler, LaMarca and Holness. That means Lieberman, Ritter, and Gunzburger are in the minority and as for Sharief this vote declares her irrelevant.

  7. Walker Texas Ranger says:

    Wow, another blow to the corrupt LIEberman and her do-girl Stracher. They tried to browbeat and armtwist their colleagues today and failed badly, all while racking up their own sunshine violations, to be sure. And Robert Walsh, for thr love of all that’s holy, please learn to spell.

  8. NoseBleedSeats says:

    Sharief has been on the dias since Nov. 2010(?)and expects to be vice mayor and next in line to the throne after a year on the County Commission? Does she know where the restrooms are yet? She obviously found the cafeteria! Being successful at any elected level has a lot to do with playing nice with others, Sharief should learn this quickly. More likely, she’s being tooled by Lieberman/Ritter for some scheme yet to be played out. As for Stracher, am I the only one who is incredilous she remains on our/Lieberman’s payroll given her role in numerous scandals (Chaits, Tamarac, Rothstein, etc…) I bet Lieberman pays her $70k a year to be her henchwoman, what a joke! Someone should call the IG, oh wait a minute, he works for Lieberman – what a joke our County Government has become.

  9. #1 Democrat for Justice says:

    Smart Move: Its clear u dont understand the dynamics of the county commission. 5 votes today could be totally different next week…it depends on the issue. This “new establishment” you speak of is off-base…LaMarca and Rodstrom hate each other and Holness sides with whats hot. Get over it

  10. McSteamy says:

    Jacobs is one of the few completely ethical public servants in Broward. If her “detractors” call her “Goody Two Shoes” there’s a reason. And the reason’s simple: while Jacobs remains above the fray, Ilene and Beverly remain under investigation. And the idiot above playing the race card…really?

  11. Floridan says:

    Having lived in what is now Commission District 2 for about 35 years, I can say that Kristin Jacobs is, by far, the best commissioner we’ve had in that period.

    Everyone has flaws, but she is honest, intelligent, articulate, forward-thinking and prepared. If these qualities make her a “Goody Two-Shoes,” so be it.

  12. hmmmm says:

    maybe sharief pulled her vote for chip in redistricting when he said he could get her boy torey on the school board and failed….

  13. happyhappy says:

    Commissioners lobbying for votes for Mayorship are violating the sunshine law. Is the new inspector general awake?? Hello….

  14. Jacked Up says:

    This isn’t right!!!!

  15. Tiny Bubbles says:

    It is disgusting that Lieberman hired Bev Stracher, a witness against her, and suddenly the investigation of her goes away. It is my money she is using as hush money! Lieberman needs to crawl back under a rock and take Stracher with her.

  16. All Screwed Up! says:

    Goody Two Shoes wants to be VM then Mayor, then run against Republican Allen West with the support of Republican Chip LaMarca getting her there. Somthing is wrong wit this picture

  17. supporter of Kristin says:

    Perhaps Kristin Jacobs is refereed to as ‘goody two shoes’ because she IS good and ethical Lieberman wishes she could be refer
    to as ‘good’and ethical

  18. Ilene Lieberman says:

    It is preposterous that anyone on the Board of County Commissioners to tell you that I threatened them to vote for Commissioner Sharief for Vice Mayor. No such discussion ever happened between my colleagues and me. So, Buddy, either someone is lying to you or, as usual, you didn’t bother to check your facts and you made this up. I am disturbed, however, at the behavior of one of my colleagues who did in fact threaten that commissioner’s colleagues.

  19. Ilene Lieberman says:

    Please excuse the premature sending of my previous posting. My last sentence should have read: I am disturbed, however, at the behavior of one of my colleagues who, to the best of my knowledge, threatened that commissioner’s colleagues.


    Ilene. I made up nothing. I accurately quoted commission sources.

    Both sides say the other side made the threats. By the way, commissioners are quoted as making similar comments by the Sun-Sentinel’s Brittany Wallman. Hmmmm.

    This is simply a situation of “he said, she said” and I wrote it. I have no idea what went on since the media was not invited to witness the alleged threats. But the public is entitled to know what their high-paid commissioners spend their time doing.

  20. Talking in Tongues says:

    Who threatened who? Seems like everyone knows but me.

  21. Talking in Tongues says:

    “I am disturbed, however, at the behavior of one of my colleagues who, to the best of my knowledge, threatened that commissioner’s colleagues.”

    Which one?

    Which colleagues were threatened?

    And what do you mean to the best of your knowledge? You know or were told or heard or read?


    The Broward County Commission is a battleground of raging egos, all playing king of the mountain.

    Commissioners are masters of the unspoken threat and the unsubstantiated rumor. They are experts in backbiting and double dealing.

    And their goal is almost always, always, always to win, while making their political frienemies look terrible.

    I made a good living for a good many years watching a shifting group of commissioners serve…mainly themselves.

    I enjoyed it. But it made me cynical. What would you be if you spent almost 40 years following the Broward County Commission?

  22. Political observer says:

    It sounds like the slate of Lieberman and Ritter has been marginalized. Gunzburger is independent but still has a grudge against Jacobs from the last election. Sharief was duped by the thought of more power.The lame duck Lieberman will be on the defensive as Talabisco’s case unfolds. Ritter will be keeping her head down hoping no one notices her. The group in power is essentially powerless and without money to create new jobs or programs. It’s gonna be a tough year for Broward.

    I would tend to agree.

  23. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Buddy goog observation in all of this debackle. at least the County Comm. has your full attention. Comm.Lieberman how about a comment in regrards to the immunity deal you struck w/ the State att. Off??. Also your side would be appreciated. As far as Comm.Shariff she’s going all the way.

  24. Ilene Lieberman says:

    Simply because the same person posts the same erroneous information under different aliases doesn’t make it true.
    You think you would check your sources because they aren’t telling the truth. Unlike your anonymous sources, I post under my real name. hmmmm … Why don’t they post their names? Do you think because they may be lying?


    I talked directly to various Government Center folks, including commissioners. They were not anonymous. They just didn’t want their names used.

    I am always willing to talk about this or anything else in person — with a tape recorder running, if you want. Just let me know.

  25. Ilean LIEberman says:

    Please excuse and disregard what I said before. When I said “disturbed” , I meant mentally disturbed. And to top that off, I am severely ethically challenged as well.

  26. Beverly Stracher says:

    I am tired of reading that I am under investigation. I am not under investigation and have done nothing wrong. I did not threaten anyone as I am a Commission Aide and that would be highly improper. Next time before you post an untrue defammatory comment, I would appreciate if you check with me first.

  27. Privacy 101 says:

    Buddy, like yourself, I wasn’t there and I have no idea if anyone made threats or not. But why does everything going on between these egomaniac commissioners remind me of kindergarten?

  28. Truth Will Set You Free says:

    Question: Ms. Lieberman,I understand you are upset by allegations that you somehow threatened someone. You have made your denial clear. Obviously, one of collegues or someone in that building told Buddy you were involved. Terrible that someone would do that.

    In response, Ms. Lieberman, you affirmatively say one of your collegues threatened another to get a vote for vice mayor and you have knowledge of this.

    Not much doubt at this point, someone over there was making threats. You coming forward publicly makes that clear.

    Please tell us who threatened who and how do you know?

    If you dont tell us, we are only left with Buddy’s source who was willing to name names, your denial, and a cryptic response that it was someone else you wont name. That leaves the reader to wonder who has what motive, adn what is the value of a denial without facts.

    Ms. Stracher, also, thank you for coming forward (assuming that is actually you who posted your the denial). I must say, I didnt see that Buddy said you were under investigation. I saw some posts that said you were involved in prior investigations.

    You have to admit, there were prior news reports saying you were cooperating in an investigation and had been given immunity. Maybe those werent true.

    I understand from your comments, though, that you take being an aide very seriously. You are correct, it is an important position, but also a position of public trust. You are the face of the commissioner often times to the public.

    I appreciate that you read this blog and are now publicly commenting on these matters. I think that it is helpful for you to come forward to defeat baseless allegations and innuendo.


    Were you given immunity in investigation?

    Did you testify you received cash in envelopes from Chaits? Do you think it is appropriate for someone to pay a consultant in cash in a political campaign? If you received such cash, did you ask where the money came from and why no check? Was there a reason, if you accepted cash, that you took cash rather than a check which would show a trail?

    Did you receive 40,000 or 80,000 from the Chaits or their companies? Or nothing?

    Did they fix an air conditioner at your house?

    If you received money and services, how did you report this $$ and services on your taxes? Did you report every dollar of cash received if in fact you received cash?

    Tell us about the conversations that led to you being hired by the Commission. Was that during the prior investigation you cooperating with or after?

    Who else received immunity?

    Did you contribute to the McCain campaign? Why? You didnt like Obama? You hate the democrats? Did you or anyone in your family receive a reimbursement from any law firms (for example, Rothstein’s) for making a contribution to McCain’s campaign, if in fact you did?

    Ms. Lieberman and Ms. Stracher, thank you for coming forward to publicly address these issues. It is not fair that people make allegations and you dont have an opportunity to respond. Today, you have that opportunity to clear it up once and for all.

    Of course, if you both choose to ignore this now and not respond, we will be left to ask ourselves why you didnt respond? But, that is your choice and nothing negative should be inferred if you choose not to respond. I am sure that is how everyone feels.

  29. Ilene Lieberman says:

    To Truth Will Set You Free:
    Unlike you, I don’t hide behind an alias. If you want answers to these questions, I’ll be glad to talk to you. Just call my office @ 954-357-7001 and set up a time for an in-person appointment.

  30. Disclosure Will Set You Free says:

    Actually, there has been some suggestion on the blogs that you use a different last name when in Tallahassee to lobby.

    I dont know if that is true or qualifies as hiding behind an alias. Probably not.

    Anyway, your offer is very kind. I think Buddy actually asked you for the opportunity to sit down with a tape recorder to discuss this issue. I assume you are now accepting Buddy’s offer? That is wonderful.

    You know, you took up more space not answering the question than simply disclosing who threatened who and how you know. Why protect them? They don’t deserve protection. Disclose.

    I look forward to reading about your meeting with Buddy.

  31. Privacy 101 says:

    The Truth Will Set You Free asked some very relevant questions in a very appropriate manner. Why do the answers to these questions have to be a secret? If the questions will be answered privately, why not publicly?

  32. Alias says:

    Why don’t you answer them here if there is nothing to hide? Why do you try to intimidate?

  33. YesIAmAnAlias says:

    Idea – Buddy, seems like you could call 954-357-7001, set up an in-person appointment, and ask all or some of the questions that “Truth Will Set You Free” has, or just the questions you may have. Many of us trust you and would love to read about it.

  34. Dirty Dale says:

    Just got word Holiness is working on a plan to get 4-5 Carribbeans on the commission by running for 2 open seats next year and 2 the following year and he is working to get Alexandra Davis to challenge Sharief….now the plan comes to light!

    Now we know why you voted against the black american female.

  35. Florence says:

    Check into her staff who is currently working on a partisan campaign during Commission hours.

    She is the worst in Broward.
    Equal to Wexler in PBC..she just hasn’t been caught to resign yet.

  36. Sounds of Crickets says:

    Answer the questions?

    I hear nothing but crickets.

    chirp chirp chirp chirp

  37. Ilene Lieberman says:

    To disclosure will set you free:

    “Disclosure Will Set You Free” is an anonymous alias. I use my married name in my law practice and have an order from the Supreme Court allowing me to do so. That is not an alias. It is my married name.
    If you want to come out from your cloak of anonymity and call my office at 954-357-7001, we can set up an appointment for the two of us to meet and I will answer your questions.

  38. J.M. says:

    Dear Ilene Lieberman/Michelson,

    Nobody is going to buy your bullshit after November 2012.

  39. George B says:

    Reading this is painful. Lieberman posts? Then, refuses to tell what she knows. Makes no sense. I dont even think it is her because no way she would expose herself like this and not put up what she knows. telling people to call her is absurd. Must not be her.

    FROM BUDDY: The comments appear to be sent from the Broward County Commission offices.

  40. getyourfactsstraight says:

    I really am getting tired of this back and forth. Blah…Blah…
    Blah. All you Lieberman bashers, if you really want the answers, call her instead of posting all this B.S. She wrote she would meet with anyone who called. Maybe you should call her bluff. I watch the meetings on TV. She knows her stuff and has found out and fixed some of the county’s dumbest purchases.

  41. getouthefacts says:

    asking a question doesnt make you a basher especially when she says there were threats. she can fill in the blanks.

    _________ threatened __________ (with ________).

    I know this because (a) i heard it (b) i was told by________ (c) i saw an email.

    simple. public deserves to know.

  42. Ilean LIEberman says:

    Let’s not forget who is (supposedly) the public servant here. For her to post something and not finish the story or give evidence is nonsense. If she were your employee (and she is!) would you tolerate her smart-ass attitude?

    Madame Commissioner, we are tired of public servants acting high and mighty, feeding at the public trough and enriching themselves at our expense. If you are a straight shooter, you would answer the questions in this forum. If you don’t answer here, well, we will form our opinions using that information.

    And don’t give me that crap about being anonymous. You chose to use your name but I am under no obligation to do so. In addition to that, when there are allegations of threats from county commissioners, who is going to volunteer their name to be put on an enemies list?

    To sum up, answer the questions or appear to be a liar.

  43. George B says:

    Absurd still no answers. maybe none of it happened.

    first : I am disturbed, however, at the behavior of one of my colleagues who did in fact threaten that commissioner’s colleagues.

    Corrected to take out “in fact” and changed it “to the best of my knowledge”. Why?

    If happened, all the commissioners are under the dark cloud of suspicion because someone posted something that says there were “in fact” (altered to “to the best of my knowledge”) threats by one commissioner against another but no one say what they know. Who threatened and how was the threat sent? What was the threat? Was it effective? Was the threat related to a future vote on some topic? Was it to support opposition in an election? What good is a threat without some penalty so must have been something tied to the threat.

    Maybe none of it happened and people are posting absurd stuff.

  44. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I’m a little late in th egame here so bare w/ me/ first of all listen to Bev stracher. So your not and never where under investigation huh lady? Then explain why you where granted immunity from the SAO? And you are so full of it you stink. To state on this blog(what slow day at th eoffice blogging imagine on our dime, mind you) and were younot Mayor talabisco’ campaign manager, during this whole debackle? And was it not you that introduced the Chaits to mayor Talabisco in th efirst place? But you did nothing wrong. Also explain boxes labeles Ilene Lieberman and yourself, again boxes ,but you both where not under investigation huh? Oh Mayor Talabisco as they say “pay back is a bitch” Why do I still fell BigBev here had more of a role in all this ,then she claims. Comm.lieberman unless you come clean w/ th voters regardless if we are not your constituents we have very right to know what the hell happened here. For the record i smell a rat. Take the Stand, mayor Talabisco. The truth always comes out in the wash….